Thursday, 28 November 2013

Change The World

Want To Change The World?

 You Are The Revolution!

By: Tennet Semmes

So you want to change the world, you say? Make a difference, effect change, cause a revolution? You see the degradation out there, you hear the cries, you feel the oppression, you know something has to change, but what? How? What can one person possibly do? There’s not enough money, there’s not enough time, there are so few who even seem to care, let alone know. And how much do you already know? It seems as if there is an endless supply of information, forever contradictory. The situation facing the world is so complex, and there always seems to be someone else who can put your argument to rest with superior intellect. It’s hopeless.
Bollocks. Get ready for a shot of pure adrenaline, right to the jugular, because I’m about to administer it. And I know it works, because I know you know the truth when you hear it. The only thing is, you don’t remember.
There is no need for a revolution. It’s already here. It’s you. You are the revolution, you are the difference that has been made. You are here, embodying a form no one in history has ever had before, nor will again, thinking thoughts in a manner much the same – unique to the core. You are a one-off – a once in the universe occurrence – and you wield the power of the great, ever present, eternal moment in every atom of your being.
Within this life you have the ability to create anything, do anything, be anything. You can travel to every corner of the world if you see fit. Or you can travel ever inwardly, to the deepest recesses of the self. There is nothing you can’t master. There is not a situation on this earth that you don’t have the ability to overcome. Look at our history, at our odds of finding ourselves here, in the world as we know it today – seemingly insurmountable! – yet here we are, here you are, alive in the flux of time, forever at the moment of choice.
Forget intellect. Forget politics. They’re semantics, empty rhetoric. You already know everything you need to know. Your life experience has granted it to you, given you the path that has led you to where you are and provided you with all the precise tools you needed to excel along the way. Stop trying to think your way into the revolution – that’s how we got in this mess in the first place! Just give into it. You know what to do. Chances are you are already an expert at something, or well on your way to becoming one. It makes no difference what it is. If you are passionate about it, you can put your whole self into it and create something beautiful, no matter how extraordinary or how humble it may be in the end. People will get it, they will feel it, they will know – ‘this is the gift, I recognize it, I feel the energy, I can do it too, in my own unique way.’  This is what it means to inspire, and this is the effect you can have.
Yes, the world is in a bad way, there is no denying it. Yet there is also no need to fear – it is the very reason you are here. There are no odds that can best you, if you decide it so. Your power is infinite, awesome, incredible – it is able to reverberate far beyond your mortal life, ringing out into the annals of future history, if only you make the choice. It is more than possible. There are those who were born into the utmost poverty only to overcome every obstacle and create world-changing institutions; prisoners who have found salvation in the highest states of being, ascending to levels of consciousness few have touched, all brought about through enduring the deepest forms of torture. Some may call these miracles, but they are not. They are much more – they are our very birthright.
Yet not only have we have failed to see, we have refused to see, remaining stubborn and drowning in ideologies that continue to deceive, that keep us believing that we are less than we are. Well I am here to tell you that we are not, and it is the resulting pain and adversity we have sown for ourselves that will unlock this en masse. Are you ready? Because it is on its way. The old world is falling to pieces all around us. Within its dust the outlines of a great, slumbering giant are becoming apparent, one only now beginning to awaken. It is you, it is I, it is us – the body of humanity – asleep now for time out of mind and being impulsed into self awareness through its newly grown nervous system: the internet. In the skies above loom the great walls of the dam that was built to keep the very forces of nature out, but the cracks are growing, the flood is on its way. When it arrives, the rejuvenating water of life will engorge itself within every crack, soften every surface, dislodge every stone. We will be shocked awake.
What then? You decide. you are the secret, you are the end goal, you are the one you’ve been waiting for. Don’t you know this already? Haven’t you known this your whole life? It can be no other way. Your consciousness is yours alone, no one else’s. You are unique in all the history of the universe, and in all the worlds to come. Can’t you feel the power of it? Your existence is profound. You are not your past. You are not your dreams about the future. You are not even your thoughts occurring right now. You are naught but infinite potential, the great ‘I AM’, resonating forever inside the axis of this eternal moment, the only one in existence.
The question now is: how will you use it?

It's Hard to be a Diamond

You sparkle, you gleam, you are different

Everyone says you should conform to the rules

Others say “Being unique is for fools”

You sparkle, you gleam, you are reverent

You shine in the sun, you are heaven sent

It is hard to be a diamond in schools

When rhinestones set the law abiding rules

You shine in the sun, you are stardom bent

You defy the rules, bend them to your will

When the rhinestone world tries to bring you down

You defy the rules, bend them for your gain

When the rhinestone world sends hate to your town

You defy the rules, bend them for a thrill

When the rhinestone world fills you with disdain.