Thursday, 31 May 2012

A Great Transition

Visions and Pathways for a Hopeful Future

Welcome to the planetary phase of civilization. We are in the midst of a transformation with implications no less profound than earlier “great transitions” to settled agriculture and industrial society. The world is growing more connected, binding people and planet ever more tightly into one global system with one destiny. The long tentacles of commerce, communication, and culture are weaving nations and regions into a single planetary fabric. Humanity is trampling nature in boots that have grown to the size of the earth itself, compromising the capacity of the ecosphere to support life. A world stage is forming as a critical arena for crises, contending forms of consciousness and political engagement. The planetary phase is transforming both the earth and its inhabitants.
A Great Transition to a future of enriched lives, human solidarity, and environmental sustainability is possible.
The Great Transition Initiative is a growing international network of scholars and activists that analyzes alternative scenarios and charts a path to a hopeful future.
At once rigorous and inspiring, the Great Transition story brings the message that we can create a better world if we shift our values and transform our institutions.
Critical to this transition is growing public awareness of the dangers ahead and the need to revise our ways of living – and living together – on this planet. In this, our time of choice, we need a vast movement of global citizens to carry forward a Great Transition.