Monday, 28 May 2012


Avatar is the Sanskrit word meaning "coming down from far away." These divine Beings have completely transcended self-hood and separatedness. No longer the dramatic center of their lives as most of us are, they have reached a stage of spiritual decentralization, allowing them to serve as spiritual events in the life of our planet.
Avatars have a self-initiated task, a pre-ordained destiny and a peculiar capacity to transmit energy or divine power. They bring about great changes or major restorations, inaugurating a new idea or restoring "ancient landmarks." To restore they can generate crisis in order to bring an end to an old way that no longer serves, creating space for the new evolving life to emerge. To inaugurate they can strike a note, giving impetus to a new way of being. They can start a whole cycle or future development toward which our focus must be directed so that it may be realized. These Great Beings will lead humanity nearer to the Divine.
Ever down the ages at each human crisis, always in the hours of necessity, at the founding of a new race or in humanity's awakening to a new and wider vision, the Heart of God, impelled by the Law of Compassion, sends forth a Teacher, a World Savior, an Illuminator, an Avatar. They give the message which will heal, indicating the next step to be taken by humanity. They illuminate a dark world problem, providing humanity an expression of an unrealized aspect of divinity. The doctrine of avatars is demonstrated through the fact of the continuity of revelation and upon the progressive manifestation of the divine Messengers, divine Appearances, and inspired Prophets.
An Avatar is a Being Who has developed His own nature, human and divine, and then transcended it. An Avatar is capable of reflecting some cosmic Principle, divine quality, or energy which produces a desired effect upon humanity. This needed stimulation evokes a reaction, leading to the rending of a veil and the permeation of light. This energy may be generated within the human family and focused in a responsive Messenger. It may be generated within the planet itself and produce a planetary Avatar. It may be the expression of the life impulse and energy of the solar system, or of sources outside the solar system and therefore cosmic. But it is always focused through a manifesting Entity, called forth by a demand or massed appeal, and evokes response and consequent changes in the life activity, the culture and the civilization.
Source; Souledout.org