Sunday, 18 August 2013

Subhuman Evolutions

The Subhuman Evolutions
By  Stuart Wilde

Have you wondered why the world is infested by violent subhumans that have no morality? Why do we need their pollution in the morphogenic etheric field.
The answer is strange. All souls deserve a chance to heal, to be redeemed. So a subhuman incarnates in a higher energy in order to use that oscillation to rise up. Most can’t, but some can. To the angels even good people are putrid, but they suffer us, as it’s an act of love that they help us.
So a tribe of degraded predators incarnate on earth and they get to see what decent humans looks like, while they are ripping them off. I caught a child pickpocket in Rome, I didn’t hurt the child, I acted correctly. I talked to the police, who said they are not allowed to arrest Romanian thieves.
The mother that was in on the pickpocketing scam, distracting people while the kid lifts their wallets, got to see what decency looks like, as her child came to no harm from the potential victim (me) or the police. She won’t embrace that decency but metaphysically she has to see it. It’s a feigned specialness inside her that blinds her to what she actually is. Crime is a callous ego trip. The thief believes he or she is better and more deserving than others.
These types of people who consider themselves to be special, are in fact in subhuman evolutions. They have only just arrived on this earth plane as new souls and so they are deluded in their ego trips, as they have not as yet learned of their divinity and that we are all equal.
They have to go through that and suffer the consequences to learn they are not special, not different. In fact, they are a degraded version of other more evolved humans on earth.
If you are good your light crosses the street and touches people, it can go up to 30 yards ahead of you. It is an evolutionary light, it offers love, salvation and redemption to anyone it hits. The bent car dealer crossing the street will be touched by it, even though his energy/perception level is too slow and sluggish and polluted for him to notice it. But it will quicken his energy slightly.
So the slower predatory energy is placed on earth next to the higher energy. It’s an evolutionary gift to allow the overall level of humanity to rise up. Once you have suffered it graciously and you have done your time in service to it, you get to evolve beyond it, so you never have to come back unless you decide to.
So now the retribution stage has begun, it’s vital to distance yourself from the pollution of it all. As when the bent car dealer is levelled flat by a drunk driver, speeding up the street, all you can do is pray for his rotten soul. Remember there are no accidents, only accidents that we don’t properly understand.
When the subhumans see what they can aspire to, what they could become, then there is no more reason for them to be here. So a force comes and levels it all, so a higher evolution can continue on earth without the pollution of the lower elements. It’s farming, a small percentage evolve and the rest perish to come back for another attempt a thousand years from now say.
You might have incarnated into your family to bring them all up a notch or two, or at least to have them see the potential of the light. So while they may create hell for you, it’s an act of love to stick it out as best you can. Then it is also permitted for you to leave if there is no way of resolving it.
If we were perfect, we wouldn’t come to earth, so the subhumans show us the faults that are still inside our souls. So we evolve gradually.  Some people incarnate as evil, and the others incarnate to observe it and know about it.
It’s all lessons inside our karma.