Thursday, 13 September 2012

Prescription Drugs

Here’s some fascinating news in the world of medicine that really shows the drug racket -- the huge prescription drug scam taking place in this country today. Researchers sent a group of people, who said they saw the drug Paxil in a TV advertisement, into doctors’ offices. Many of these patients didn't even show signs of depression, but when they named the drug, 50 percent were diagnosed as having depression, and 55 percent were given a prescription for the exact prescription drug they named.
In fact, it turns out that when people named Paxil, they were more than five times as likely to be given a prescription for it than someone who didn't name it. This simple experiment demonstrates how many doctors are puppets of the pharmaceutical industry; they're glorified drug dealers.
I've been saying this for years, as have many others in the natural health community, but now this experiment clearly demonstrates it. Medical doctors claim to be scientifically trained. They claim to be rational people. They say that everything's a formula, so people are only given prescriptions that are medically necessary. But when a patient comes in and mentions the name of a drug, all that rationality and all that so-called scientific thinking gets thrown out the window. Over half the time, the doctor's just going to write out a prescription for the exact drug that the patient named, whether or not it is medically necessary.
In other words, the whole system of prescription drugs and using doctors is a giant con. When pharmaceutical companies run these advertisements directly to consumers, they know these consumers are going to go to their doctor and name the drug, resulting in a sale of that drug. And that's why direct-to-consumer advertising -- drug advertising on television, magazines, and so on -- remains legal. It was illegal, but the FDA legalized it in 1997 to generate profits for the drug companies that the FDA seems sworn to protect. Since then, the drug industry and prescriptions have boomed. Now we have more than 40 percent of the population on prescriptions, nearly all of which are medically unnecessary.
Prescription drugs by themselves are a giant sham, because none of them treat the underlying causes of ill health. They only mask the symptoms of disease, or try to interfere with the body's basic biochemistry. And the real story on these prescription drugs isn't being told, because these pharmaceutical companies are funding billions and billions of dollars each year in media advertising. They're controlling the budgets of these media companies by running so many ads. Because of this, the media companies out there don't want to say anything bad about these prescription drugs.
And so the message out there continues to be, "Take more drugs! Look, here's a miracle drug for cancer; here's a miracle drug for erectile dysfunction; here's a miracle drug for sinus congestion, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure..." They just name one thing after another. They run the ads, the patients hear the drug name, they run into their doctors' offices to request the drug, and they get a prescription. What a con!
And it's a brilliant con, because it involves so many different parties. The FDA makes sure these ads remain legal, and that the drug companies generate all sorts of profits. The FDA even makes sure dangerous drugs stay on the market even when they're killing people. And there are doctors who are trained at medical schools infiltrated by the drug companies. When doctors train for four years, they basically study some anatomy and physiology and then, of course, drugs, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. They learn how to diagnose diseases and think of them all as being chemical disorders that can be treated through pharmacology and prescription drugs. The drug companies practically run many of these medical schools.
And now, experiments like this one reveal most general practitioner doctors as the glorified drug dealers that they are. They just write prescriptions for anyone who walks through the door. And that's really sad, because I know that's not the intention of many of these doctors, but the difficult and fascinating thing is that even doctors don't realize when they're being influenced. Patients certainly don't realize it.
Consumers are heavily influenced by TV advertising, yet if you survey 1,000 consumers and ask them if they're being influenced, over 900 will say, "No, we're not being influenced at all". They'll say, "I make my own rational decisions about what to buy or what not to buy, based on my own information. I don't pay attention to ads." And yet, study after study shows that ads actually work. Patients buy the products advertised and request prescriptions for advertised pharmaceuticals in their doctors' offices. Stated flatly, patients aren't aware that they're being influenced and neither are doctors.
Drug companies exploit this seduction, this form of influence, to create demand for products in the minds of consumers, and then to make sure these consumers go to their doctors' offices and request those products, thus generating sales.
And of course the pharmacists are all involved in this; they're just filling out the orders. They're like the little machine grinders in this whole system, this whole con of organized medicine. Somebody’s actually got to fill the bottles and dispense the pills, and that's what the pharmacists do. And somebody's got to write their prescriptions, that's what the doctors do. Somebody's got to act like they're providing an education on health, and that's what the medical schools do. Somebody's got to provide the so-called scientific evidence that provides some sort of justification for all of this, and that's what the medical journals do, and of course, they're largely funded by the drug companies. Finally, someone has to give all this the stamp of government approval, and that's what the FDA does.
So this whole sham, this whole drug racket, has many different players, most of whom are highly-paid professionals and smart people. Wouldn't it be great if they actually did something productive for society, rather than writing dangerous, highly toxic prescriptions out to people... rather than impairing the long-term health of our population to generate billions of dollars in profits for the pharmaceutical companies? Wouldn't it be great if all these smart people did something useful? Instead, they're just part of the drug racket, part of the system of organized medicine that masquerades as "scientific medicine."
I find the circular logic involved in all this fascinating, because we've again shown how the prescribing behavior of doctors is not rational. When a patient names a drug, all that training, rationality, and scientific thought just gets thrown out the window in favor of circular logic. For example, the organized medical community claims that all drugs approved by the FDA are scientifically sound. It's science-based medicine, because articles about those drugs have been published in the journals. And who edits those journals? Who are the gatekeepers who decide which articles get published and which ones don't? They are the doctors who are often on the payroll of drug companies. The drug companies fund the advertisements for the journals. And many of the FDA bureaucrats benefit financially, as they own stock options in these pharmaceutical companies.
Of course, the medical schools also rake in all sorts of money from doctors. So, what passes as organized or scientific medicine is actually whatever they say it is. It has no real scientific basis. Most of these studies are distorted anyway. You've seen how the drug companies will run twelve different studies on their drug, six of which will come up with positive results and six with negative. They bury the six that are bad and just show the six that are good. Those are the studies they forward to the FDA and say, "Look! Our drug is proven!" And the FDA will say, "It sure is! Let's rubber stamp this drug for approval!"
And then the drug companies say, “Let's start bribing doctors and giving them free trips, vacations, and lunches and let’s send them checks for $10,000 as a 'consulting fee.'" "Let's get those doctors to prescribe all of these drugs." And that's how the system works. It's all circular reasoning. There is no real science happening. The whole thing is a giant charade.
To top it off, the real healing efforts in alternative medicine are routinely discredited by organized medicine. These healers are using herbal medicine with over 2,500 years of proven clinical use and millions of hours of clinical experience. I'm talking about traditional Chinese medicine, Western herbs, Ayurvedic medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy, homeopathy and other modalities in the alternative medicine realm. Organized medicine says "Those aren't proven -- only our stuff is proven. Your stuff is not proven." But of course, all their stuff is the circular reasoning I was talking about. They dismiss everything outside of the corrupt system that generates profits for them.
You see, scientific medicine is whatever the high priests of organized medicine deem it to be. This is why I've often described organized medicine as a cult; it is not science. True scientists ask nature what's going on. They try to find out how the universe really works. A true scientist is a humble person, a humble student, and a curious servant of nature. A true scientist runs experiments, or asks questions and tries to get nature to provide some answers.
But modern doctors, medical researchers, drug company executives, and FDA bureaucrats think they've conquered nature. They have egos so big it's amazing they can walk through doors. They think they are better than nature. They think they can overtake the nature of your body, overriding the chemistry. They think they can run your immune system, or that they can declare war on your body, attacking it with chemotherapy, radiation and other highly toxic therapies. They think they're smarter than nature.
They think they can take a plant out of nature, synthesize a molecule, and make it better. And then they can patent it and own the intellectual property, suing anybody else who tries to create the same molecule, even though nature has been creating the natural version of that molecule for eons. This is what the people in organized medicine think. They think they're the smartest people in the universe -- smarter than Mother Nature, smarter than God. And in fact, they're going to play God with your body using weird, freaky gene therapy experiments. They're putting human genes into plants now, trying to clone everything under the sun. They think they are God.
Now a real scientist, as I said, is a humble servant of nature. A true scientist is curious and wants to find out how things work, and a true scientist, by the way, does not have a predefined set of filters in place that automatically reject new ideas. When Burzynski developed the antineoplastons for cancer therapies, a new therapy for actually curing cancer, organized medicine, if it had been scientific, should have welcomed his work with open arms. They should have said, "Thank God! Someone has come along with a cure for cancer. Thank God someone has some new theories." But no; they vilified him.
They turned him into a criminal. The FDA pursued him, sued him, oppressed him, and ostracized him from medicine. They've tried to suppress his work. Why? He had real solutions. If they have a cure for cancer, what would that mean for all the anti-cancer drugs out there? Think how many people would lose their jobs if there were a cure for cancer.