Monday, 24 December 2012

Alien Interaction

The reality of alien interaction with humans can be seen throughout history.

In the 1st century, the Roman statesman Cicero wrote of strange spheres in the sky. There are records dating back to 8th century France that tell of individuals during Charlemagne’s time that were taken up by strange craft and shown various marvels. At that time, if they revealed what had happened to them or if it became public knowledge, they were killed. There are even records during that time which speak of strange aerial ships destroying crops.
All the major religions of Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Americas are dominated by adoration of “Gods from the sky”. There is evidence that these custodial rulers from the stars controlled every aspect of human society from the initial appearance of the current version of Homo Sapiens about 30,000 years ago. It was at the same time that the Neanderthal version of Homo Sapiens mysteriously and suddenly vanished from the face of the planet.
Early investigations into this matter were done by Charles Fort, who lived between 1867 and 1932. He found that extraterrestrial societies were very much involved in Earths prehistory, and that the status of the human race appeared to be like self-satisfied livestock. His final thought was that humans were used as slaves.
The idea of humans as a slave race is not new. Ancient Sumerian records dating back to 4500BC relate that humanoids from the sky were the rulers of humans. Human priests acted as intermediaries between the rulers from the sky and the human masses. The rulers from the sky were described in those records as having male and female sexes, racially diverse, and behaviorally similar to humans.
The records of that time also relate that it was the general Sumerian belief that the first humans were bred in the wombs of alien females. Sumerian records indicate that the alien rulers were involved in mining and other exploitation of natural resources that involved humans performing lifetimes of backbreaking labor. The actual creation of the Homo Sapiens species occurred sometime between 300,000 to 500,000 years ago. (Records in ancient Mesopotamia credit an alien by the name of Ea for directing the creation of Homo Sapiens as a genetic hybrid. Ea was also known as the Prince of Earth. Other portions of the Earth were controlled by Ea’s half-brother. During the time of his uninterrupted influence, marshes by the Persian Gulf were drained and dams and dikes were constructed. Ea was the main advocate of the hybrid species later known as Homo Sapiens before the council of aliens that managed operations on the planet.
Sumerian records indicate that human beings were spiritual beings animating physical bodies, and that the alien rulers contrived an original plan to keep entities attached to physical bodies, both physically and psychologically, so that the humans could function as slave labour. Population control measures were carried out on the humans. Food supplies were cut off, humans were forced to cannibalism, diseases were introduced, and there was global flooding.
In order to prevent the humans from banding together and realizing the predicament they were in, the aliens sought to block spiritual recovery for the humans. Various immediate measures were taken in order to prevent human unity. Formal religions were introduced, people were scattered around the planet, and different language functions introduced. The aliens made sure that existence for humans became a physical chore that would preclude excess time on their hands.
Ea, when in power, was dedicated to the dissemination of spiritual knowledge to the newly created human hybrids. He was aware of the desire by other alien groups to promote human bondage. Despite his good intentions, Ea failed to maintain the freedom of the human species. His faction, sometimes known as the Brotherhood of the Snake, was defeated by other alien factions. Ea was banished to Earth by the other aliens, and his title was changed from the Prince of Earth to the Prince of Darkness. He was then portrayed to the humans as the “enemy of a Supreme Being” and the humans were told that all their troubles were the fault of Ea. Humans were subsequently programmed to detect any trace of Ea in future lifetimes.
 Under negative alien influence, the Brotherhood of the Snake was changed from a force disseminating scientific and spiritual knowledge to one that became known for spiritual repression and betrayal. Corruption of the Brotherhood was evident in Egypt by 2000BC. The Pharaohs and priests were indoctrinated into the Brotherhood as Elite who would manipulate the masses for their own ends. Brotherhood functions in society eventually evolved into the Mystery Schools, which twisted spiritual knowledge, and restricted public access to any truths which had survived. Traditions were started that transferred knowledge orally and also embedded it in symbology which only the Elite could understand.

Here’s a little limerick by my friend the Hibernator.
I thought it was rather good.

   So the end of the World came & went,
    Not even a particle bent,
    The preppers were fuming,
    But with nothing looming,
    They won't have to shop until Lent