Friday, 22 June 2012

Final Hurdle

This is the final hurdle.  As if on an obstacle course, having met every wall and challenge; exhausted and spent – you have this one more thing to overcome.  It is right before you now.  Whatever has been hidden has come out of its hiding place to stand in the full light of day and you are dealing with it.
The obstacle before you now must be seen for what it is and understood.  Today it will not be hidden, covered up or ignored.  You cannot sweep this one under the rug. There is no movement forward with this baggage.  It surpasses the weight limit.  The higher realms demand an unencumbered you – this fear is too heavy.  It must be left behind.
All of what we have known is true is what it will take now.  These are very dense times.  There are concerns about money, food, shelter, health.  How does a being of light and extraordinary power handle these “end times”?  With ridiculous hope, unwavering belief and steadfast love.  You know you have come for this.
When a new obstacle shouts at you, see it for what it is – a very solid illusion, another hurdle.  Then strategize which method you’ll use to get past it.  Will you climb it, jump over it, find your way around it or crawl through it?  The one thing you can’t do is ignore it.  Its part of this life you are here to experience, another memory you’ll one day look back on and marvel at.  This is the life you’ve chosen.  It did not just show up, it was bidden.  You wanted this.  You may be questioning your sanity, yet what is never in doubt is your ability to succeed.
You will do this.  It is the belief in your ability that will sustain you.  See how far you’ve come.  Remember what is real. It is your true power.  Lives are made with beliefs.  Miracles happen.  What makes a seeming miracle is an unwavering belief in a desired outcome.  They seem to come out of nowhere yet this is not true.  They spring from expectations, as does all of life.  They are created by you.
Expect miracles and see only love.  This is the vision that provides a view of beautiful and a world of abundance.  There is no one, not a person or an institution that is more powerful than you are.  You have come now to move a planet and her people beyond this obstacle course called the “third dimension”.
This will take love.  You know what that feels like; it is what you are at your very core.  You are the one you’ve been waiting for.
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