Thursday, 3 October 2013

Return to the Cycle

 A Return to the Cycle of Life

by the Visionkeeper

It is time to return to a natural way of living if we are to survive. A return to knowing not only ourselves inside and out, but the planet we live on and the seasons which keep her balanced. We have lost touch and it is showing dramatically in our inability to thrive. We fell dangerously under the spell of linear thinking as magic and wonder and right brain intuition were driven and beaten out of us. We no longer followed the promptings of Gaia and her creatures, we lost track of what the seasons meant or the stages of the moon or what was going on with the sun. We stopped watching and understanding the animals and what they had to say. We withdrew from nature and went inside our homes and automobiles, we wore our thick soled shoes and boots, we lived on cement foundations that separated us from the heart beat of the earth and we detached from everything that would give us guidance on our journey. We were set adrift in a sea shrouded in fog and illusion and left to our own devices.
It is time to reconnect in order to find our direction back again. We need to become natural again and fire up our common sense for survival. We have been torn apart from all that was keeping us whole and aware. We had our natural, herbal medicines taken away and toxic drugs made of chemicals put in their place. We became sickened by the intrusion of unnatural substances and were told we needed more to cure our ills. Our natural religions were taken away and we were told and convinced the old ways were evil. Why did we believe such tales? Paganism was then portrayed as devil worship to us and we were forbidden to practice such things. People believed it and questioned nothing. Our biggest downfall in humanity! Not questioning anything. Paganism is a worship of Gaia and all she stands for, it is a following of nature and her natural cycles through the moon and the seasons. It was what was keeping us connected and therefore had to be destroyed.
The very heartbeat of life called magic was also eliminated and replaced with control and the indoctrination of darkness. All of our guiding lights like synchronicity and gut feelings were pushed aside and religion was crammed down our throats. Believe in God or be damned. Love was driven out of us and our morals destroyed through television, wars, death, hatred and evil. I do not know exactly when our fall from Grace began, but I do know it was caused from not questioning and doing very little deep thinking or trying to understand. We followed life blindly believing what we were told and as we marched along blindly we were subtly being herded into a prison without physical bars just the bars created in our minds. We are clearing away the fog now but we must work harder to be able to live our lives outside of the illusion.
In order to be free we must raise our frequencies and live with love and compassion in our hearts. We must make the time to learn about and understand frequencies, to learn how to use our energy to create the world we wish to see. We cannot do this as long as we remain numb to life and ignore our feelings. We must know ourselves well, know our feelings and use them as guides to find our way to a better world. All of the war and death has been used against us to numb our senses and keep us prisoners. It is time to feel again all of our emotions both bad and good. To reactivate our right brain thinking that has been shut down for eons and regain our abilities to use our intuitions. We have so many gifts that were taken away from us that we must get back and remember how to use them. It is all here for us, we just need to take the time to understand where we are, how we got here and where we need to go to get free. Now is the time for action!
Ah yes…It feels as if we have slipped through a new door somewhere along our journey recently. We discovered the key within us and away we went through the door and out into another world. One almost seems invincible and part of me wants to say that with caution as in the 3D world that would be dangerous to think such thoughts. With that said, in this new world we just stepped into, being invincible is more a knowing that all will be well no matter what is slung our way. It is that secure feeling one gets when standing on a firm foundation, steady and sure of where you are. The energies leading up to this pass through we just made have been intense in many ways, trying us in all situations almost as if to see if we had passed the test and were able to pass through the doorway. It seems to me the keys we are being asked to locate as we go along are actually presented to us as we complete each step in our consciousness raising. Do the hard work, dig deep and make the required discoveries and the key is your to open the door to the next stage of the new world, if we so choose.
It always seems the work is hard to get to the next stage, but once there one can feel a lightning up, an ease in moving forward for that moment. Each time the joy increases and one gets further and further away from the hassles of the old paradigm. It becomes less and less important, there is no desire to acknowledge what is going on except on where you are now and where you are going and there is no fear or doubt because you know somehow that all is as it should be and will continue to be for eternity. It is the giving up the need to know all the answers for there may not be any. It is accepting things as they are and accepting you may not have control over what is and that is fine. It is fine because you know that you can flow wherever you are carried and remain whole within and at peace.
Like life itself, we were never meant to stay the same. There is always change yet for a long time the world has tried to hold onto what is, unwilling to allow the change to unfold because of a fear of it. Why should we fear the natural process of what is? I wonder if it wasn’t partly because we came to the earth school and had our memories erased of who and what we were. We were naked and alone(we thought) and wobbling on unsure ground, so holding on to what we saw as life gave us a false sense of security and cling we did! All of that is behind us now, we know better, and so we must once again learn to go along with the flow of life, up and down and in and out of changes for that is simply life. If our foundations are strong and we know who we are, what difference does it really make?
We are vibrating to different frequencies now, pulling new phases of life towards us, incorporating new ways of thinking, embracing new types of people, new ways of being. It is all new and yet we are not afraid and no longer cling to what was. Many of these changes are taking place, some of which we may not even notice right away. Sometimes we need to glance back quickly, not linger there, but just take in where we have come from. So much fear has fallen away and a Cheshire cat grin is erupting on so many faces. It comes from the ecstatic feeling of letting go and no longer needing things to be the way they were. It is called freedom and we are not waiting to get it one day soon, we already have it if we just pay attention. Breathe deeply and love who you are and trust where you are going.
Blessings to us all,