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End of Civilization?

Are We Nearing The End of Civilization?

Jon David Miller

There are multiple ways that civilization as we have known it could rapidly end, real possibilities that could happen very soon.
The least critical of these is the economic collapse that many believe is already slowly in progress. Of greater concern are the potential “Extinction Level Events” (ELEs) that we are facing.
These present an even greater risk than they might if people were prepared for them. Very few are informed of the near future possibility of disaster. Many who have heard warnings still have a normalcy bias and have taken no actions.
The issue here is not about the raising of fear or panic. That is just the excuse that authorities in the know use for not presenting these concerns for public discussion and planning.
Rather, the real concern should be that “the powers that be” are known to be interested in a reduction of the world’s population to less than a billion. So the public has purposely been distracted and uninformed of what may happen.
It is urgent to make as many people as possible aware of these threats so they can form support groups, plan and prepare the best that they can.
Nuclear Disaster
The Fukushima nuclear meltdown demonstrates how vulnerable nuclear facilities are to disaster. The radiation levels are so high in Japan that 30 million people may need to be moved. Even so, their health has already been seriously harmed.
Meanwhile, radioactive fallout continues traveling around the world, particularly in the Northern hemisphere. High radioactivity levels on the U.S. west coast are not being well publicized. Pacific sea life and food crops all over North America are being effected. We could eat, drink or breathe in a damaging radioactive particle at any time.
Even worse, the used rods stored at Fukushima are still in danger of meltdown before long, with no viable plan to stop it from happening. This would release radioactivity far in excess of any previous event.
You may not be aware that nuclear installations in Pakistan have been blown up by terrorist actions multiple times in recent years. The media does not reveal these incidents, either to prevent concern or to avoid encouraging further acts of nuclear terror.
In security drills at U.S. nuclear facilities, those playing the part of terrorists have often successfully made off with the target "nuclear material", or penetrated to where a terrible explosion could be set off. Most nuclear plants and processing facilities in the U.S. are guarded by lightly armed private security guards.
It is shocking how much nuclear material has made its way into the hands of rogue elements. They are planning and practicing attacks that could wipe out large cities and radiate the surrounding regions.
Some observers of events believe that there are secret interests that may set off a "false flag" nuclear incident to be blamed on someone else, similar to what many think happened with the 9/11 attacks.
Beyond terrorism, nuclear facilities are susceptible to other disturbances such as an earthquake, mega storm or power outage. These installations were not built to withstand all that could happen to them. Many of them are over 40 years old. "Small" leaks and other maintenance issues are not well publicized. Further, the onsite fuel supply for back up generators would last no more than 30 days in most cases.
It would be wise to live as far away as possible from a nuclear site, and out of the path of the normal wind direction from it.
Further, ever since World War II and the Cold War following it, the threat of nuclear war has hung over humanity. The saber rattling in the Middle East has the potential to initiate World War III, which could deteriorate into nuclear weapon use.
Climate Shock
While those with incomplete knowledge debate whether there is overall global warming or cooling, and whether climate change is due to human activities emitting too much carbon dioxide or not, the ongoing release of methane from deep ocean reserves threatens a rapid change to an unlivable atmosphere.
We cannot depend on the fraudulent data used by elite powers to create the hoax about normal human activities causing global warming. On the other hand, the overall evidence of 15 years of global cooling doesn’t mean that there is not also warming in some areas. There are regions getting warmer and others getting cooler.
The Earth may become so warm we cannot survive at one extreme, or we may fall rapidly into an ice age with snow and ice so deep we get trapped in our homes at the other. In either case, it’s big trouble. Thousands of species are already going extinct on this planet, so we need to stop the methane release while learning how to fix things.
Earth Changes
You are undoubtedly aware of the increased severity of natural disasters around the world.
Major earthquakes and volcanic events as well as sinkholes have manifested in the last few years. There is a major sinkhole currently expanding in Louisiana that has received minimal media coverage. These disasters have disrupted the lives of many thousands of people.
Within the last few years a huge number of structures and/or crops have been damaged by storms, high winds, tornadoes, tsunamis, massive floods, drought, wild fires, extreme temperatures, deep snow, ice storms, etc., ravaging many areas. In some instances, millions have found themselves suddenly without power for days or weeks.
It is speculated this may have some relationship to the solar system's changing position in the galaxy. It could also be caused by other approaching bodies as discussed further below.
The sun is supposed to be in a period of increased activity according to its normal maximum and minimum cycles, but it has been abnormally quiet, as it was leading into past "little ice ages".
At the same time, when flares do arise and shoot out an ejection, they have been larger than normal, which can have a more serious effect on us.
With the planet’s rumbling with greater intensity, and the signs of a possible polar shift in progress, it seems the Earth may be on the verge of major changes. A sudden powerful geophysical event could be very destructive.
Consider this projected map of the United States post changes. Another similar map shows an additional bay effecting several western states. These maps are based on conjecture about potential ocean and earth changes from anticipated influences.
With the changes in our magnetic shield, it is more likely than ever that a charged blast occasionally shot from the sun, a "coronal mass ejection" (CME), may get through into our planet's atmosphere if directed our way.
What if all power and communications were knocked out for days, weeks or months by a major storm, a large solar flare or an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) generated by an enemy producing an explosion in the atmosphere with an effective weapon?
An EMP could fry the power grids of much or all of the United States or other areas of the planet, and also damage satellites we rely on for communication.
Research has revealed that a major solar CME has occurred previously about every 75 to 120 years. We are way overdue for a really large event.
In 1859 such a major explosion (called the "Carrington Event" after the scientist who identified it) destroyed much of the new telegraph system in the U.S. Some telegraph operators were injured by the electrical surges through the lines. The telegraph network was set back in its development from this incident.
Even a small nuclear explosion generates an EMP. It is known that special weapons have been developed for producing one, for example the secretive "High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program" (HAARP) installation in Alaska.  
A pulse generated by terrorists near a city could destroy the local power system, disrupting normal life for quite a while. EMP bombs in the atmosphere launched from enemy ships miles off the coast could knock out the power grid of the whole North American continent. H
The aging United States power grid lacks the modern transformers that could act as giant "surge protectors". Many other nations have these already in place.
A few years ago the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation to upgrade the grid by having these protective units installed, but the Senate held up action on the bill, leaving it in limbo. In any case, these transformers are not manufactured in the U.S., and there is a backlog of perhaps a couple of years in production and delivery.
If all power were shut down for an extended time, and your refrigerator, water, lights and heating system were not working; and you could not get cash from a bank branch or an ATM; and no stores or restaurants were open; and no gasoline or natural gas could be pumped without power; and the computer chips in modern vehicles were zapped so they would not operate; what would you do for food, water, heat, money and transportation? What would others in your area do?
Society would be in chaos within just a day or two. Yet the government is not publicizing this enough that we can be prepared.
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