Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Korean Killshot

Korean Killshot Looming?    
by Robert Hitt

I am reporting what I see not to generate fear but to just say what I see.. which is my job..
it does not seem a coincidence to me that I happened to find the movie called KILLSHOT a few months ago when investigating remote viewers.  I am very familiar with remote viewers having run into some of them over the years. Their interest in my work has everything to do with the TIMING which is a weakest part of the remove viewing protocols.  AND I am also quite familiar with WEB BOT CLIF who has come up with similar information but also has some difficulty on timing.
Major Ed Dames – “The Killshot”   (see video at bottom of post)
So if you dare to watch the movie above you will see that what Dames says about not knowing the time but knowing that specific PRECURSOR EVENTS would show up kinda has me looking at North Korea as a much more serious issue than I would have.. When he says NK will POP A NUKE just in front of the major event on the timeline that he calls a killshot I also take it seriously..  Seriously enough to take the risk of writing about it here.
Anyone who has studied the vulnerability of the USA to an EMP attack will understand that this can be a natural event from the sun but more likely a man made event as in a nuke device at altitude.. I see that the US gov has done absolutely nothing to harden the grid against that greatest of vulnerability also.  Humm.. But they have indeed been spending huge amounts of money on building underground bases for themselves.. Nice guys that they are..
With Kid Korea having what I consider as nasty a transit as is possible on April 19th it seems like the danger is ramped up considering what has occurred over the past few weeks.
I have had repeating visions both waking and in lucid dreams that I interpreted as a solar killshot myself. The first time I saw this was in summer 1972 during one of the most intense acid trips of my life.  At about 4 AM I was laying on the ground outside looking at a crescent moon rising in the east with a very bright planet very near to it as it rose..  All of a sudden I had an off the scale knowing that when the sun rose it was going to be on fire to a point of changing life as we knew it permanently.  I was with a buddy that night and we BOTH had the exact same experience as if we were being shown something.. It took about an hour or so for the sun to rise that morning and the vision would not quit as we watched and it was quite an experience seeing it come up normally.. This had such an overwhelming effect on me that I became an astrologer months after that because some how I knew it was my job to figure out WHEN the event I saw that night was going to happen.
Almost 41 years later I am still doing that. Going back and checking it was JULY 9th 1972 which was (no coincidence) the day BEFORE a solar eclipse…  And as a side note I am not the only one who saw this event back then. The event is referenced in a LOT of rock and roll that came out around that time.
Room full of mirrors 1969 Hendrix..
Love comes shining over the mountains..
Love come shinning over the seas..
Love will shine on my baby.. then I’ll know exactly who’s for me.. lord I’ll know who will BE for me.
OK so if we look at the timeline just ahead here in 2013 we see April 19th as a most likely date for Kid Korea to go stupid.. CHECK..
Then a week later there is going to be a highly emotive lunar eclipse on 4/25 that could be a catalyst for a ramp up of military moves.. CHECK.
Then on May 8th and 9th the moon will be rising in front of the sun (like I saw in 72) and it will be in a conjunction with mars as it rises. humm. 
May 10th is a solar eclipse which is 180 degrees from the Scorpio eclipse that occurred on NOVEMBER 13th 2012.
Pink Floyd 1972

All that you touch
All that you see
All that you taste
All you feel
All that you love
All that you hate
All you distrust
All you save
All that you give
All that you deal
All that you buy
beg, borrow or steal
All you create
All you destroy
All that you do
All that you say
All that you eat
everyone you meet
All that you slight
everyone you fight
All that is now
All that is gone
All that’s to come
And everything under the sun is in tune
But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.

As I said, I just report what I see.  I don’t want to be correct– it is INFORMATION..  take it or leave it..