Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Clock is Ticking...

War and the passage of Light
Chris Bourne World News View

I've just been working with an evolving group in New York, a fascinating place indeed. Clearly a key anvil in the shift of consciousness, it is a dense energy grid of consumerism and control, equating metaphorically to "Machine City" in the film The Matrix. There's so much 'old-boy-power' here, you can literally feel it oozing up from the subway, pulling strings at a wider global level. Our work concluded the opening day of the UN general assembly, where the Middle East is the 'hot potato'. It was the same day a federal judge approved a New York subway advertising hate campaign against Muslims. The temperature is hotting up indeed. It feels to me like we are slip sliding into War. So where is the passage of light?...
The need for a shift in consciousness
All wars throughout history have an underlying spiritual significance: they are each catalysed by the need for a shift in human consciousness which has not otherwise been realised. I'm not saying I condone war of course. What I'm saying is that the universe has a natural organisational flow to it, the purpose of which is to bring sentient life to higher realisation, alignment and harmony. On Earth, human ignorance and resistance to this evolving flow causes key tension build-ups to escalate, which will inevitably boil over unless something is done to shift the consciousness.
    Make no mistake, the-powers-that-be who currently hold the restraining reins of society, are moving the world ever closer to a global conflict. One which they'll seek to use to usher in even tighter control and to prop up terminally ill economies. And right now, by its near silent aquiescence, the majority group human consciousness is complicit to what's taking place.
To truly understand the nature of World War, would be our best opportunity to avoid it. And if that's not possible, at the very least, the evolving group needs to align with the passage of light through it. Having personally experienced the mechanics and horror at first hand, I know there comes a tipping point of no return where war becomes inevitable. It feels to me like we're edging ever closer to that point. We could even already be there. Why do I say that?
Unraveling the lower "ism"
No matter how simplistic things may appear on the surface, the underlying cause is always a lower consciousness "ism" and the universe building energy to unravel it. When there is non alignment with the natural order of life, the universe gathers energy to confront it. And when that non-alignment is a global pandemic, the response is felt at a global level. ALL are affected.
    Take World War I for example, to me, the universe was working to unravel colonial elitism and the masses subconscious submission to it: the kind that happily sent the 'lower classes' en mass to their graves with hardly the quiver of a stiff upper lip. It was no coincidence that the assassination of a prince sparked it off.
The Second World War was the natural consequence of radical nationalism building in people's hearts, and I'm not just referring to the Third Reich. It was a cancer gripping all countries. And so what do we see now? Well no matter how the 'powers-that-be' try to paint it, whether about nuclear non proliferation, or if it appears to be about fundamental religious polarism, the real "ism" at the top of the universe's agenda is to me blindingly obvious and we are all responsible: it is rampant capitalism.
Angelique Houtkamp
I joined the Army to defend democracy against the rising tide of communism. I'm not an advocate of war, but neither was I one to sit on the sidelines where freedom of free thought and action were seriously threatened. You could say we were successful, communism collapsed before spiraling into global conflict. As JFK faced down the crimson tide during the Cuban Missile Crisis, so we stood shoulder to shoulder in the face of MAD, mutually assured destruction. Thank God not a shot was fired. We'd made a conscious choice.
They say that "to the victors go the spoils". To my great sadness, capitalism has had an expansionist non stop victory party ever since. But its girth could never have expanded with such voracious appetite, without humanity (on a global scale) being compliant to it. We can complain all we like about the 1%, but they are merely the mirror. They are the outer projection of humanity's ignorance and fear (of not having enough): a global consumeristic pandemic that has raped the earth and is on the brink of destroying her in this plain of consciousness. The situation is that serious.
It feels to me like another confrontation of consciousness is going to happen. As I sat in Union Square, at the heart of Manhattan, aghast at the lostness of the materialistic mainstream, the impositional grid of fixed consciousness blocking the natural flow was palpable in every cell of my being. It was a full on assault to my sentience. And it struck me how Manhattan was just the mirror, a window on the wider matrix of global materialism. Manhattan was simply a drop in a very big ocean.