Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Compassion for Animals

 How Showing Compassion for Animals 
Can Improve Personal Well-Being

By Alex Pietrowski

Compassion is the humane side of suffering, which inspires the most beautiful acts of humanity. In man’s world, animals often bear the worst of our dark side, suffering under the stresses of cruelty and ruthlessness, however, being compassionate towards animals may actually be good for your health and well-being, perhaps even prolonging your life.
For so many of us, compassion appears to be an innate, instinctual part of the human experience, something so many of us do automatically, and decades of clinical psychological research into the problem of human suffering shows how our most evolved nature is to respond compassionately. A host of university studies share the conclusion that compassion is part of our higher nature, looking at the biological basis for compassion.
    “Dacher Keltner summarized the emerging findings from this new science of human goodness, proposing that compassion is “an evolved part of human nature, rooted in our brain and biology.”
Human well-being is multi-dimensional and the corollaries between how we behave and how that behavior in turn affects our overall wellness are more understood now than ever before. When we act from our higher nature, it benefits our health, which may explain the tendency for so many people to live altruistic lives in helping others and protecting animals.
    “That suffering, as unpleasant as it is, often also has a bright side to which research has paid less attention: compassion. Human suffering is often accompanied by beautiful acts of compassion by others wishing to help relieve it. What led 26.5 percent of Americans to volunteer in 2012 (according to statistics from the US Department of Labor)? What propels someone to serve food at a homeless shelter, pull over on the highway in the rain to help someone with a broken down vehicle, or feed a stray cat?”
Taking this one step further, looking at the tendency of people to extend compassion beyond the human race, showing empathy towards the animal kingdom and the natural world, we find an infinite number of possibilities for improving our own lives by directing our energy toward ending the pain and suffering of many beings.
Being compassionate has even been shown to make us more attractive to the opposite sex in behavioral studies looking at societies with more altruistic tendencies.
    “One more sign that suggests that compassion is an adaptively evolved trait is that it makes us more attractive to potential mates. A study examining the trait most highly valued in potential romantic partners suggests that both men and women agree that “kindness” is one of the most highly desirable traits.”
Furthermore, engaging in acts of compassion, when done for the right reasons, can increase one’s peace of mind and happiness:
    “The cultivation of well-being has specifically shown that it is eudemonic, rather than hedonic wellbeing which is linked to a sense of connectedness with oneself, and others. Eudemonic wellbeing implies finding meaning and purpose in life, living in accordance with one’s values and developing a sense of long-term “spiritual” health (not necessarily religious).
    In turn, eudemonic well-being may be cultivated through mindful practices such as mediation and compassion training.”
Final Thoughts
It’s not something that would surprise most people, as the expression of our best nature feels good and is uplifting for everyone involved, but the inverse of this must also be true, that people who neglect their own health would have a more difficult time being compassionate to animals, and even nature in general. Therefore, adding intentional kindness, compassion and empathy the ways in which we attain better health and wellness makes perfect sense.
About the Author
Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com and Offgrid Outpost, a provider ofstorable food and emergency kits. Alex is an avid student of Yoga and life.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Where Is Home?

Where Is Home And Why Are We Here?

by Deane Thomas

This is a question that I am often asked throughout my life, and it never ceases to amaze me that so many people associate “Home” as their place or country of birth. Home to me is where the heart is, where we are content and happy. A place where we feel fully able to enjoy what surrounds us and can truly appreciate.  In reality “feeling at home” is a personal sense, and comes from within.  Whether that is based on energies, mood or just an overall intuitive vibration – home is unique for us all. When we look at history we can see the human race has been predominantly nomadic, searching for a place where there are resources to survive and thrive.  A place where we can utilize the local assets to provide for ourselves and families, as well as assist others to do the same.  We formed small communities to allow us to support each other as well as provide a safe environment to live.  When confronted with “outsiders” we tried our best to accommodate and nourish them, we welcomed them into our homes.  We were hospitable and open to learning and listening from others, in order to gain or share know how. Modern day society seems to have been divided by so many factors, all of which have been introduced by a controlling force.  The evolution of man has suffered at the hands of various hierarchies and quasi-leaders, in an attempt to control us.  We have been influenced by the way it has to be, and how it shall be, all based on someone else’s say so.  We have been told we are of a certain nationality or religion and must adopt this as part of our existence.
Beating War Drums
The fact that a few are able to control and manipulate the entire global population, highlights the fact there is a need for a major shift in the way we choose to live.  We can see on a daily basis, no matter where we live, the destructive measures politicians and corporate giants play.  They manufacture false fears, heighten tensions and manipulate in order to gain approval or acceptance. This is not governance, this is a fear based society, which right now is going through a major shift in consciousness. As the war drums are sounding, and getting louder by the minute, the population is walking around as if it is destiny.  As if they have no say in the matter, in other words surrendering to a higher power that will ultimately decide what is next.  Have we given away all our power to a group of men and women to determine the way forward?  We can see the military might of several nations now acting out their ordered roles, all in the name of protecting sovereign rights or those of the people.  But how and who created these tensions in the first place? What about our own higher power? Each of us has a voice as well as an incredible ability to defuse negativity and lower vibrations.  More often than not, when a group of like-minded individuals creates a common ethos or philosophy, they are branded “outlaws”.  They are labeled as anti-establishment, and in effect targeted, in some cases imprisoned for speaking their minds.  We have to remember that those in power have created the system to protect their interests, not yours.  Laws have been written to categorize and define, how the common man shall be, in much the same way as religion has its rule book too!
Why Are We Here?
Shall we look at the definition according to the way society and our peers have established the way we act and behave, perhaps there is a far simpler definition?  Once we strip away everything, we go back to the core of who we are as a species.  We are mammals, which have the need to be social with our neighbors and surroundings.  We have an instinct to breed and nurture our offspring, as well as provide and protect our family. We can look at the hierarchy within the mammal kingdom, and can clearly see how mammals function.  As an intelligent species, we have the capacity to alter the elements that can lead to aggression or conflict.  It is a free will choice to make, whether to attack with violence or to communicate and reach an agreement.
As we take a closer look at the actions and attitudes of the few, we can see that they are acting like a group of apes in the jungle.  They will do whatever they can to raise the rhetoric to boil point, instead of being responsible.  It is easy for them to justify their actions, as they will simply create propaganda to demonstrate and support their actions.  Yielding the power and resources to literally destroy humanity, as well as the course of this planet. We are here with a purpose, and it is not one to serve others.  We were born free to make life choices for our own development and journey.  We are here to love and respect one another, no matter with whom we connect.  We are here to enjoy all that Mother Nature offers, without the need for greed or violence.  When we treat things with respect, we are shown it in return, when we show love and compassion, we are shown it in return.  When we begin to raise the rhetoric, we also get this in return.  The law of attraction in its’ simplest form.
Shifting Perspective Without Fear!
By removing the various veils of illusion, it is clear that the vast majority of the population are living in fear.  They are compelled to continue doing what man has always done in the past.  History is repeating itself, yet there are now is another movement.  Awakened and enlightened individuals are shining brightly as they connect with others.  They are continuing to share the word of love and peace at a level that is unprecedented.  They are creating the shift in consciousness, that is empowering others, and it is this shift that will continue. As our own consciousness expands, we can expect to see the minority shout and scream louder, for this is their only tool to combat it.  Love smothers fear, and always will; as fear struggles and surrenders to love, there is a battle between the two.  Decisions for our own future direction are being made, for we have seen the puppet show long enough.  We are more awake than ever before, and it is a daily challenge to remain awake.  The temptation is presented in so many ways, yet we still choose the path of love, for that is our choice. We have the power within, to achieve our own Nirvana, our own place, and our own home.  This power is ours and it is within us.  When we stop giving away our energy to outside elements, we begin to replenish our own reserves of love and self-worth.  As the reserves grow, so does our ability to rise above the lower vibrations – we transcend all that is.  Our energy vibration changes, as does our personal dynamic.  With this also come changes in all aspects of our life, and the body will enter a phase of deep shock.
Free Will Decisions!
As the body physical tries to get to grips with our soul expansion, there will be that battle within.  This is perhaps the most vulnerable time we face on a journey back to One.  Opportunities, temptations, and struggles will be brought our way for that free will decision to be made.  Having evolved and expanded our consciousness we should be able to see clearly which path to take.  The universe will continue to send cryptic signs and syncs just to remind you where you are at, and where you are going.  At this crucial time, we shall contemplate all of our experiences, and make the decision that feels right for ourselves. In some cases what we are experiencing will resemble something we have already done before, perhaps even in this incarnation.  Each step we take forward in the right direction will be supported by the universe.  In addition to following the signs, we need to remove all attachment to an outcome or particular person.  This time we are following our intuition, and our own internal compass towards the lightest path and with the least resistance. There will be an internal conflict, this is normal with any transformation and transmutation, and it is part of the journey.  Never lose sight that we are responsible for breaking templates and societal beliefs.  We are shattering the veils of illusion at a tremendous rate, and we are gaining momentum.  As our energy and vibration rise, we begin to see the bigger picture much more clearly.  The higher we ascend the more we see, and the more we are touching others.  We are the lighthouses for those who are seeking a new direction.
You Are Supported!
Remaining in our own power is a daily challenge, but one that becomes easier over time, it is during the vulnerable periods when we should take some time to ourselves and reflect.  When we are used to doing the work for ourselves, and within, we are determining our own destiny.  We are creating the inner core, the nucleus of love that we are meant to be.  During these times of soul expansion, it is very important to reach out for help should we need it.  Our soul family is now global, and each of us has those we can share with and offer support. You are supported, by so many, and are being guided along the path of light, and are part of a universal plan to change the course of humanity.  Whilst there is a lot of low vibrations in the air, due to the few promoting fear, we have a duty to promote love.  We are love, and that is all that is needed for today.  When we remember who we are, and all the travesty that has been caused, it is time for that love revolution to take the next step.  You have that power, it is time to use it without fear.  Smother everything with pure unconditional love, and allow your own power and strength to achieve the life you desire.

About the author:  Deane Thomas experienced a physical relationship with his divine counterpart, spending nearly four years together. This lead to his own awakening and breaking of the veils of illusion. He has healed and grown spiritually, he now dedicates his time to helping, healing and teaching others. He has created unique personal development programs for those who are awakening and wish to make a smooth transition to the new templates.  www.askdeano.com