Sunday, 7 October 2012

Walking into Tomorrow

 Walking into Tomorrow
By Sophialove

I wonder what my backyard is like in the next “dimension”.  Are there locusts and crickets?  What other colors are the flowers?  Do I hear the A/C kick on or is there a form of soundless energy?  Is A/C even necessary or is the air temperate always?  What do the birds sound like?
As I go through this summer of 2012 and we rapidly approach whatever it is we are approaching, I have been considering beyond 12.21.2012.  There is one, you know.  For all of us.  This point was driven home for me a week ago as a pregnancy was announced in my family – due date February 2013.
As ridiculous as it now sounds, I hadn’t thought much about anything past December.  I suspect I traded in my rose colored glasses and instead I’ve been wearing my blinders.  There is always a future.
You are walking into tomorrow, taking with you whatever baggage you decide to hang on to.  Our focus decides what we see.  Our intentions determine how it works for us.  There are no dimensional erasers.  You will be right where you find yourself now, only a bit “shinier”, I suspect. Your light will be more evident.
There are so many components of our lives – our government, our bodies, our relationships, our source of energy, our shoes.  What we believe we are will always be true, until we believe something else.
In these days of exposure and awareness, we are getting a bird’s eye view of what we’ve believed.  Seeing the truth is great, it’s part of the process. We are working up to creating a new truth.  Some of us have stopped waiting.  Where do you stand?  There are many places to plant those shoes you firmly believe in.
You could wait and see, join up, construct a plan, listen and advise, work behind the scenes or do nothing at all.  Every action is an answer, and the answer is either – “Yes, I am a sovereign being of light and I choose something different than what I now see”, or “Yes, I am a sovereign being of light and I’m good where I am right now”.  You could flip flop once a day, once an hour or not at all.  You are always giving your answer.
As we move from polarity to unity we find ourselves faced with very polarized viewpoints.  We are massively changing, this is how it works.  We never knew we had a choice.  Now we know.
Our steps now are “walking our talk”.  Once I had a new floor put in my home.  It was poorly installed and needed to be replaced immediately.  It was my entire first floor, I had babies, it was a mess and I was completely distraught.  I believe it took as long as it did, which was months, because I told everyone I ran into how awful and unfair it was; complete strangers, friends, family, co-workers, neighbors.  It was the only topic of my conversations.  My walk was consistently “Do you know how torn up my house is?” and it stayed that way.
Whatever we talk now will define the tomorrow we walk into.  I choose responsible government, health, prosperity, clean energy, love and colorful flowers.  Our choice is in our every breath.
We’ve come now to consciously step into the new as we create it.  We are actors on this “End of Times” stage, setting the mood for the next scene.  We’ve all been perfectly chosen and our shoes are right where we meant them to be.
We are the ones we are waiting for.