Friday, 15 June 2012


The dark ones wish for us all to get bent out of shape and fall apart under the ongoing crises they are creating. We must not give them what they want, we must remain aware of what is going on but stay detached at the same time, keep our humor and go with the flow in the moment. The solar flares that continue to bombard the earth often times create unrest and uncertainty but let us fight the urge to come unglued. We are aware of why we are feeling what we are feeling, little more explanation is needed. If you know where your feelings are coming from and why, this takes the load off of you and silences that familiar voice that wants to chime in about how screwed up you are. It is not you, it is the intensity of the solar flares and the changes they are bringing to our DNA.
Switching from one dimension to another is not just a case of changing your consciousness. It is a great deal more complicated as our DNA is changing as is the DNA of all God’s creatures, the environment is changing, our thoughts are changing and so much more! This is not a quick and easy process. It takes a great deal of time as our bodies need to change in increments so we are not overwhelmed by what is happening to us. I doubt the human body could withstand the shift if everything were to happen at once. Let us all be grateful that we are being given the opportunity to shift slowly and as painlessly as possible.
So let us stay focused on the truth we feel and hear within our hearts and stop listening to the lies the dark ones continue fabricating to suit their needs. Instead find humor in their efforts,at how absurd the lies have become in their desperation to hold on. Let go of the worry and angst they wish us all to feel. Those emotions come about only because we doubt and hold fear within. There is no reason to doubt the universe and the direction she is showing us to go. Feel sure and steadfast, and in turn you will be able to laugh when the moment needs us to be light-hearted so we can remain above the mire of despair and fear. This journey we are on is our Star Trek moment, to go where no man has gone before. Let us share this journey in joy and camaraderie and laugh as our freedom draws ever closer.