Saturday, 1 September 2012


Many people who have some interest in UFOs and extraterrestrial life may not realize it but a new discipline or field of enquiry is emerging out of the old UFO/ET field.
Exopolitics is defined as the study of extraterrestrial relationships among many reported species of extraterrestrials, or in more simple terms is the politics of the universe.
Exopolitics is now well over a decade old and is growing rapidly around the globe, even as it is ignored by the mainstream press and even by many in the UFO community.
While the field remains controversial because it has some unscrupulous practitioners, I believe it is here to stay.
Thinkers in exopolitics are not stuck on asking the same questions over and over such as, did a UFO crash at Roswell or what was that light in the sky, or did Eisenhower meet with aliens in 1954, or is there a Secret Space Fleet?
I remember that years ago many in the Natural Sciences were very skeptical of ecology, stating that ecology was baseless because it was based on relationships that did not exist.
To the early taxonomists in the Natural Sciences, if something was not physical to be touched, felt, tasted or heard it did not exist.
Today I hear the same unfounded arguments that exopolitics has no factual basis because there are no bodies or ET craft on display to the public. Critics ignore the huge amount of credible whistleblower and contact testimony available in the public domain.
They also ignore the whistle-blower testimony that the global elite and global corporations are behind a huge cover-up and suppression of the truth in order to maintain a monopoly on ET access and to suppress innovative technologies that would put many established industries out of business.
I am one of the founders of this emerging field of exopolitics and I have written a book that I believe puts exopolitics on a solid factual footing using concepts based upon case after case of credible whistle-blower and extraterrestrial contact testimony.
I believe it is very important at this early stage of exopolitical development that we build institutional memory, just as Aldo Leopold did with Sand County Almanac for ecology, and Eric Drexler did with nanotechnology with his book Engines of Creation.
Exopolitics is evolving in ways similar to ecology, and like the development of ecology it will take decades to be understood and appreciated by the public in general.
If there is an end to the cover-up and the information presented to the public in a balanced manner we can look forward to a bright future emulating the more ethical advanced races. On the other hand if the Bilderberg Group and other secret societies continue to manage the release of information and technology in order to maintain their privileged positions in society, then a dark future lies before us.
I and some others in exopolitics are predicting that as the cover-up ends and the bodies and craft are put on public display there will be a change of tactics by the global elite. The new tactic will be as predicted by Werner von Braun decades ago, a dishonest alien invasion false flag disclosure that is scripted to cause great fear in the public mind in order to help create a one world Orwellian dictatorship.
We predict that the Secret Space Fleet will be used to simulate an alien invasion from without to disguise infiltration and control from within. This is why it is essential to think exopolitically and not remain stuck in old patterns of thought.