Sunday, 27 December 2015

No Groundhogs Here!

No Groundhogs Here!

Instead A Snail Brings Messages for 2016

by Michelle Walling, CHLC

The end of December of 2015 is a bittersweet time in the spiritual and metaphysical world. The changes many of us have been waiting to see have been just around the corner for what seems like an eternity. While we may want things to happen right NOW, the snail gives us a message of patience, reminding us that things have to unfold just right.
A foggy and humid morning brought a visitor to the In5d back door that we had not seen before. A very large, slimy snail that seemed frozen in time sat right where we could see it out of the office’s glass sliding door.
Nature has messages all around us, and if we learn to pay attention we can use these messages to help get us through a difficult or important time in our lives. As we close out 2015 and look to 2016 for the change in consciousness we are working so hard to create in our reality, the bizarre and alien-like snail surprisingly had a lot of wonderful messages!
Message: Patience
The Snail teaches us to cultivate patience in both our expectations of ourselves, others, and life in general. There is a lot of emphasis on doing things fast these days, and it’s no wonder the poor snail has been left behind as a powerful guide and teacher.
Intention is an ironic way of creation. While we know we need to focus on the outcome we desire, the waiting is the hardest part of manifestation. One of the hardest things we are having to do as we merge the third and fourth dimensions with the fifth dimension is letting go of the third dimensional hologram reality. While some of us have been the wayshower in this task, we can look around us in the external world and see that most people are entrenched in their separation from Source and are terribly fearful of letting this illusion go. 2016 will be a year of necessary upheaval which may serve as a great awakening for many people. Patience challenges many people who want to just get it done now. Compassion for these souls may allow for time to stretch as we make it to the end of what Kryon has called the last year of the recalibration.
Message: Let go of expectations
The snail reminds us to let go of fixed or unrealistic deadlines, and if necessary, let life pass you by. That doesn’t mean you can’t have any goals at all, but it does mean that it’s okay to slow down and appreciate the smaller moments and the parts of your life that aren’t goals but nourish you all the same. When you let go of unrealistic expectation, you learn how to accept the present as it is and to find joy in that.
Although what is occurring in our reality is truly magical, as we look back at the changes that have already occurred, things have unfolded over a period of time rather than overnight. Although we are in the time of acceleration, when we have expectations of when things will happen we are negating the unfolding of the divine plan. Not only do timelines change every millisecond, but alignments must occur and certain events have to happen before other events can unfold. While we wait, time seems to pass us by as long as we are doing things that we love. Be creative in finding new things that you love to do, which will inevitably raise your vibration.
Message: Life isn’t always about the big events
Take time to appreciate the smaller things. It might be learning to appreciate the smaller fauna and flora rather than the whole garden, or learning how to immerse yourself in touching different textures and learning how they feel. Life isn’t always about the big events, but instead, the smaller moments where you notice a better sleeping position, a new way of preparing dinner, or a tendril of life shooting out of the ground.
Now is the time to focus on yourself and to take time to rest and pamper yourself. Every small step that you make in clearing your past and balancing your energy field will affect the collective. For every person that leaves the planet at this time, there is a high vibrational crystal child waiting to add his or her light to the collective consciousness. For every person that adds positive light to the collective consciousness, the scale tips closer and closer to the critical mass required to shift from one reality to another. Throw a glitch in the matrix by changing up your routine. When the big event does happen, we will know that is was the conglomerate of the little things and changes that made the big difference.
Message: The snail teaches one how to appreciate sensuality.
The snail’s single foot fully embraces every surface that it touches with the added benefit of mucous, making sure that it is as connected as possible to what it is attached to. See how touch can be pleasurable, how even sensations that you might associate with being unclean (like running your hands through dirt) can actually be a positive experience if you begin to change your perspectives about it.
Ground fully with Mother Earth as we anchor the pure Source light into our bodies and into the collective consciousness. Rethink your ideas about meticulously sanitizing against dirt or “germs” and remember that our body built up natural immunity on its own when we were children playing in the dirt (especially if we ate it!). We have everything we need at this time to adjust to the energies if we will just change the programming of fear and revert to the good ‘ole days, before big pharma and the massive hospital industrial complexes. You may even take a few moments to affectionately massage your own body if you are sore or rub your own feet. Take note of hairs standing up and chills as your body responds in a positive way, as if reaching out to you. Make note of what the body feels like now, because this will change as we continue to become less and less dense. If all else fails, rub the slimy belly of a snail and see if it laughs.
Message: Actively bring water energy into your life at this time.
Sometimes winter weather doesn’t allow us to be able to get outside in nature as much as we would like. Consider having more baths or showers, after all, the Earth as well as our bodies are mostly made up of water. Water, when utilized in conjunction with snail energy, is a deeply nourishing and enriching force. It enlivens the spirit and heightens the body’s ability to function. For those with Seasonal Affective Disorder, thinking of the snail can be a useful metaphysical counter to some of the emotional symptoms of the disorder, as snail finds joy and growth in rain and Winter.
Perhaps you have a programmed belief that standing in the rain or snow will make you sick. Maybe you have bought into the illusion that water is scarce on the planet. If you are in an area where fresh water may have been made unavailable to you and you cannot move, then you can meditate about water to connect with it. Water is one of the most beautiful balancing parts of nature, and salt water is even better when it comes to cleansing. Consider adding a cup of pink Himalayan sea salt to your bath when it’s too cold to take a dip in the ocean. The snail reminds us to drink pure, clean water as much as possible vs. tap water with harmful chemicals in it. Have you always hated the winter? How about embracing the cold with a warm fire or consider taking a vacation somewhere warm. Find the happiness on the inside when life on the outside seems cold and dreary.
Message: Self Protection
The snail reminds us of the element of self-protection when we see it. The snail is pretty vulnerable- it tastes great to a lot of different creatures. It moves slow and it’s not usually poisonous, so the snail has few methods of protection. One is the development of a shell to protect its inner organs. It has also developed a love of the darker, quieter places in life. It will hide, as necessary, when the environment around it is not working to its favor.
The snail teaches you how to protect your aura as necessary. Our aura needs to be strong and bright, with no breaks, rips, or tears in order to keep us from allowing other energies into our field. Sometimes we may need to close the curtains and curl up and rest while we re-balance our energy field from attacks or energy vampires. Many times we do not feel like getting out around other people because the fight to protect ourselves becomes a burden. If you are in the position to spend time to yourself, you will soon value your alone time above many other perceived satisfactions in life. As much as we like the sun, the snail invites us to find something mysteriously comforting about the dark or the rain and snow. In meditation, embrace the darkness within.
Message: The Golden Mean
The Snail teaches the sacredness of the spiral and the golden mean, as it incorporates the spiral clearly into its own shell. The golden mean is the template thought which our physical reality is built. It can represents the sun, death, life and rebirth, and cycles and progression, among others.
We are forever progressing as we move back to Source. Understanding spirals upon spirals of cycles of time will come in handy as we begin to learn to traverse parallel lifetimes and experiences our oversoul is having. The main goal is to pull all of the parts and pieces of your soul back out of the third and fourth dimension as we move our consciousness to a fifth dimensional experience.
Summary from the snail
It can be smooth snailing through the transition period of 2016 if you can learn to let go and find joy within. The snail is fragile, slimy, and low to the ground. It can be an easy guide to ignore unless you are paying attention. The snail’s messages are very powerful. Don’t be afraid to get out and walk the walk, but when you are feeling like hiding in your shell, don’t feel guilty about taking a break. You can connect with the snail in your meditation and will find that a snail can serve as a gentle guide through the winter time. The snail guide will not push you, but instead will remind you to slow down because the shift requires detailed work and dedication.