Sunday, 25 November 2012

Terror, Terror.

Fear everything they tell you boys and girls. Who are they? Our fearless politicians and the presstitute mainstream media for starters. Fear what? Well, terrorists, potential terrorists, people who look like they may be terrorists, people who look like they may not be terrorists but appear to have slight terrorist tendencies which of course might lead them to one day become terrorists. What to do about it? Place hundreds of thousands (no, really –millions) of security cameras all around the world to capture everyone’s every move – terrorists, potential terrorists, potential potential terrorists, non-potential terrorists and innocent civilians alike. And tell everyone it’s being done to “protect them”. Oh, and that’s just the very start of the terror campaign. Construct millions of steel-reinforced concrete bollards all over the globe, around every building and structure that has the potential to be inviting to “terrorists”. Build massive terror- proof, soulless concrete and steel edifices like the Freedom Tower to harden against the potential actions of terrorists. Place massively armed and reinforced robo-cop-like paramilitary forces around every building in the country (yes, the same ones that have these steel-reinforced bollards outside of them) as an extra, super-duper measure and level of protection against “terrorists”.  Place non-discreet flyers, signs and placards around public buildings and transportation facilities warning of the potential for suspicious “terrorist” activities. Further this by announcing endless, looping audio messages on public transportation systems such as subway, railways, buses and taxis warning of the potential for “terrorist” activity. Ensure that each and every day police and military helicopters are flying over the skies of every major city to “acclimate” its citizens to the “new normal”.
Create bullshit fear mechanisms like color-coded alerts systems that ensure that the people will ALWAYS remain in fear – remember 9/11? Create a Gestapo-like organization like the Department of Homeland Security to create fear at the airports, and then morph their presence from “airports only” to the streets of our cities, rail lines, ports, shopping malls, parks and anywhere else it might be “justified” in the name of terror prevention. Create endless “liberty-axing” legislation (thank you Mr. Obama) without Congressional approval, ensuring that our rights as sovereign, free-human beings are taken away forever. Ensure that the citizens of our country, every one of them, has no say in the fact that everything they now do online can be tapped into and spied on, despite laws that say otherwise. Guise it under the “never-ending hunt for terrorists in cyberspace”. Next – let’s take away the Second Amendment – no more guns allowed – ya’ know, Batman and all that. Oh, and by the way – yes, the “Batman” event happened exactly as the government has told us it happened, just like 9/11. No need to question anything, just go on with your daily lives. Your government is in control. What’s that you say? This week (a week after the shooting) the United Nations is actually voting on legislation that will nullify the Second Amendment? Can they do that? I guess they can. And wow, what coincidental timing with the Batman massacre, once again. Yea, must just be another eerie coincidence. No, no conspiracy here. And so the march of tyranny along with the never-ending and illusory “fight against terrorism” rolls on . . .
Oh, and the stories they concoct, the stories that promote this march of tyranny and terrorism – all classic problem-reaction-solution Since 9/11 there have been a series of disgraceful attempts by our cowardly politicians to fan the illusionary flames of fear. Remember the underwear bomber? Yea, that was a good one. The elites, a.k.a. the Real Terrorists (sorry, I couldn't fit the politicians into the image, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Obama, Clinton, Cheney, etc.): The shadowy politicians, CEOs, bankers, and men of power who devise the laws and decide the general direction of the country and world. They have, collectively, virtually unlimited wealth and power, and zero accountability. They are almost never held responsible for anything they do, and they constantly get away with what ever they want. They have destroyed the lives of hundreds of millions of people across the globe with no end in sight.
It so very sad, because as I allude to above the true terrorists are not illiterate Arab men living in caves 7000 miles away. No, the real terrorists are in fact the uber-wealthy and powerful men in politics, the bankers and others wearing the $10,000 suits working in the many halls of power that control our lives every day, and the same ones that have us chasing down phantom terrorists as they, the real global terrorists, continue to take over the world. The ones that steal trillions of our dollars in broad daylight, take away our freedoms, destroy our Constitution and instill an illusionary and never-ending palate of fear in the bellies of not only us, but of all the other billions of citizens of the world so that we never open up to the love for one another that exists within us all – the same love that would cause all of their illusionary wealth, power, fear and tyranny to instantaneously evaporate if ever the people were to wake up to the truth of it all.
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