Thursday, 14 March 2013

Great Awakening

 Humanity Is Transforming And Changing: The Great Awakening
 By Arjun

It’s almost April 2013 and the planet is going through a mass transformation. There are many aspects to this transformation, and in the end one must come to realize the basic building block for global change starts with us, humanity on a collective level, together. We are being called to evolve passed our current way of living, tap into our infinite potentiality, let go of our training wheels and fly. We continue to search for external factors like technology and alternative ways to function; which is great but humanity cannot evolve passed its current paradigm unless the souls on Earth themselves change first. From that place of change, we can begin to implement new ways of operating on this planet which can propel us passed our current limitations and into an existence of abundance, peace , prosperity and discovery. Humanity must operate from a place of love, peace, cooperation, acceptance and understanding if it is to move on and expand passed the current limitations and definitions it has placed upon itself. A portion of the paradigm change we are witnessing on planet Earth today is people waking up to what has really been taking place here. This can be a tough process because many humans have been made to believe certain realities are true when they are not. Through the use of mainstream media, education and more, we have been programmed with false ideas and belief systems of how the world and the industries that govern it work. We’ve also been programmed with the idea of how to be, how to act and what to do in certain situations. This type of programming has taken us away from our souls voice, our heart and our ability to be our true self. We are a young race, and we are only just discovering our hearts now.
Only a small group of people and the corporations they run are in control of all the worlds resources. When something new comes along and threatens these industries and multinational corporations, they put a tremendous amount of effort into concealing and covering up information. A part of this transformation is the apocalypse, which is an ancient greek word that carries the meaning of “transparency.” This is not always an easy process, sometimes it is hard for ones mind to take in certain information when they have been carrying a specific belief system for almost  all of their life. We are an infant race of seven billion, separated by many different belief systems. The belief systems that once separated us are beginning to crumble, and we are all coming to the realization of oneness, that’s what we are, one human race. Imagine a race united in their knowing instead of separated by belief systems. Someone once said that the mind works best like a parachute, open!
Many find the idea of mass brainwashing hard to believe, but it’s really not, the brain and our consciousness is highly programmable. The way we perceive reality is directly correlated to the reality we create, you can read more about this here. Throughout human history intellectual authorities have affirmed their supremacy by purposely ridiculing ideas, and new concepts of reality that did not fit the accepted framework. They accomplished this by using their position of ‘power’ to dictate, and dispense their resources into brainwasing the public. The best historical example I like to use was ancient Rome and Christianity. The elite banned and punished those who did not follow. Even all the way up to recent history when ancient Rome spread it’s power all over the globe, scientists were sought after and killed while their works were taken and hidden from the public, they were considered heretics. Galileo is a classic example of this.
So how do they do it today? Is it a conspiracy? Well if you would like to inquire about that, the first question you must as yourself is who is in control now? Who is dictating ‘truth’ to people, how do they do it, how do we find out what is really going on in the world? After all, nobody can really deny that human beings have an innate desire for knowledge and truth. The only difference is that everybody seeks it using different methods, some simply believe what they are presented, and others search more in depth. Truth can never be hidden, and it is always possible to discover certain aspects of our reality that is kept from the masses.
For quite sometime. the dominating ‘truth givers’ have come from television programming. It’s no secret that mainstream media is extremely manipulating. It is owned by a handful of multinational corporations. who we all know are in control of government and governmental policy. To be specific, Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, News Corporation, CBS Corporation, and NBC Universal. What is even more strange is that all of these corporations have connections to each other. Multiple CEO’s and employees are members of the council on foreign relation and all of these organizations always lead up to the same group of families, like the Rockefeller’s. Does that not make people scratch their heads? I am not asking you to believe me blindly, I take it that this is a known fact. You can browse through our website if you are looking for proof, or you can simply do the research yourself. What is even more amusing is that the corporations that own and run the mainstream media, also own big oil companies, big pharmaceutical companies, big energy companies, big food companies and more. Basically, a small group of people and the corporations they run own all aspects of our lives. What is becoming more transparent by the day, is that everything that surrounds us is not good for us at all.  For example, the food and pharmaceutical industries both compliment each other in that one makes us sick and the other treats us. It’s a cycle.
We no longer desire the type of environment that surrounds us daily and we are starting to realize that we can change it anytime we want. Change can’t happen in a second, sometimes our perception gets in the way. What seems like ten or twenty years to some may seem like one second to others. This transformation we are going through is rapid, and it starts with the recognition that many of us here no longer resonate with the current system planet Earth uses to govern itself. This feeling that does not resonate with many has caused many to ‘leave’ the system and begin to create for themselves. It has also encouraged others to begin spreading information to spark more awakening across the world. A massive ripple effect is moving around the planet right now. All we have to do is follow our hearts, let go of the fear to do so and realize that in these times, the Earth is truly our playground.
Much Love.