Monday, 16 July 2012

First Cause

Mankind is currently in the grips of an escalating downward social spiral precipitated by many factors, including but not limited to rampant materialism and often greed fuelled by the demands of the Ego. This cannot and will not be sustained. The root causes of this situation is that most humans perceive everyone and everything as being separate from themselves, and view the gaining of money as the basis for happiness. Existence therefore becomes competitive, adversarial and aggressive, with people fighting for material supremacy while protecting themselves against perceived threats from “others”. In reality there is no such separation. The illusion of separation is perpetuated only by the five physical senses. Everything in the entire Universe is an equal, integral and Divine aspect of everything else in the Universe and of The Source, The First Cause, God. We all exist as individuated Energy fields within the Great Universal Mind of conscious, intelligent, vibrating Energy in which we live and move and have our Being.
'Money' by Phetus and Kake

Should we experience an eschatological event associated with the transition of the ages, in my view one of the most likely outcomes of such an event would be the veil of the illusion of separation that has blinded humans of their true Spiritual nature for so long would dissipate, along with the related illusions of “time” and “space”, thereby leaving people “Spiritually naked” in a true multi-dimensional state of awareness, with the twin illusions of “space” and “time” no longer exerting an influence over Consciousness, and where our thoughts manifest instantly as opposed to the currently perceived time delays. This will enable those who are Spiritually prepared to view life, reality and people in a different way, with an emphasis on Oneness, service and Unconditional Love, with materialism, lack and competitiveness no longer being meaningful.