Monday, 23 July 2012


 The Enchantment of the Olympics
by  Ishtar Dingir

There has been much ado on the conspiracy websites about a possible false flag attack on the Olympic stadium, which is mainly being fed by the usual suspects of unattributed blogs, anonymous whistleblowers and channeling. Obviously, there are people that would like us to believe that there’s going to be an attack. But I think they’re the same people who told us about the evil Illuminati who eat babies for breakfast, just to hear them squeal.
    I’ve flip-flopped several ways on this issue several times in the last few weeks because the fog of the psy-ops war is very dense and also because I have the same tendency as many and that is to attribute to conspiracy that which is much more likely to be due to incompetence.
    On hearing Ben Fellows on Red Ice Creations radio, an undercover film-maker that infiltrated G4S, I became convinced that ‘something is going to happen’. But on further reflection, and talking to people who work within security, it seems that the level of incompetence that was on display was normal (unfortunately) for any kind of so-called security outfit and that the most that the organisers of the Olympics could be accused of is preparing for the worst, but there’s no evidence of them instigating anything.
    The other reason that I’m doubtful about a false flag atrocity is because the main plank of the argument is based around occult symbols being evident. Just the fact that occult symbols are being used is enough to convince some that evil doings are afoot. But 'occult' just means 'hidden'. And symbols in themselves are neither good or bad. For instance, the Indians and Tibetans honour the swastika for ‘good luck’. Hitler stole this symbol from them because he believed it belonged the original Aryans, who, he had been convinced, were the ancestors of all fair haired, blue eyed Right Stuff Germans. So good guys and bad guys can use symbols ~ and their use only causes fear in those not schooled about them and their use. Yes, a pyramid structure is used to amass power which is siphoned up to the top. But how the power is used is in the intentions of the user. Rather like a vegetable knife, you can use it to peel the potatoes or you can use it to stab someone. That doesn't make cooking vegetable curry an evil activity.
    Much of the fear about symbols comes from our Christian upbringing, which has taught us to think the worse of anyone using any kind of enchantment or magic. Even if, like me, you rejected Christianity at the age of 10, the teachings run deep in our subconscious minds and they are not so easily jettisoned without doing some shamanic work on oneself. We have been taught to fear magic by Christianity. This is like fearing vegetable curry.
    So all of this is a bit of preamble to explain an aspect of the enchantment of the Olympics which, according to research and experience, is likely to be good thing, and it is to do with the Enchantment of London which was put into place long before even the Templars came into these lands, in the days of the Druids.
    The Olympics is always held on the same dates, beginning 27th July, and it coincides with the time that the ancient Celts (and Gauls) would call Lughnasa ~ the festival in which they honoured their sun god, Lugh/Lug/Lud. Known as Lugh (pronounced Lou) in Ireland, he was Lud (again pronounced Lou) in England of which the main capital city, before the Romans, was known as Lud’s Town, now London.
    His river is the river Lugh, renamed by the Romans as the river Lea, and it flows down from its source at Lugh’s Town (Luton) into the Lea Valley and then just before Temple Mills, it loops round to surround the whole of the Olympic Park like a moat.
    The spring of the river Lugh/Lea is actually within an earthwork enclosure known as Waulud’s Bank and is a landmark along the Michael ley line.
    Lugh/Lug/Lud is one of the guardians of the sacred city of London, the other being the unicorn, and both can be seen like huge landscape giants ~ Lugh as the male kingly sun god Lion (Llew means ‘lion’ in Welsh) guarding London to the east, and the Unicorn as the intuitive female moon goddess guarding the west.
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