Monday, 25 June 2012


Nikola Tesla must be laughing in his grave!
The movie by Foster Gamble, Thrive, is now being made free to everyone, worldwide, as part of the Disclosure Project. It is fascinating on many levels, not least in its explanation of the toroidal shape of the self-organising principle of the universe which is made up of the 64 pyramidial tetrahedron, a number so visible in sacred geometrical structures, art and myth going back at least 5,000 years. They’re saying that the implications for this understanding of the nature of the universe is free energy. They explain how Nikola Tesla knew this, and was on the verge of making free energy available for the world, when J P Morgan, who had invested heavily in copper cable wires to transport electricity across America, withdrew Tesla’s funding and closed down his lab.
There’s a lot more to Thrive, though, than its claims that we’ll all soon be able to access free energy and if you haven’t seen it, I seriously recommend you put aside the time to watch it, as they’ve made realisations ~ which took me 30-plus years to learn and comprehend ~ cognitively achievable to all in just over two hours. It’s a brilliant piece of work.
My only slight beef is that they’ve attributed the advanced technological knowledge of thousands of years ago to ‘ancient astronauts’ or ETs. But that’s just because Foster Gamble and Nassim Haramein don’t understand that our ancestors were shamanic and thus were capable of gaining interdimensional guidance from Beings who didn’t need to come here on rockets to teach.
We are only just catching up today with what our ancestors already knew because of 2,000 years of Christianity and then Western material science which effectively blocked the gateway to the gods. However, we’re opening it again now!