Saturday, 26 May 2012

All These Things

" I " by Ryewolf

I, who have sat astride the Lions back and flown the air on the wings of an Eagle.
I, who behold the world in balance and who is present at the beginning and end.
I, who became King of The Underworld and stole the crown of the Sun.
I, who vanquished the darkness and brought the light of renewal to the Earth.
I, who have thirteen silver spokes in each golden turning of The Great Wheel.
I, who behold the majestic celestial procession and partake in its endless heavenly dance.
I, who became a million million stars spiraling unceasingly until the universe's demise.
I, who vanquished the emptiness of the void and caused all that exists to be.
I, who have sat and watched the birth of stars and the death of distant Suns.
I, who behold the undying love in young hearts and the remorseless destruction in dead souls.
I, who became the Great Healer of pain and seized the bald sexton of the present.
I, who vanquished the span of all things and became the Mistress who awaits their return.
I, who have been all these things, call to you.