Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Where We Are

Be Where We Are – Not Where We Aren’t
by Zen Gardner

How much are we waiting for the right opportunity or conditions to simply do the right thing or be the right person?
Something to think about.
A bigger question: Does humanity allow itself to be tricked into living in a future projection where once this or that is right then we can get busy fulfilling what we’re supposed to be or do? And then find happiness and fulfillment?
Yes, of course it does. It’s a treadmill of institutionalized futility. And how does it affect us?
To the extent we’re putting off awakened behavior, right action and conscious living.  We’re planning for certain future conditions at which time we’ll be where we’re “supposed to be” according to this illusory time delay mechanism.  In other words, we’re mentally and spiritually existing in a virtual projection where we aren’t, and as much as we’re invested in this state of conscious denial we’re not being where we are.
And that’s nowheresville and makes for a limp, easily manipulated society.
I’m the first to admit it seems to be tough to get off our butts sometimes and do or be what’s right. It appears to be a continual struggle. We’re all human and have the same battles, trials, tests and temptations.
The really ironic thing is that when we’re struggling we’re missing the point right out of the gate.
When we’re struggling it’s time to get some Zen. Being fully here and now is the objective. But there’s a daily path to this realization.
Obviously there’s a lot we’re not consciously aware of. While it’s good to learn more continually, it’s not what should be our main motivation. Our driving force is spiritual breath. Being as fully awake and aware as possible and experiencing the infinite cosmos to its deepest depth one day at a time is our enlightened life.  All else will be fulfilled in its time, but nothing is important enough to postpone living consciously.
What that means to each of us individually is our unique experience.
Hence the challenge.
Some more irony to keep in mind. We’re already where we’re supposed to be. Getting to now is simply realizing you’re already in it and expanding within the moment. The answers we seek are within us. When it comes to necessary actions such as disentangling from contracts be they spiritual, social or literal, the action is made when the decision is reached. The rest just follows.
It’s getting fully in the Now where we’ll find the clarity to make conscious assessments and decisions and maintain our daily being where we are.
I’ve been actively disengaging the past 5 years, getting every little tentacle and spider’s web detached from the existence that is my life here. But it all happened when I made the decision to fully disengage. The rest just followed. Getting rid of wrong attachments does take time in most cases, since we’re so flipping registered and seemingly bound with all their damned paperwork and the stuff we accumulate.
In reality it’s all bullshit but cutting the ties does need to be done, stuff needs to be jettisoned, and your new more mobile “backpack” has to be carefully planned and packed with what you do need in order to carry on. And it’s way better to have it done now than have to do it under duress…or even worse perhaps not be able to escape the snare of the matrix when it starts contracting on you.
The wonderful thing is we’ve been having a blast during the whole process, loving what we do and knowing each step we’re right where we’re supposed to be. And part of that for us is staying on the move, enjoying new sights and meeting new, wonderful people.
There are conditions outside of ourselves that do affect us. The star and planetary alignments have profound effects, making some difficult to achieve personal changes somewhat easier at certain times. I don’t know about gearing your life according to astrological conditions or psychic sensings, but I have been pleasantly amazed how much my life has increasingly followed many of these fascinating aspects as I’ve committed my self to more and more conscious action by following synchronicity and learning to listen to intuition and the language of the heart.
It goes both ways. We affect the cosmos and the cosmos affects us. Very cool when we flow with it.
There are many spiritually gifted people who are activating during this time.  I’ve always been very skeptical and guarded about opening myself up to gifted people, but when they are people you know and there’s a bond of love and truth it’s a whole different story. Just remember to maintain control over yourself and never give up your spiritual sovereignty. Those with gifts in sensing and reading various aspects of the unseen can wonderfully broaden your horizons and deepen your life, but exercise great caution.
I take the same approach with channeled information. Always do your research and cross check everything, especially with your own heart. And remember, we don’t have to decide on something’s veracity right on the spot. Let it sit and come back to it. It may just fade out of your consciousness or not be something you need to be concerned about. Remember the spaghetti test. See what sticks.
One of the biggest factors to me is accountability. If anyone experienced the David Icke event last year, as it is with being confronted with any real Truth, they are now put on notice. This is especially true when the Truth is made so screamingly clear with such passion and love.
Will people really respond to the call to activate, or put it off? Once the Truth has been laid out so plainly, Universe moves in. For those who respond in greater commitment and action, there is greater power and synchronicity. For those who don’t, there will be confusion, self doubt, false justification, and spiritual impotence.
What we’re witnessing now in society is this very polarization. Those who’ve let the light of Truth in and are making the needed changes versus those who resist it. It will be interesting to monitor how this continues to play out. We do know that as empires became more and more barbaric it’s always been the sign of the end of that civilization. The Truth of the inhumanity of the tyrants of the day became plain to see and this accountability factor kicked into high gear.
The power of the information revolution we are all a part of is just this. Creating awareness precipitates a crisis. A good one. If we can bring on this dynamic the power structure will crumble under its own false weight as the infinite power of consciousness in growing numbers of awakened individuals shreds the fabric of the illusory matrix before it can do further damage.
As the expression goes, “The difficult can be done immediately, the impossible takes a little longer.”
This applies to moving according to consciousness. Some ties to compromising situations are pretty tough to break. It depends on people’s level of commitment, but these ties eventually will fall away if you simply keep the flame alive and true to consciousness. What you don’t want to happen is that you compromise your convictions in order to co-exist in a lower vibration. That’s the very definition of the world’s claim to humanity’s enslavement.
Fight that with everything in you.
Activation is a vibrational experience and needs to be fed and amplified in every possible way. Hang around the right people, don’t hang around the dead heads and naysayers. Spend more time researching and getting charged up by True information and uplifting sources. Find your peeps, even if only on line as is the case with many of us. There are meet-up groups you can find on line as well.
Light keeps the darkness away, and the greater the light we carry, the further we can see and less encumbered we are by daily nagging downers, be they personal interactions or spiritual affronts from darker realms that would like to hold us down. I realize many cannot fully break free just yet, but any and every way you can “loose the bands” in your daily life the more juice you’ll have for the next challenge towards greater and greater activism and effectiveness.
Come Anytime from Anywhere – Just Come
The coolest thing about waking up is finding yourself standing in the Now. It’s as if you’ve always been there and just didn’t know it. It doesn’t matter when you entered the “Now”, you’re just there now and nothing else matters. Those who’ve been there a long “time” welcome you accordingly, we’re all just there, that’s all that matters. And the need to “stimulate the plasma” all the more to activate and attract others into the Now field is all the more prevalent.
It’s really that simple.
The point is clear: to reflect and transpond this energetic consciousness in a loving manner to help others do the same, and so contribute to Universe discovering itself, or however you want to conceptualize it. Love is kind, generous, caring and most of all responsive to the inherent need. The complete opposite to the selfish dog eat dog get-ahead competitive meme bullshit we’ve been handed.
Again, to keep us from discovering who we truly are. That’s why the awake and aware go the exact opposite way.
If we don’t respond to the need before us we’re done. We’ve become dead spiritually. We’ve closed ourselves off and become part of the problem. You will suffer, and others will suffer. When we do respond consciously we bring light and love and it expands exponentially.
It takes guts to be conscious. Nothing big really, just an awakened conscience, but in this day and age you have to buck a lot of crap to do the right thing. The perpetrators of the big lie and their converts desperately need standing up to.
You’re just meeting a need, as am I.
Be happy, and laugh in their programmed faces when they try to stop you. Never be daunted by the naysayers. Somewhere inside of them is a spark that knows you’re right and inherently carries the same answer to everything that just may awaken in them one day. Once you’ve earnestly tried and they still reject it may be time to move on and head for greener pastures.
It’s crunch time for responding to consciousness. We’re slipping into an increasingly “now or never” scenario. Responding to consciousness is something that cannot be put off lest the illusory wheels of time grind past the precious portals of opportunity. Now is all that matters.
Let’s be in it, and do the conscious thing.
Love,  Zen