Saturday, 7 July 2012

Don’t Panic

Here we are, going down the path and trusting it is taking us in the right direction. These are trying times indeed. Many question if this path is correct, many question if they are correct, some wonder if anything at all is really happening. The solar flares continue to pound us and throw us off-balance which doesn’t help but the energy they bring is necessary to move us forward. These trying times are like taking the cross town bus and being dropped off in a strange neighborhood. We are unsure of our surroundings, nothing looks familiar and there can even be a slight sense of danger. So how do you resolve those feelings and find your way safely to where you need to go? We must trust ourselves, trust that our decisions are sound and that we can count on ourselves to pull us through. If we don’t trust ourselves we panic in that unfamiliar neighborhood and fear the worst. I’ll get lost, maybe this isn’t a safe neighborhood. If you are thinking clearly you’ll stay put and get on the next bus to where you want to go. Staying in our hearts filled with love, I trust, is the right direction.
Love is the highest vibrating frequency, love solves all problems, trust in love carries us along on our journey. How can you possibly go wrong going down this path? Breathe deeply and go forward, spirit is guiding you, love is your compass and your higher self is at the wheel. Sounds pretty safe to me.
I am wondering how most folks are feeling these days. Some are busy clearing out unwanted debris from within, others are busy finding out who they really are, others are struggling with leaving the old behind and going forward. A great deal of the world is in turmoil and turned upside down, people are doing crazy things and the dark ones just keep on pelting us with their insane agendas. That is a lot to wade through on a good day and now we are being challenged from every direction, on all levels as we watch the world deteriorate and crumble. Don’t panic!!! That is good. We need the old to crumble and fall away so we can create the new world of peace.
To get through the downfall we need our strength and knowing that for whatever dies away, there is a replacement in the wings just waiting to become part of the new world. It is not like the world will be destroyed and us along with it. The old corrupt and abusive ways will be destroyed and new loving ways of living will be ushered in to replace them. We need to eliminate politics as it is now and create a Government that is honest and caring and has the people’s best interest at heart not their profits. There will always be discomfort that comes along with the change, there is adjusting to the new, worrying if all will be okay. We can cope with that if we stay in our hearts and think with our hearts because to do so creates our trust and belief that all will be well.
Some paths are smooth and well-worn from use, others are rocky and winding, some go straight, some climb up and some dip down. All paths much like us are different, but we are able to follow them if we pay attention. The path we are on now is being created as we walk. There has never been a path forged here in front of us before, we are digging the grooves and steps as we go and this can make it difficult. There are no landmarks to go by, no walkway to follow along, we are marking it and leaving it behind for those who come along behind us. If we live in our hearts and think from our hearts, that love is the light that shines in the distance showing us where we are headed to. It is a beacon that stands tall for all to see as reassurance that we won’t get lost.
Find the courage to release your grasp on the old ways and leap into the tall grass where there is no path. Grab hold of the hand that walks beside you and go together. We are all in this together, nobody has a well-worn path so do not feel alone. If we keep our focus on that distant light called love and keep walking in that direction, we will all make it there together. Everything is dependent upon us to keep going and reach our destination. The world needs all of us to give what we have to this journey, for in the end we will raise our collective consciousness and emerge out into a wonderful new world that glimmers with hope. Have courage and stay strong and above all stay focused.