Friday, 1 February 2019

A Quantum Tide

A Quantum Tide Lifts All Boats
By Zen Gardner

What strange times. We’re in a tight place right now, but it is what it is. The information field is so toxic with triggered egos, paid and unpaid trolls, agencies and AI, it’s nasty to have anything to do with. But we still have to use whatever means of communication we have as long as we can.
As far as understanding the “why”, as I currently see it, much of what we witness is simply Individuals working out their own stuff in the grand scheme of things. It’s essentially nothing to get too worked up about. No matter which end of the digital pitchfork we find ourselves in this mob mentality dominating the cybersphere. A very sad current state, but it will pass.
When the realization that everyone is simply working out their own path fully hits, the weapons will be dropped in dumbfounded amazement. However, much of what unreconciled souls say and do boils over onto others which is where push comes to shove, hence the information battle today and the source of the conflicts we witness. How we respond and what perspective and wavelength we adopt needs careful monitoring.
I do find it ironic though, how many of those supposedly fighting for truth still energetically feed the very thing they think they oppose. That’s a game played on humanity for eons and a great learning tool as well, if we can step back to see it for what it is. It’s an important hurdle to overcome, but that is happening as well as I see it.
That Rising Tide
It may not seem like it with all the insanity around us, but people are seriously waking up. Others are just plain shook up and having major life crises, as are most of us, but that’s good too. A massive shift is upon us that is increasing by the day and how we respond is up to us.
Whether people like it or not it’s happening. Our overall consciousness is rising despite it all, even if some have a reverse response. So many are increasingly aware, not just to the truth that we’re in an engineered society from within a plethora of world views, but a central point of debate and inquiry is regarding the very nature of reality. Just listen to the language of today and the topics being covered as opposed to just a few years ago when it began to kick in. It’s happening across every strata of society. True pioneering science and new ancient archeological and hidden historical facts continually coming to light tell the same story.
The wild thing is, the energetic tide is elevating universally, so those only observing from that plane can’t even see it as the deck lifts, unconsciously defaulting to a form of collective normalcy bias for perspective. How can they tell the sea rose without perspective? The more awake and aware can observe this phenomenon more objectively, being able to calibrate from a removed awareness, if that makes sense. It’s fabulous to realize.
It’s still a challenge to fully identify this phenomenon as old markers and points of reference vanish before us. It’s very wild indeed but we need to simply keep letting go. It’s similar to the fact that we’re careening through the universe but don’t even notice how everything is shifting all the time. We might notice how the planets in our solar system move and influence us, but that next level that all is changing its location as we circle the galactic core is also transpiring, which we’re generally unaware of.
And where is all that moving? And what energies are we experiencing? On it unfolds in continual change, the basic state of the universe. But that’s just the external. We have hardly any idea what else is going on in the unseen realms, just glimpses and occasional insights. And that world is becoming exponentially more known by the day. An amazing time to be here.
Massive Change Is Upon Us
The enigmatic nature of this ongoing shift on so many levels might be freaking some people out but this is what turns so many of us on. We can call it the lifting of the veil, the apocalypse or revelation, timeline and dimensional shifting, consciousness rising, or what I call it briefly sometimes to explain those feelings we get, it’s just plain slippage in relation to whatever frame of reference we had, sometimes moments ago. Something fantastic is happening.
I don’t know about a critical mass or hundredth monkey effect saving the planet, it is a factor and no doubt happening on some level. The idea that worlds are somehow splitting in some way resonates with me, but that may appear elusive and escapist to some. Consider it an inter dimensional metaphor if you like. Applying these and other ideas about our many levels of growing awareness can be challenging, but something profound is going on and nothing can be excluded from possibility. It’s no doubt a combination of amazing phenomena and we’re in the thick of it.
The base point in all this remains the same – it’s all about personal transformation, first and foremost. Nothing in the external really matters in that fundamental regard but we do of course learn from it. It is a reflection or mirror of the collective to some extent, but with so much on the lower levels being artificially engineered I don’t give that level much weight. It’s just another illusion and point of observation and needs to be kept in perspective. It’s nice to see things change externally, but I’m not holding my breath nor is it my business. I just do my part. Our full on personal transformation comes first, that’s my focus. Realms of discovery and awakening await all of us that dwarf all we’ve learned and realized so far that have vast consequences.
The contrast we’re experiencing in this dimension is similarly engineered by a much higher or all pervading natural creative power for our development and growth. Just as time helps us measure our experience so as to not have everything happen all at once where we wouldn’t experience the depth of this opportunity. Just as other seeming restrictions or natural and even artificial limitations, they all help us. I think it’s important to remember that.
Create, Don’t Berate
In my opinion, one of the biggest hurdles people are facing is having a negative orientation to all of this. And it’s very understandable. We’ve all seen the pitfalls of being overly dark and conspiratorial, fixating on the less savory elements of this playing field. It’s just one of the hurdles on our path, however daunting. Seeing past that into the bigger picture and the beauty of each sovereign soul at whatever stage of development they are at is so wonderfully encouraging and inspiring, in stark contrast to the more negative and judgmental mindset.
Seeing through the illusory matrix doesn’t make anyone better than another. In fact, the hallmark of wisdom is humility, knowing how little we really know and respecting that growth in others. That, and a sense of humor where we don’t take ourselves and the world around us so damn seriously. When the false bookends of birth and death are kicked out and we see our experience as a continuum in the great ongoing creative process we gain amazing clarity and peace of mind and heart.
Somehow we need to get back to our natural playful spontaneity without fear and wrong self consciousness, as opposed to self awareness. We sense that is our lost paradise within but clearly it’s accessible even if only in brief spurts for now as we continue to emerge. But emerge we will.
There Is No Doomsday – Whatever Happens
Sure we live in potentially cataclysmic times. Haven’t we always? Isn’t so-called death at everyone’s door continually? Hasn’t the planet recycled periodically? And yes, technology and mad scientism are at an all time zenith, but does that really change the fundamentals? Death is our friend, like time, just as contrast and our bodies and circumstance are, with all their challenges.
A doomsday mentality is crippling, as programmed and reinforced by the controlled religious teachings, scientism and the media, but we don’t need to fall for it. Many long term preppers and researchers have woken up to the fact that they simply weren’t happy nor fully living life in that negative bunker mindset and just set out to live their passions. I think there’s no better medicine for ourselves and the planet than that. Creating and exuding inspiring truth, goodness and beauty are what the world, and each of us, needs, and have a much more vast effect than we can realize.
Some will say that is irresponsible. Sure, good and real information that tracks the external has its place. True information activism definitely plays a very important role and has been essential. Let’s just check the orientation and vibration of our sources, and most of all our own reactivity and emotional and spiritual state, and keep a healthy balance. This is nothing new to many folks who’ve passed through that dark gauntlet, but again this is simply growth and the true evolution of our souls.
All the best, Zen
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Monday, 21 January 2019

Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe
By George Monbiot

Pollution is now the biggest threat to children’s health. So why is it so neglected?
Imagine that you could buy, in thousands of shops across the country, canisters containing toxic gas. Imagine that some people walked the streets, squirting this gas into the face of every child they passed. Imagine that it became a craze, so that a child couldn’t walk a metre without receiving a faceful. Imagine that, while a single dose was unlikely to cause serious harm, repeated doses damaged their hearts, lungs and brains, affecting their health, their intelligence and their life chances.
It would be treated as a national emergency. Sales of the canisters would immediately be banned. The police would be mobilised. If existing laws against poisoning children were deemed insufficient, new legislation would be rushed through parliament. It’s not hard to picture this response, is it? Yet the mass poisoning is happening. And nothing changes.
According to a paper in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, burning fossil fuels is now “the world’s most significant threat to children’s health”. Their life chances are compromised before they are born. Toxic particles from exhaust fumes pass through the lungs of pregnant women and accumulate in the placenta. The risk of premature birth and low birth rate this causes is described in the British Medial Journal as “something approaching a public health catastrophe”.
Among the likely impacts of repeated poisoning, researchers now believe, is a “huge reduction” in intelligence. A paper published last year found that “long-term exposure to air pollution impedes cognitive performance in verbal and math tests.” Pollution stunts the growth of lungs as well as minds, raising the risk of asthma, cancer, stroke and heart failure throughout a child’s life.
How will this affect the Diesel Generation: in other words, those born since 2001? This was the year in which Tony Blair’s government, rather than delivering the integrated public transport it had long promised, sought to tweak the carbon emissions from cars by taxing diesel engines at a lower rate than petrol engines. Diesel cars might produce a little less carbon dioxide, but they release more nitrogen oxides and particulates, a tendency exacerbated by the manufacturers’ cheating. An entire generation – 18 years of births – has been exposed to the results of this folly.
Given that researchers have found an association between air pollution and childhood mental illness, could this help to explain the rising prevalence of psychiatric disorders among English children since the first major survey, in 1999? A study conducted in London suggests that people with the highest exposure to pollution also have a greater risk of developing dementia. Might we have triggered a dementia time bomb, that could explode in 40 or 50 years?
The only difference between the absurd scenario with which this article began and reality is intent: no one means to poison children with their exhaust fumes. But the absence of a mens rea makes no difference to their health. The one-tonne metal canisters are still on sale (though the number bought has dipped slightly in the past year) and toxic gas is pumped into our children’s faces with every step they take.
Especially on the way to and from school. These are the times at which children inhale the most particulates (especially if they are driven – exposure is much greater inside a car than on the pavement). Horrifying recent data also reveal that pollutants from nearby roads accumulate in classrooms, leading to higher levels inside than out. Due to the continued failure of successive governments to address this crisis, taking children to school damages their minds.
This is a national emergency. In fact, as 90% of the world’s children are now exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution, it is an international emergency. So why don’t we react as we would if the poisoning were deliberate, and ban the sale of toxic gas canisters? In the UK, the government says it will end the sale of petrol and diesel cars and vans (though not buses and lorries) by 2040. Another generation poisoned. In the latest budget, it exacerbated the problem, announcing a further £30bn for roads, creating more space for toxic gas flasks.
When the government won’t act, only palliatives remain. In desperation, Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, has started installing air filters in nurseries and classrooms. It’s as if, rather than vaccinating children against diphtheria, they were issued with face masks.
After the Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health reported, in 2017, that pollution kills more people than tobacco does, and three times as many as AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined, you might have hoped that governments, development agencies and health charities would have made it a priority. But they remain focused on communicable disease, while ignoring the greater, manmade threat. Where is Save the Children? Where is Medicins San Frontieres? Where are the philanthropists seeking to eliminate deaths from ambient air pollution, as Bill and Melinda Gates and others seek to wipe out malaria?
When the World Heart Federation built a global coalition to conquer heart disease and stroke, and when the charity Vital Strategies launched a similar global initiative on cardiovascular illness, with Gates, Bloomberg and Zuckerberg money, they overlooked air pollution, even though it kills more people than the factors they emphasised (such as salt and trans-fats). The same weird silence afflicts the UN Task Force on non-communicable diseases and the World Health Organisation’s global action plan. Pollution is off the agenda. Why?
I think there may be three reasons. The first is that there is no heroic narrative built around tackling air pollution, while there are plenty (Louis Pasteur, Alexander Fleming, John Snow) surrounding the fight against infection. The second is that the necessary interventions are not discrete but systemic. Rather than distributing mosquito nets or reducing the salt in processed food, you must change entire transport and industrial systems. The third is that, while no one has a commercial interest in spreading tuberculosis or polio, there is a massive global lobby, comprised of fossil fuel, motor and infrastructure companies, blocking effective action against pollution and the technologies that cause it. If you take on pollution, you take on the combined might of some of the world’s most powerful industries. Pollution is the tangible manifestation of corruption.
The solution is political: confronting the power of this lobby and overturning the governments it has captured, then replacing private cars and ever-expanding roads with electric mass transit, walking and cycling, and imposing stringent conditions on dirty industries. We have been abandoned by those who claim to defend our children from disease. So we must mobilise.