Sunday, 1 July 2012

Planet 'X'

The 6,000 year old Sumerians were privy to a knowledge we don't teach in schools & universities. According to the Sumerian tablets we came from the Anunnaki, and they created us in their image. Anunnaki, meaning "those who Anu sent from heaven to earth," are said to have come from Nibiru to mine gold. There is evidence that lends creedence to the real possibility that the Anunnaki genetically altered Neanderthal genes to create homosapien, or human, workers. Impossible you say? Try to look at it with modern eyes. We now know this technology to be available today. Gene manipulation and experimentation is taking place now, and DNA splicing can create hybrid mutants, something primitive civilizations would have interpreted as monsterous or magical. Then, as time passes story becomes legend and legend become myth, and now in 2012 most people believe these mythological monsters to be entirely fictional. We may want to take another look at our past. Were genetic alterations being conducted and carried out by ancient aliens, and are we just the latest model of hominid?

According to the ancient Sumerians, our solar system actually has 10 planets, if you still count Pluto. Planet "X" (i.e. Nibiru or 'The Destroyer') revolving around our sun's extinct binary sub-brown dwarf star, known as the Dark Star. Now, fathom the moon's gravitational pull on the Earth that creates the rise and fall of the ocean tides. Now, imagine the gravitational grip that Nibiru, which is almost the size of Jupiter, will have on the Earth while it passes through the solar system and traverses between Mars and Jupiter. The Earth's precession could "wobble" and its axis be thrown off tilt triggering what many sage and prophetic minds have forseen: polar shift.
Even Albert Einstein supported Charles Hapgood's "Theory of Earth Crust Displacement," otherwise known as Polar Shift. Earth's axis has shifted numerous times throughout geological history. Humans are not above the laws of nature...we are fragile guests inhabiting this planet, just as the dinosaurs were until an asteroid hit the reset button on planet Earth.
The fallout from this upcoming cosmic event has the ability to back our entire species into a corner.