Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Unusual Storm

Unusual Storm by Sophia

Sandy was an unusual storm.  That much we can agree on.  Beyond that there is no consensus.  Sources we’ve come to trust and rely on aren’t saying the same thing.  Why and what caused this storm is a subject of contention and we are becoming polarized.  Perhaps there is something we don’t know, even another player.
Until now there has been either Nature or HAARP/Illuminati.  This storm blew over surprising amounts of land and it took a strange turn.  It reached Washington DC; it reached Wall Street – two Illuminati breeding grounds.  What if both positions were sort of true?  What if Sandy was not quite natural and not quite HAARP?  What if there is another force – one working for neither side?  This unknown force would be looking to achieve balance.
We’ve heard the Illuminati plans for complete enslavement via martial law.  We’ve heard the stories of weapons malfunctioning and not working.  This storm did not “work” either.  The “powers that be” were set back as well.
In this third scenario, this was an intentional outcome.  The storm was directed in such a way that havoc for the Illuminati was the result.  The Cabal will have to recover; their plans have been disrupted.
They’ve had free reign here for a long time.  I understand this was an experiment and we are now at choice.  I’ve wondered why it has gotten so severely skewed.  There is not one part of life now that they don’t have some sort of grip on – food, housing, money, health, religion, education.  There’s been no balance.
If this third unnamed force did direct the storm without choosing sides, that could explain the damage to key Illuminati areas as well as the minimal loss of life.  Balance is necessary in all things.  Right now, humanity needs a hand.  The Illuminati have a plan for every possible outcome.  We are late to the game, yes, but just maybe someone is giving our side a fighting chance.  They’ve been slowed down a bit, thanks to Sandy.
This third unnamed force would only want to even the playing cards.  We’ve asked for help and begun to offer resistance ourselves.  We’ve spoken up.  Perhaps we’ve been heard.  Not long ago we celebrated the “Day of Decision”.  None of us knows how this is going to play out.  It depends on how we create it, what we intend and what we believe.
There is so much we don’t know.  We are at about seven weeks now until December 21, 2012.  Rather than worry over who did what and “who’s on first”, let’s focus on what we do know and use our incredible power to create the life we are dreaming of.
We know that we are love.  We know we’ve come now to help restore this planet to her pristine state.  This will take intent, belief and unity.  Balance is necessary for us to continue – in order to witness our incredible light; it must be seen on a backdrop of dark.  We know what that dark looks like now, and by identifying it we can reduce it.  Balance demands destruction as well as creation.  This has always been true.
Our eyes are open now to this Cabal; let’s not close them to other possibilities.  None of us have done this before; we can’t therefore claim to know just how things are going to play out.  We’ll have to create them as One.
This is a call for open minds.  It is blinders that helped to steer us to the place we find ourselves today.  Let’s take them off and engage the awesome opportunity before us – something absolutely new.  We are here now with front row seats to a most incredible time!  It’s okay if we aren’t sure what’s going to happen – embrace your wildest dreams and hang on.
Steer clear of limiting beliefs and polarization.  We are creating our life right now.  This influx of light and love empowers our every thought – look how far we have come!  We are amazing.  Hold on to your truth and empower these coming days with your brilliance.  We need every bit of our combined light right now!
We are the One we’ve been waiting for.