Saturday, 23 June 2012


As a blogger I sometimes plod my way through other blogs with a view to gleaning some ideas as regards layout or widgets. As I investigate these blogs I can’t help but notice how easy it is to swiftly move on if the content is not what I consider relevant to my explorations. The vast majority of blogs I look at are accessed by the simple expedient of clicking on the ‘next blog’ tab in the nav-bar. This leads to a veritable treasure trove of blogs, but alas, to most of them I grant a cursory glance and swiftly move on. Some I feel are too banal and some too exclusive. This mode of behaviour I’m sure is shared by many bloggers. Some are obviously intended for friends and family, while others concern themselves with a single subject matter. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, the whole ethos of blogging is that it is personal, but at the same time if the content is only of interest to a small number of people it does not bode well for a return visit, or a visit lasting longer than the usual thirty seconds.
However, having said that, there are thousands of blogs out there in the blogosphere that are of more general interest. In some cases the subject matter is confined to a single issue or theme and others are more general. I consider my blog to belong to the general category but with self imposed limits to it’s generalization. I try to confine my posts to half a dozen fields of interest, which include alternative history/archaeology, 2012era phenomena, social and cultural transition, myths/paganism and of course my digital artwork. However I believe all these subjects are relevant to the global transition.
As I trawl through the blogosphere I can’t help but notice the great number of blogs where the latest post was three or four or even five years ago. I consider these as dead blogs and if one felt inclined to comment on one of the posts therein I doubt very much if it would be even noticed by the blog’s author. There are, no   doubt, countless reasons why bloggers stop blogging. For example they might just not have the time to post on a regular basis, or simply get bored by their hobby. And of course some folk might suddenly realize that they don’t have that much to say!  But whatever the reason for quitting blogging I am sure a lot of people get a bit disillusioned when they get no one joining their blog or when they don’t even get a simple comment. If you are still reading this post the chances are that you have stumbled across it by accident and if it holds no interest for you then you will click off pretty quickly if you haven’t done so already. If however, my blog is of interest to you and you find it enjoyable or informative then please add yourself as a friend or feel free to comment. I would find this very encouraging. I fully intend to keep my blog going as I enjoy doing it and I know that there are a few visitors who do return and I am getting daily hits. It all takes time though, to search for relevant articles and to do a picture for each post. The links on this blog lead to some excellent sites. Whether or not you subscribe to the idea, I honestly believe we are entering a period of rapid and immense cultural and political change, bigger than anything that has gone before for a very very long time.    Síochána.