Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Things are definitely beginning to change quickly now. The foundation of the dark ones world is now crumbling from aged decay. Finally the ultimate controller of the darkness is under investigation, the big companies who control and run this country are being called on the carpet for their crimes. While they don’t seem to be going to jail for these crimes, at least they are being recognized. The citizens of this country also seem to be saying enough is enough and challenging the banks for their crimes, thank goodness. It seems as if daily a wee bit more of the dark is exposed or knocked down allowing us to view the truth at last, and this is just the beginning. I think when all is said and done we will be shocked by what is revealed.

If anyone had doubts that things were happening and change was headed our way, I think it will be obvious now that the light is shining brighter. I hope now the masses will take the ultimate challenge and leap off into the unknown with trust in their hearts that the new world is where we are headed and all will be well if they make the journey. Some will remain steadfast to the old ways and will remain behind and I wish them well. For those taking the leap I say have courage and listen to your heart. Your spirit and higher self is showing you the way. Surrender to your higher self and the universe and say “okay, I’ll do it your way, for surely you know best and I trust you will provide for me.”
For so long now we have been separated from ourselves, we have been enticed into letting Government tend to our needs and provide for us, and we have forgotten that we are more than capable of living our lives on our own. We have lost our deep connection to the earth and nature as well and without this connection we are vulnerable and unaware. Our senses have become dull and rusted and we no longer use them to navigate through our lives on a steady basis. We don’t have the time to stay connected, as we are busy trying to survive in our lives, working long hours for a pay check that our Government pulls from our pockets. In the new world this slavery will end and we will be free and have the time to reconnect with life.