Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Great Saga

 Slaughter of the Innocents
By Ishtar Dingir

   I’ve been thinking deeply about the mind programming which created the mystique around Mount Shasta as part of psychedelic era of the Sixties which had the aim of creating the New Age movement (as named by the Scottish Rite of Freemasons) and to where it’s led us now.  This will, one day, be told by the wandering storytellers, the Great Saga of the Baby-Boomer Generation, which, right now, is being gradually unravelled and unwound like the red thread of Ariadne which will guide us out of the labyrinth of mind control.
    One of my spirit guides, name of David, has been talking to me lately about Herod’s Slaughter of the Innocents in Matthew 2. Now most of us know that it’s very unlikely that Jesus ever existed and added to that, there is the exact same story told about the birth of Krishna, except the name of the king who commanded the slaughter was Kamsa.
'Island'  by Rober Sato- watercolour 16"x17"
    And so the Slaughter of the Innocents ~ where every single baby is murdered in order to kill the avatar of the Age ~ is unlikely to have happened in a historical sense. And what I think I’m being guided to realise is that the Slaughter of the Innocents is a metaphor for what happened to the baby boomer generation, and any other generation that brought hope of liberation from the controllers to this planet.
    In our case, they saw us coming, a whole generation of which the core was made up of some highly-evolved sensitives and embryonic spiritual teachers and guides ~ and so they laid down traps to ensnare us.
    Psychedelic drugs is the prime MO of MKUltra (I say ‘is’, because the MKUltra [wiki] of various CIA/ NSA/space programmes is still alive and well, if operating under various other guises.). We hear of people like Bill Brockbrader who was kept in solitary confinement for a six-month-long pyschedlic trip which destroyed his view of reality for a long time after his release. And there are many others…
    But our generation of babyboomers was encouraged, in the Sixties, to use drugs as a basis for spiritual enlightenment, which, of course, we know that shamans do in the jungles of Central America. As ever, there is always a little grain of truth of truth in their lies which they wash down with the Mary Poppins jingle “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” But in the case of the central American shamans, the psychotropic catalyst is used in its organic, natural state, so that the spirit of the plant is still present. Central American naguals also use their indigenous psychtropic herbs in structured, ceromonial settings which provide some sort of spiritual protection for the initiate. This is all a million miles from Jimi Hendrix being given acid to hand out to the front row of revellers at the Isle of Wight festival in 1970. My first husband took years to recover from Jimi’s acid and that included a stay in a mental home. He was lucky. Others killed themselves.
    The snares were effective and most of us walked into them eagerly because we were traumatised by this incarnation. Even for those of us who lived fairly uneventful lives, it takes a long time to recover from the trauma of being born into the Fifties ~ characterised as it was by another trauma, the trauma our parents were only just recovering from after the Second World War.
    Many of us have tried to mitigate this trauma by not really being here. Well, speaking for myself, I spent decades trying to find a way up, back to my star family constellation, and out of this density, when all the time, the real answer lay in trying to find a way down and in.
    And so I was easy prey for every quasi spiritual religion that came along, which promised me an easy way out. After seeing through Christianity at the age of 10, it was then the Eastern religions that the Beatles (who I’d been taught to love by the Cavendish Institute) brought back from India. I got a guru, joined an ashram ~ became celibate, vegetarian…
    There followed a serpentine path of diving in and out of various spiritual disciplines, all with the aim of getting up and out. All of these paths and gurus were encouraged by the latter day Herods, who had a vested interest in this generation never connecting properly with the Earth. I'm sure of this now.
    Well.. I won’t go on… I’ve told this story many times, how I managed to discover this truth through shamanism, that the Earth is our mother for this incarnation and that she will heal us and empower us and make us strong.
    So we need to ignore all the snares of those who want us to concentrate upwards. Oh yes, and the other thing they always tell you is that you will never be good enough (characterised by Christianity as Original Sin) until you meet your Maker in the Heavens.
    This is how we are controlled by the ice-cream of the three Abrahamic religions ~ Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Whichever flavour we choose ~ chocolate, strawberry or tutti frutti ~ it’s all from the same manufacturer and the same controller. And their Jesuit missionaries made sure that even the Eastern religions have become infected with that way of thinking, also so that yoga and the raising of the kundalini is always about going ever upwards to the crown.
    Of course, they have to keep changing the stories as we get wise to them, and so the latest one is Ascensionism. It’s exactly the same as the Christianity one, except there’s no Jesus. The aim though is the same, by focussing our attention upwards and away from the Earth to gain superior, 5D crystalline bodies, we will lose power through losing our connection to the Land of the Earth, and thus be more easily malleable by the Herods and Kamas.
    I was listening to a leader of an Ashanti tribe, the other day, who had been busy re-establishing his people’s connection to the Land again, after this former British colony returned to independence. He said:
    “Without their connection to the Land, the people are just like so much chaff, and can be blown away at the smallest breeze.”
    Without those long, spiralling deep roots to hold us in unity, we can be so much more easily divided, conquered and enslaved.
    It is also through our connection with the Land that we feel the continuity with our ancestors, which is another spiralling tendril anchoring our Tree which runs deep into the Earth and then further, into the Lower World or Underworld. This holds us firm in the holistic multi-dimensional reality.
    So this I believe is the story of this massacre of the infants, which began with Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, Ken Kesey, Timothy Leary at locations such as Pasadena, Montauk, Mount Shasta and the Overlook Hotel at the beginning of the Sixties.
    The same grain of sugar/truth is present in the psy-ops that's been built up around Mount Shasta. Yes, Mount Shasta is sacred. But so is every single part of the Land of this planet Earth. However, people have experiences when they visit designated ‘holy mountains’ like Mount Shasta, Mount Kailas and Glastonbury Tor, because they stop and make the effort to get in touch with that part of themselves that is always there, waiting to be recognised and explored. This is similar to only worshipping God on Sundays. The controllers are saying "Yes you can get in touch with godhood but only at these places..."
    At one time, our earliest ancestors saw everything in Nature in sacred, and recognised Spirit in every rock, tree and hill. We can return to that state of consciousness and we don’t need drugs or New Age religions to do it. It is ours ~ we came here with it built in. It is our birthright and we should claim it. The Earth is ours...