Thursday, 11 October 2012

Rise Above

 Rise above your fear

A quick jaunt around the internet these days can leave one cowering in fear if one does not have their fear under control. There are so many predictions of the end times, of earth changes eliminating humanity, of the evil plans of the dark ones. The fear filled scenarios go on and on but it must end. If we are fearful we cannot move forward and if we cannot move forward how do we intend to make it to 4D and beyond? Fear is one of the first and foremost things we must do away with as we begin our journey. We cannot be held captive by fear and hope to raise up our consciousness. It is time to rise above our fears and leave them behind us. They have been inbred in us since the beginning of time it seems. Long, long ago those desiring to control over others learned that fear is an efficient way to do just that. We have been drowned in fearful illusions created to keep us in line. False flags are used to create chaos and then the Government swoops in with ways to save us only those ways of being saved are stripping us of our rights and freedoms. We never seem to notice until it is far too late. We must stop believing in everything we read or see and start to question everything!  To not question the world around us is to live in  ignorance.
Fear is our worst enemy! It weakens us and causes us to look to others for guidance rather than within ourselves. It distorts our abilities to think straight and see the bigger picture which puts everything into an understandable perception. We are force-fed snippets of fearful happenings that get repeated continually via the media until they are firmly implanted into our psyche. I know I keep telling you over and over again to turn off your tv sets and you are probably sick of hearing it, but please, open your eyes! Our magical black boxes of evil are the dark ones weapon of choice. That innocuous black box that squats in your living rooms is how they gain entry not only into our homes, but into our minds and nobody is safe. If you want to raise your consciousness and move on to the new world, you must cut all the ties the dark ones use to hold you captive. Stop listening to their lies on your television sets now!
If you have your roots firmly planted in your hearts and love and in your belief in spirit, then you are able to eliminate fear from your life. If you strongly believe in a higher power and you believe love is the answer to the worlds problems and you live in a world of love you have created all around you, then fear cannot penetrate in and infect your mind. Begin to understand and recognize how the dark ones create the problem and the bigger the better, and then they offer you the supposed answer to solve the problem. War is never the answer to any problem! Taking away people’s rights is not an answer either. We must wake up and see how they are manipulating problems and solutions to fit THEIR needs and always at our expense.
If you can stop listening to the latest fear they throw out to the people and drum into our heads endlessly via the news stations, then you are one step ahead! When you stop listening and believing in what they are saying you start to see the truth and then the absurdity of what they are proclaiming. You begin to see the pattern of their evil and it all becomes obvious. They want us afraid so we are weakened and willing to be fooled into believing their way is the ONLY way to stay safe. There is no space for fear in the minds of those wishing to journey forth into the new world. Fear does not exist in the new world, only love and gratitude for all of life. There are millions moving forward and we are safe and positive and centered in our hearts, so it cannot be a lie as so many are being told.
Drop your fear, rise above it and feel the joy and wonder of living from your heart. It is a wonderful place to be. There is so much more to life than what we have been led to believe if we just venture out of our comfort zones and discover all there is to know. We are amazing beings, life is amazing, our connection to all things is amazing, having an open mind is amazing and thrilling and having an open heart is a comfort and a joy beyond imagination. Once you accept and embrace the truth, new doors open up and you will go places you never knew existed. This is what makes life have meaning and purpose and we have been trying to live without this excitement for so long now. Take the leap and rise above the fear and discover for yourselves all that life REALLY has to offer!
Blessings to you all,
Visionkeeper via oneworldrising