Saturday, 25 January 2014

Puma Punku Ruins

The Puma Punku Ruins

Ancient Aliens In Bolivia

Covering the mysterious and exciting news of the Peruvian Stargate, our
ancient alien theorist decided to further examine the Americas for more
ancient alien influence.  As we all know, Ancient Aliens seem to have
advance scientific technology that allowed ancient human civilizations to
create some of the worlds most magnificent buildings and artifacts. 
All this has lead ancient astronaut theorists to a location in the Bolivian
highlands which hold scattered stone structures that have large, finely carved
stones.  Puma Punku represents an achievement that seems unattainable by
the indigenous population of the time.  Spectacular in its own right the ruins of
Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco, in South America are now known as the oldest
stone structures on planet Earth.  What makes Puma Punku and the ancient
alien connection most interesting is how these stone structures were created!
puma punku and ancient aliens
The stone ruins of Puma Punku are one of four structures in the ancient
city of Tiahuanaco. The others structures are the Akapana Pyramid, the
Kalasasaya Platform, and the Subterranean Temple.
Defying logic, these stone structures amaze and confuse archaeologists
because it is highly unlikely that any of the stones in Puma Punku were cut
using ancient stone cutting techniques, at least not those of which we are
aware.  The stone structures in Puma Punku are made up of granite, and
diorite.  Interesting enough, the only other stone that is harder that those
two is the diamond. If the people who built this place cut these stones using
stone cutting techniques, then they would had to have used diamond tools.
Another mysterious fact about these stone structures is their weight.  One
stone is said to weigh in excess of 800 tons, and furthermore, we have
noted that the nearest quarry is 10 miles away from the stone structure's
location.  Even with modern day technology and machinery, archaeologists
ancient alien stone structures
believe that replicating these stone structures would be difficult, if at all
possible.  Ancient Aliens theorists see that in order to have created these
elaborate and sophisticated stone structures, the ancient people of the time
would had to have been very sophisticated, knowing astronomy and
mathematics. To build a place like Puma Punku, there must have been a
great deal of planning, and writing, but there is no record of any of this at
today's Puma Punku site (similar to the lack of information as to how the
Great Pyramids were built). 
Ancient Aliens theorists also discovered more fascinating information about
these stone structures that are worthy to note.  Not only were these stones
cut, but they were finely cut. The cuts on these stones are perfectly
straight. The holes cored into these stones are perfect, and all of equal
depth.  This gives way to more questions about how all this was possible for
an ancient people?  All of the stone blocks were cut so they would interlock
and fit together like a giant puzzle.
Unlike conventional ancient structures, there was no use of mortar. There are only large and finely cut stones that once
fitted together would create a structure some four levels high.  With all its sophistication, ancient aliens theorists pose the
question: who built these stone structures, if the evidence points to the fact that an ancient civilization did not have the
means to create and build such sophisticated stones?
Something ancient aliens theorist look at is the religion of Tiahuanaco
people, which is centered around the cult of a sky and thunder god
Viracocha. The deity was generally depicted as having staves (plural for
staff) in both of his hands and an aureole (light) around his head. The
aureole suggests the qualities of a sun god, represented on the bas-relief
in the upper part of the famous Sun Gate in Tiahuanaco
Like other mythological gods, ancient alien theorists have long argued that
these "deities" were actual extra-terrestrials who once interceded with
ancient human civilizations who showed them how to build such structures,
or perhaps had a direct role in building these structures themselves. 
According to legend, the world was created by Viracocha near Lake
Titicaca. After the great deluge or the receding of chaotic floodwaters
Viracocha descended to earth and created plants, animals and men to the
sun gate and ancient aliens
empty land; he built the city of Tiahuanaco and appointed 4 world rulers of whom Manco Capak became the superior of
the Ursa Major world, i.e. the north horizon (Busto II 1981:7).
Widely criticized, the ancient alien theory with Puma Punku is only one of many controversies that face these ancient
stone structures.  If dated correctly, these stones would place the Tiahuanaco around 12,000-14,000 years ago,
predating the Mesopotamian civilization of the Sumerians (4,000-6,000 years ago).  Whatever, or whoever built these
majestic stone structures have left us in a state of confusion, and therefore, we can only logically deduce where they
came from.  With evidence and facts that have been discussed, it would seem that Puma Punku has a strong ancient
alien connection, furthering the proof that ancient aliens once held close interactions with human life of Earth!