Saturday, 1 December 2012

Human Origins

Human Origins and How We Evolved
by Chris Bourne

How did we really evolve?
On the surface, our evolution step-by-step from the apes has been heavily researched and documented. Anthropologists would have us believe our original ancestors were two legged hominoids that first stood upright around 4 million years ago. And yet there are still many missing links in our fossil records.
A growing number of independent researchers are saying, for example, that the change from early pre-humans to Homo Erectus around 200,000 years ago was just too great and too sudden for it to be a simply natural evolutionary process. So what are our origins exactly?
These are incredibly exciting times where much of our convoluted past is coming to light, especially since we are now able to look deeper into the Human Genome…
The inquiry into Humanity’s past began for me in the “Oracle Shopping Centre” in Reading, UK where I’d been guided one day.  As I surveyed book titles in a well-known book store, a benevolent presence was ‘spiking my consciousness’ to key words. We were communicating through the weave of life. Every sequence was like a hidden code revealing answers to many inner questions that had been activating for me.
As the answers flowed like a streaming download, I felt expanding inner joy and a deepening sense of rightness – a sure sign that my own truth was being activated, stimulated and unveiled. However one sequence of titles stopped me dead in my tracks: “Homo sapiens…a correctable mistake”
What could this mean? Here is a short extract from my book Five Gateways
Later, as I pondered on this, I was suddenly compelled into a lucid dream. I was having flash backs to a previous incarnation approximately 45,000 years ago where we, as Cro-Magnon men and women, walked the plains of a stunningly beautiful bygone continent – what one might describe as the “Garden of Eden”. It was a profoundly moving experience with the absolute feeling of joy and at-one-ment with all things. The river of Unity Consciousness flowed through my being and in my mind existed crystal clear clarity. There was a a depth of peace and stillness which surpassed any meditative experience I’ve since had.
Then suddenly, the dream became a nightmare. Somehow fear had been induced within me and my awareness of the Universal Life Energy had vanished. It seemed I had been suddenly removed from my divine birthright. Whereas before there had been no fear whatsoever of death, now it seemed that danger lurked behind every boulder and I was deeply afraid. I was afraid for the safety of my partner, my children and myself, afraid of not finding food or safe shelter. It seemed I was afraid of my very own shadow. My body became tight and closed down as if my very life force was being drained from me. This was the experience I have come to know as “Homo Sapiens”.
How did it all go wrong?
In the months and years that followed, the pieces of an ancient jigsaw puzzle steadily fell into place for me, a story involving past life regressions, both my own and those I’ve worked with in many corners of the globe. It’s a story where the facts are stranger and more incredible than any fiction could be. It’s a story that I feel responsible to be careful with. It can easily close internal doorways of doubt and disbelief. It’s one that has been much distorted in the past and used to mislead people. So I feel we have a duty to be careful with it and allow to unfold in its natural course. I can clearly see that the underlying flow of consciousness is now taking humanity ultimately to full disclosure – over time.
Physical evidence is coming to light that I believe will blow apart the Darwinian theory of evolution. Why for example do we have only 46 chromosomes when the Hominoids we evolved from have 48? Traditional science postulates that the 2nd and the 3rd chromosome have spontaneously mutated together creating 23 pairs. Indeed you can see that these two chromosomes have been fused. But how could that happen naturally when it’s not what makes us Human and offers no evolutionary advantage? If the mutation had happened naturally you’d expect some people to have 48 and others 46, but not everybody to 46. Why is it that those with 48 chromosomes all mysteriously died off?
And why, when most creatures have just a few genetic defects, do we have several thousand – including genes that when active are terminal. How is it that these defects are still in the gene pool? Why is it for example that humans have 223 genes that can be in no other life form on the planet? Why is it that we’re so poorly adapted to life here? Take away houses, central heating, clothes, energy, the gadgets that we have come to depend upon and food supplied through the industrial food chain and most of us would probably expire in a matter of days. We are the most evolved and yet least adapted to natural life on this planet.
The reason for these ‘adaptations’ has to do with the way in which humanity was ‘seeded’ on the planet. I feel increasingly to share Openhand’s experiences and evidence in the immediate future.
ET intervention

There are many who have speculated extraterrestrial (ET) intervention. That somehow we were ‘dumbed down’ by genetic manipulation and energetic or subconscious mind control. For me there is absolutely no doubt. When we become multi-dimensional, we first expand into the 4th Dimension where much of this interference is still taking place by what I call an “Opposing Consciousness”. I see it and feel it happening daily to people all around.
Our genes have been manipulated and we are constantly being subjected to sensory over-stimulation. Our chakras are being interfered with principally through the solar plexus. In our subconscious minds, closed loops of controlled activity are continually created just like programs on a computer. This is why so many people are living a life of the false self. Humanity has become enslaved by a malevolent agenda. Opposing Consciousness is exploiting humanity for their own selfish ends.
To some, this may seem like science fiction fantasy. To me, it is not speculation. I experience it day in, day out. And now, more and more people are beginning to speak up as they too awaken to multi-dimensionality.
With so many people around the planet now speaking of a global conspiracy, there’s one part of the puzzle that’s still missing and needs to land: the conspiracy is happening from a higher density – from the 4th Dimension.
The Solution
The intervention has gone on long enough. It contravenes a direct law of the Universe – that of free will. Even if Opposing Consciousness has the ‘intelligence’ to manipulate humanity in this way, it is limiting itself by relating to a lower harmony and truth. It has created for itself its own karmic control drama.
Humanity’s Enlightenment cannot be controlled indefinitely. The flow back to full awakening is inevitable (for those that choose it). Our universe is moving to a higher perfection and harmony, so anything of lower realization will simply begin to fracture and fall apart. That’s what’s happening right across our planet as we witness ongoing financial instability, accelerating climate change, and dwindling natural resources.
The old control structures are falling apart. Benevolent Consciousness is helping us re-awaken to who we truly are. To see how this is happening in detail, you might like to read our article “Being Human”. It explains what it really means to be a fully interconnected, multi-dimensional being. It provides guidance on how to reawaken the divinity that was taken from us. The time has come to reclaim that divine birthright…Being Human
Chris Bourne