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Charged Mountains

Dr George King was born in Shropshire, England, on January 23, 1919. Early in life his deep spiritual interests found expression in traditional Christianity, but he soon learned there was more to life than the orthodox could show him.
First turning to psychic phenomena, he quickly became an adept of this research, delving beneath the superficial nature of things to their causes.
Still looking for more, he began to study yoga. For the next 10 years, he practiced this ancient science for 8 - 12 hours a day until his mastery of terrestrial phenomena and of his mind made him a "Knower."
He was still in his early thirties.
The Command
Determined to help humanity raise itself from universal suffering and ignorance, his life's mission became apparent on May 8, 1954. Alone in his London apartment, a loud physical voice delivered the following Command:
"Prepare yourself!  You are to become the voice of Interplanetary Parliament."
He was initially shocked by the implications of this statement. It came out of the blue without warning or explanation. All he knew with his mastery over terrestrial phenomena was that what he had heard, he had heard.
A few days later he was visited by a world-renowned Yoga Master whom he knew to be alive and active in India at that time. This Master, in every way physical, entered and left through a locked door that he did not open.
During the meeting, Dr. King was given a series of highly specialized exercises enabling him to bring about a state of consciousness necessary for the establishment of mental rapport with the Cosmic Masters who inhabit the higher planes of other planets.
In the previous ten years Dr. King had become a Master of Raja, Gnani, and Kundalini Yoga - able to attain the elevated state of conciousness known as Samadhi. It was for this reason that the Cosmic Masters of the Solar System began to use him as "Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel", in order to give their message to Earth.
His Mission had begun.
1955 - 1959 - England
From the moment of the Command all Dr. King's personal business ambitions were abandoned as the information from the Space Intelligences grew in importance and urgency.
On their direction he founded "The Aetherius Society" and began publishing the journal, Cosmic Voice. He lectured throughout Britain serving as the channel for numerous Transmissions from Cosmic Intelligences.
On May 21, 1959, under the glaring lights of the British Broadcasting Corporation, he demonstrated yogic Samadhi over live television so that a Cosmic Master from another planet could speak to Britain. This unique event was broadcast to an estimated viewing audience of several million.
1959 - 1997 - America
In June 1959, guided by Cosmic Authority, Dr. King came to the United States of America where the Aetherius Society was incorporated as a non-profit organization in November 1960.
Over the next two decades he continued to act as Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel, recording over 600 Cosmic Transmissions from the Space Masters. This collection of transmissions constitutes the most priceless metaphysical library in the world, with a range and depth of teachings without equal in the annals of occult Truth.
During his life, Dr. King also performed and designed several Cosmic Missions. These metaphysical operations are in cooperation with the Cosmic Masters, providing global healing and a greater karmic balance for humanity as a whole.
On July 12, 1997, Dr. King passed away in Santa Barbara, California.
The Cosmic Teachings and Spiritual Missions that he left behind provide the foundation stones of the New Age and are the heritage of us all.
Operation Starlight
Dr. King’s first mission, Operation Starlight, was given to him in 1958 by the Cosmic Masters. It took over three years to perform and was an essential forerunner of several missions to follow.
In Operation Starlight, Dr. King climbed 18 mountains around the world and acted as a channel through whom tremendous spiritual energy was sent into each mountain. These mountains were charged in order to give mankind another means to tap into the spiritual energy that has become more difficult for him to contact due to his karmic pattern.
These 18 mountains, plus an additional one that was charged in another way, are now virtually spiritual energy batteries. Unlike electrical batteries, these batteries cannot be discharged; in fact, for certain metaphysical reasons, the more they are used the more powerful they become.
Theoretically, the Cosmic Masters could have charged all these mountains with spiritual energy without the presence of Dr. King. However, as a member of humanity, Dr. King manipulated the karma of humanity through his physical effort of climbing the mountains and using his advanced abilities to achieve the elevated yogic trance-state that allowed the energy to flow through him. Any act done by a part of the whole reflects back onto the whole. The physical effort of Dr. King and the teams that helped him manipulated part of the karma to allow these mountains to be charged.
These Holy Mountains are now available to all who wish to climb them and send out uplifting spiritual energy to the world.

The Holy Mountains of the World
(As Charged in  Operation Starlight, 1958 - 1961)
The British Isles
HOLDSTONE DOWN in North Devonshire Charged: July 23, 1958 Nearest community: Combe MartinOne of the most frequented Holy Mountains having been Charged by The Master Jesus.
BROWN WILLY in Cornwall Charged: November 23, 1958 Nearest community: Bodmin
Situated in the middle of England's mysterious and treacherous Bodmin Moor, a pilgrimage here should definitely not be made alone on the first occasion. It was on this mountain that The Lord's Declaration was made.
BEN HOPE in Sutherland, Scotland Charged: December 10, 1958 Nearest community: Tongue  The most remotely situated charged mountain in the British Isles yet containing some of the most powerful energies.
CREAG-AN-LETH-CHAIN in Strathspey, Scotland Charged on December 14, 1958 Nearest community: Aviemore  As with Ben Hope, this mountain should only be attempted during the summer months. Shortly after being charged, this mountain became a Retreat of The Great White Brotherhood.
OLD MAN in Cumbria Charged on December 18, 1958 Nearest community: Coniston Situated overlooking Conistor Water in the beautiful Lake District, this mountain should only be attempted during the summer months.
PEN-Y-FAN in South Wales Charged on January 6, 1959Nearest community: Brecon
Although this mountain is not high in comparison with most of the charged mountains, this part of the British Isles is renowned for some of the most severe snow conditions and therefore great care should be taken before climbing.
CARNEDD LLYWELYN in Gwynedd, North Wales Charged on January 9, 1959
 Nearest community: Bethesda. Carnedd Llywelyn enjoys a mysterious history, especially with regards to the occult. Treacherous heavy mists frequently come down without warning.
KINDERSCOUT in Derbyshire Charged on January 31, 1959 Nearest community: Hayfield
Kinderscout is the highest peak in the well-known Peak District of Derbyshire, frequented very regularly by Aetherius Society pilgrims.
YES TOR in Devonshire Charged on February 25, 1959 Nearest community: Oakhampton
Situated on the treacherous Dartmoor, this mountain presents quite a long hike but not a very steep climb.
MOUNT BALDY in Southern California Charged on August 9, 1959
MOUNT TALLAC in Northern California Charged on October 21, 1959
MOUNT ADAMS in New Hampshire Charged on March 15, 1960
CASTLE PEAK in Colorado Charged on May 2, 1960
MOUNT KOSCIUSKO in New South Wales Charged on December 5, 1960
MOUNT RAMSHEAD in New South Wales Charged on December 8, 1960
New Zealand
MOUNT WAKEFIELD in the Southern Alps. Charged on December 24, 1960
MOUNT MADRIGERFLUH Charged on August 13, 1961.
LE NID D'AIGLE on the mountain ridge en route to Mont Blanc Charged on August 23, 1961
I live beside and have climbed one of these mountains: Carnedd Llywelyn. It boasts the highest spring of water in Wales or England. (Jonny)