Thursday, 10 January 2013


I talk a lot about staying in our hearts and paying close attention to our thoughts and keep them loving and positive, but I also want to bring attention to perception. It is equally as important how you perceive the world around you! Because as we think so we create, if we are perceiving the world in a negative light, a negative world is what we receive. How do you perceive the world? Do you see it as dark and foreboding or do you view it as full of infinite possibilities despite what is going on? If you start each day waking up to a imploding world being taken over by the dark ones and you dwell in that perception, that is exactly the world you have created for yourself.  On the other hand, if you awaken everyday with the feeling of what will this wonderful new day have in store for me, a wonderful new day you shall have.
When people first awaken to what is going on, they tend to fall deeper down the rabbit hole by researching more and connecting dots. This is all well and good and something we must all do, BUT!  There’s that darn but again. Once we awaken we must set aside our shock and awe of everything, climb back up out of the rabbit hole and begin living our lives in such a way as to help create the new world. To remain stuck in the drama of what the dark ones are doing is to chain yourself to 3D and not move on. Once awakened, know that others will come behind you to awaken themselves and they will carry the torch for a while, so don’t worry, there will always be someone watching out for what the dark ones are up to. We need to maintain balance to keep things flowing and balance can be found when once you awaken yourself you move away from the drama and into new world creation. We are not meant to remain in the awakening process by following closely the dark ones activities and I think this is where many get hung up.
Much like the fascination many experience with an auto accident lets say, that same fascination is applied to the drama of what the dark ones are doing. We get sucked in and begin to feel the deeper we go that we need to know more. The allure of the drama holds many captive and this is the danger. Once hooked there we remain and in doing so promote a warped perception of the way the world is. The dark ones are only part of our worlds reality, there is a whole lot more that gets overlooked and we end up creating more dark drama because that is what we concentrate on. It is one thing to be aware of something as need to know information then release it, but quite another thing to get sucked into it and remain there dwelling on it. We need LIGHT not more darkness!
It is important for us all to practice new ways of thinking and perceiving. It is time to realize we can change ourselves and how we live our lives at any given moment. We are not being forced to think or perceive only one way. We ourselves hold ourselves captive to our thoughts and perceptions. We seem to think because we think a certain way or see things a certain way that is who we are and we cannot change. It is NOT who we are only who we think we are! We can be whomever we choose to be and we are free to change that way of being anytime we feel the need to. This is what freedom is really all about. Not allowing yourself to get caught up in the ‘I Should’ mindset, because there is no way we should be other than what we desire to be and that is always subject to change! Please release yourselves from the dramas and the I Shoulds and fly free to be whomever you choose to be in your new world being created by you, and see the world as infinite possibility not a prison of hatred.
Having a great deal of trouble holding thoughts in my head. Powerful energies right now and I guess I am just trying to maintain. Hope my posts are making sense. Sorry about this. This too shall pass…
Blessings to us all,