Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Gentle

What is Missing in our Lives is ‘The Gentle’

When I was a child, my Dad used to gently tickle the inside of my forearms and hands with his tie clasp in hopes of keeping me quiet during those hour-long Baptist sermons that I never heard.
I was paralyzed and brought home to the gentle and subtle qi energy of nature, refined from the course hard body of the pew to the heart of the deepest ancient forest thriving with living spirit a thousand miles away.
    I wonder if adult humans are even aware of things gentle?  What happens to us?  Do we even make room to leave a small space for gentle to exist in our lives?  Do we even know that we often need to walk gently or even step aside in order to do so?
The gentle really can’t exist in places that are crushed asunder.  Think about the most delicate flower, like that of blue-eyed grass.  Sometimes just looking at the flower will dislodge her extremely delicate petals.  Do we have room for them to grow in our yard?  Could they exist?  Or do our pets crush them before they ever have a chance to sprout?  What about deer, coyote, or other wildlife?  Do they get chased away?  Is there a place for them to rest and enjoy their young ones?  Is that as important to them as it is for us?
Do I have to go somewhere else to see and enjoy flowers and wildlife?  Is there anywhere I can go to see them?  Or are they already hiding before I arrive from all the dogs running off leash or chasing their master’s duck decoy?
What are we missing?  Do we even know?  Do we even care?  Can we care if we don’t know?  How many species of flower would be growing here, if we allowed the gentle, the delicate the subtle to exist?  How many bugs, butterflies, dragonflies, birds and critters would then come to feed on them?  Do we even know?  Do we even care?  What are we missing?
The other day, I was hiking on the greenbelt.  Sometimes I’m lucky enough to catch this place active in bloom.  Even when I’m looking ahead to a place, I’m often stopped by the diversity of flying butterflies and bees feeding on all the flowers.  As I walked along the backside of a large field full of grass and yellow flowers, there was a man working his hunting dog, yelling and throwing a duck decoy for his dog to fetch.  In front of me, a roadrunner was flushed as it snuck away from the dog.  Did he even know?  Did the dog even know?  How far did the roadrunner have to run to escape to peace once again?
What we don’t know may be important.
What we don’t know may be more important than what we know, or think we know.  There will always be much more that we don’t know, than what we know, no matter how many schools we attend or no matter how many books we read.  The invisible unlearned may be more important than the visible.  Can we still make room for the unknown even if it appears that they aren’t there for our profit?
All beings gentle, delicate, subtle and invisible are the source of all that is visible.  Chi energy, vital energy, sun energy, our essence, our love is found in the subtle.  In our disturbing, aggressive, manipulating, do gooder lives, are we leaving room to observe, experience, circulate and cultivate our loving sensuous subtle life generating energy within the macrocosmic orbit?
When we rest a place.  Heal a place.  When we allow a place to be in peace and quiet.  When we protect a place from overwhelming disturbance, do we allow a place for the gentle to be in our lives?  Do we touch the gentle?  Do we gently touch?
When we notice the blue-eyed grasses and the tiny wild strawberries growing in our yards, do we have more room for quiet, stillness, peace and love in our lives?  A sweet we would never have tasted other wise?
When we learn how to practice our most gentle touch with our lover, do we experience the dual cultivation of chi loving energy in ways that are impossible otherwise?  Do we require the gentle in order to naturally thrive?
I think what is missing is the gentle.
I think what we are neglecting is the gentle.  If we don’t know the gentle, do we even know to protect a place for them?  Do we even know the importance of protecting the gentle?
Is there a connection between protecting gentle and protecting the health of our children?  Is there a connection between protecting gentle and ending war?  Do we know how to protect our children?  Really?  If we understood the vital importance of the gentle, would we ever allow our children to die in war?  Is the cost of murdered children worth some kind of justified killing for peace?  Can we ignore, disturb and destroy the gentle to produce peace?  If we truly knew this energy of love, would war end?
When we protect all beings gentle, especially the very most delicate, we preserve and restore refuges of peace for all beings universal!!
Think of yourself as a mother wolf.  Is there anywhere in the US territory where you can walk and raise your family in peace without being targeted and shot at?  Is there anyplace safe from running dogs?  Is there anyplace safe from the lawn mower?  The weed eater?  Pesticides?  Herbicides?  Predicides?  Spotlights?  Guns?  Cars?  Traps?  Snares? Highways? Snow mobiles?  Or Barbed wire?
Because these places, where there is room for the gentle are the places where healing takes place.  As long as we are still being wounded.  As long as we are still bleeding, as long as we are crushing our refuges, then there is no place to heal.
In order to heal, the bleeding must be stopped and the wounds dressed.  If we are still wounding.  If we are still harming.  Then we are still not making room for the gentle and there is still no gentle place to heal.
So what is it that we must do to restore natural taiji balance? 
We have to protect and lift up the most fragile, the most gentle, we have to celebrate the subtle.  We have to look for her!  We have to nurture her!  We have to allow her to grow and flourish!  There we will find room for the natural nurturing Earth, Mind and loving healing Spirit.
Look where you live!  Are you allowing the blue-eyed grass to grow?  Or in your everyday harshness are you mowing her down before you even know she is there?  Are we stepping back and watching, long enough to know what is growing in front of us?  Or are we too busy rushing out the door to mend another bleeding wound?
Do we even know we are doing harm in our rushing about?  Do we even know we are buying the weapons of war?  Do we even know we are contributing to the destruction of our last sacred healing places?  Are we so traumatized by the 500 years of wounding and bleeding that we forgot about the gentle and the possibility of healing, health and wellbeing?  Are we paralyzed by this truth turned too painful to accept?  Do we thus now shun or even deny the gentle in order to survive?
It all circles back to Church.  It all cycles back to the gentle.  If we make room for the gentle, then we can rest in the presence of the Divine.  For the Divine always manifest in the gentle, the subtle, and there we find the truth.  The truth that we are all Divine!  All of us, All of Our Relations Divine.  Every wolf, every coyote, every bug, every flower, every tree, every river, every person Divine.
And in that place.  In that gentle place of Divine quiet, there will be one primary thing missing.  In that place, there is no room for disrespect!  There is no room for harm!  There is no room for killing!
Seeking, finding, knowing, protecting, loving, feeding, nurturing and growing the most gentle restores our place to heal from all these horrible wounds of disrespect and hate.
I think the most important thing we can do right now is go to the gentle.  Think with her, seek with her, follow with her, touch with her, protect with her, make room with her, make places for her!  Share her!  Restore her!  Relearn her!  Be her!!  To be gentle, to know gentle, to give gently is to be and share love and Divinity.
So the next time you are in Church, enjoying expressing your delicious love for the loved, touching the Divine subtle energy of the gentle, remember you have now entered the macrocosmic orbit of Divine Love that is directly and inherently connected to all universal things gentle from every blue-eyed grass flower to all things delicately invisible and in doing so with every breath, you are making room for all visible manifestations of peace.  And in this place, this created room of refuge, you are making love and ensuring a Universal place for healing where no harm is possible.
Remember the gentle!  Remember the source!  Remember the cure!  Go back to the gentle!!  Make room for the gentle!  Take care of the gentle.  Walk gently.  Move slowly.  Don’t rush.  Don’t Crush.
Isn’t that our purpose?  To take care of each and every, one another?!  Spend as much time in the gentle as you can.  In touch, in walking, in talking, in living in giving!  Be careful with the gentle!