Tuesday, 21 August 2012


 What feels like judgment enfolds us within this transitory, tricky spot.  As we figure out just who we will create ourselves to be, we aren’t sure of ourselves and can’t handle any opposition. These are the tender steps of becoming something we’ve never been.
The caterpillar doesn’t know it is a butterfly, yet an internal mechanism begins and he builds a cocoon – a shelter – protection.  No naysayers or other opinions are available while he changes.  There are no conflicting thoughts reminding him of which colors would be better or what wing size would be the most effective for speed or distance.
No, the caterpillar effectively hides and emerges as another thing altogether – beautiful perfection on wings.  There are none who would second guess a butterfly.
Without the luxury of cocoons, we are choosing our colors and building our wings.  The choices made today spring from our core – this was a clock set eons ago.  We have begun a process; unfolding to complete a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual metamorphosis.  All eyes are on us as we morph; judgments at the ready.  Surrounded in mirrors, we must refuse to believe what we see or hear, and listen to what we know.
We are butterflies, building our wings, shedding our skin, leaving our feet behind.  In many ways it’s a sort of hideous process, yet we chose to do it right out in the open.  There are no human cocoons.
As we let go of our caterpillar ways of getting around, there will be many who will run after us with new sorts of ill fitting shoes to protect our disappearing feet.  These will feel heavy.  We will soon see they don’t work well.
We are in an awkward moment – sort of a caterpillar and almost a butterfly.  Our wings are not fully formed and sort of hang there, quietly fluttering.  Our caterpillar feet are not very useful.  We look and feel sort of a mess – unformed and out of place.
We must trust the butterfly blueprint in our soul.  It is there.  We feel it in moments of pure love, absolute connection and surrender to the One that we are.  These losses we are experiencing are like many tiny feet on a caterpillar.  We don’t need them anymore.  We’re programmed to fly.  Our time for takeoff is fast approaching.
We are the ones we are waiting for.