Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Liberation is a process both immediate and gradual.  It occurs with our hearts and eyes open and our minds alert.  It is time to trust.  What feels fluid, supportive, inclusive and expansive is about to replace what constricts, inhibits, prevents, limits and controls.  Our brains are not used to operating this way, it’s a new world.  Discomfort arises, yet do not confuse discomfort with distrust, they do not need to be the same.
We are being called now to learn the language of the Heart.  It is this that will tear down the tower of Babel we’ve been operating in for eons.  It’s a language unfamiliar, yet instinctively understood.  To learn first requires acceptance.  It is time to say yes.
Last month we were open and ready and thus the world changed. Yet the alterations, not immediately visible, have left many of us disillusioned.  It sort of looks the same out here.  So what gives?
When we travel to a place with foreign customs and language, it takes awhile for us to “feel at home” and really “get” the atmosphere and the people.  It is like that now.  We’ve just arrived and are working out the mechanics.  How do we function in this new world?
4D, 5D, are labels we’ve used so that we could wrap our head around such a massive shift – yet they have sort of backfired.  We’ve expected them to be a place we had to travel to rather than become.  We are the “dimensions” we inhabit. Love, trust, magic exist right now.  How much longer will we demand that fear go away and expect that to happen outside of ourselves?
The key to freedom, emancipation or liberation is found in your heart and soul.  To unlock it demands trust that it exists and can be found.  Faith is required and dogged insistence on love.  There is no one outside of you who will grant you freedom.  That is the thinking of a slave.  No one but you can set yourself free.
It is true that systems have to change, yet it is true as well that we are the force beneath those systems.  Two of my four children broke out of their cribs before we understood that it was time.  One pulled the bars apart and one climbed over – both quietly and without incident.  They were ready.  They were moved to “regular” beds immediately.
We are ready.  We’ve never been here before so the language and customs are unfamiliar.  You already have all it takes within your heart – it only needs activation.  Understand who you are – a multi-dimensional being of light here to liberate a planet and enlighten her people.  There are no chains strong enough to contain you – your heart holds the stuff of creation.  You are Gods.  Act as One.  The rest is just paperwork.
You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

Shroud Of Untrue

I need a voice to believe.
A choice to relieve,
The confusion and countenance,
News fusions and counter stance.

I need a sound that rings true.
Unbound and new,
Light to the dark of this madness,
Bright, stark, showing the sadness.

I need a sense of faith in us.
No fence to trust,
Sides of equal wisdom spouting,
Honest, real, truth accounting.

I need a system of sharing all,
This chasm conceals as we fall,
Deep into the blackness of spoon-fed lies,
Dispirited factions of false denies,
From misguided power crazed types,
Who’ve prided themselves on hype.

Never knowing they follow fools,
Tempted by the glowing baubles
Of wealth and gain and much disdain,
For the unhealthy, unfed, who remain
Veiled and manipulated,
Staled and sedated.

I'm seeking out souls raw with knowledge,
Whose goal is one I can acknowledge,
As being with purpose equal to all,
Agreeing a sequel to this awful
Reign of greed and self serving love;
Satisfying the needs of each of us.

I want a secure home life here on earth,
I’m unsure of the present quality and worth,
I doubt the illusion can be right.
I flout the conclusions on news at night
That peace through war,
Settling a score,
Freedom through law,
From more, more, more...
Can contain an answer to life’s dilemmas,
Can obtain the clarity of a soul enema,
Can do anything but continue to cover my view,
Cloud, bring shroud of untrue.

by tinalouise contributing poet to Art of Transition