Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Shadow of Reality

The Shadow of Reality

by Dillon Gunn

Imagine a cave in which people have lived their entire lives, facing away from the mouth of the cave with chains forcing them to look only at a blank wall. In actuality, they’re looking at the shadows that move across the wall, cast by objects and people that pass before a fire that burns outside the cave. It is these shadows that the chained people call ‘reality.’
~Allegory of the Cave
This is the allegory used by Plato narrating the way in which Socrates explained how we are being controlled by illusions cast over us by the powers that be. However, the allegory also explains that there are people whose minds have been freed from the cave, and see the shadows as an illusionary truth: weak and distorted images of the reality that exists outside the cave. Soon enough, Socrates was tried and executed for ‘corrupting the minds of the youth,’ or in doublespeak, for starting a mass awakening among those that ‘they’ are threatened by, otherwise known as any and everyone.
What the unaware call ‘reality’ is indeed an illusionary concept that is maintained by the power(s) behind the throne, weaved into this world that we probably never even originated from either partially or completely, and in a realm of existence in which we most certainly do not fully belong?at least not at the depth into physicality as we are. Yet, the shadows still move across the wall, even for the people who have learned to look past them and seek the truth outside the cave. We are able to see the shadows for what they are and choose to unchain ourselves, but the shadows still surround us everywhere we look, and it would cost everything else but ourselves to get out and away from the cave and truly live in freedom. Many of us, however, choose to stay in the cave of illusions to guide those still chained to look away from the wall and see them for what they are, before turning around to face those who cast the shadows. The trouble is that it’s hard to persuade people who were born in a world of shadows to look beyond them, when shadows are all they know. Many refuse to be unchained, and prefer to indulge deeper into the world of shadows. The shadows cast by the string pullers cannot do anything to us against our own will; they can only attempt to intimidate us until we allow the casters to get closer to us. The shadows cast by their creations and control systems try to lure us further towards the wall and into the cave, but we must remember that they cannot take away our willpower to overcome their control.
It would seem simple enough to take back our freedom, as they are few and we are many. Do the math and you’ll find that there are enough people, if not an overwhelmingly lot of us, who are already awake and able to do everything it takes to bring them down. I mean, if Socrates was executed because he could and probably did cause a mass awakening that would threaten the puppeteer agenda, what more can eight billions of humans do, whether awake, asleep, or somewhere in between? The problem, it seems, is that times have changed. Although history (‘his’ story) does tend to repeat itself by way of how ‘they’ take our control and lose it over again, what happens in between has always been in flux. They’ve become much cleverer throughout the ages, but in turn we’ve become much stronger in willpower and unity of conscious awareness. The thing is, there are people who are naturally gravitated towards positions of power due the frequency of imbalance (of which the puppeteers are governed by), and these people form a whole new layer of puppeteers. These would be politicians, bankers, tycoons, top officials in government agencies, and so on. These second tiers then control a third tier, and it goes on, some chains longer than others depending on which ladder you look at, until it reaches the general public and tries to invade our minds, ways of living, and freedom from all angles: politics, governmental authority, education, religion, economy, media, food industry, health care, and so on.
Let’s take the media for instance. The music industry is mostly run by producers (look up Max Martin), who have indirect control over artists in the industry (it makes it easier to manage everybody), many of whom are directly controlled by their handlers (Katy Perry and Russell Brand, for example) and use their talent to portray the message or programming that ‘they’ want people to absorb and spread it to others. The same goes for television ‘programs’ and ‘Hollywood’ films. Even in the advertising industry; people who work designing advertisements and commercials know all too well the importance of subliminal symbolism and suggestion. Not only are these messages meant for us, but for ‘them’, too, as a method of communication to other factions.
Then there’s education. The most common argument against this system is that children would retain more information from their own parents than from a teacher who has to manage dozens more students at the same time. Another argument is that useful knowledge in life comes from firsthand experience, and that knowledge in books and theory come from school; therefore, book knowledge would not help you in life unless you, for some reason, want to enter the workforce to contribute to ‘their’ systems. Therefore, if you want to be life smart instead of book smart, go out into the world, travel, experience, make mistakes, follow your aspirations, and explore your potential instead of letting teachers tell you the limits of life and ‘reality’. However, the most important thing about education is that it is purposely being used to condition the human mind from an early age to accept limits, to obey authority from people you don’t know without question, to never question what they label as ‘fact’, and most importantly to program us into conformity with the systems and the hive mentality. Schools are like farms where sheeple are raised.
And to think all of this is actually hidden in plain sight, yet the masses don’t (want to) see it.
The point of this article, now that I’ve presented the problem, is that we need to act now against these systems and ultimately the agenda. It is already inevitable that we will take the power back and there’s nothing they can do to contain us; nonetheless, we must keep in mind that there are many layers of puppeteers in the systems, and even when the top puppeteers give in, their agenda still stands, and there will still be those who keep the agenda going until ‘they’ are able to fully implement it on the human race and rise up to power once more. History repeats itself, and this is why. If the cause of the agenda is the frequency of imbalance, there will always be those who seek to carry out the agenda, until balance is regained in the collective human consciousness. If we eradicate the things that cast the shadows, what will the chained people have to look at but a blank wall? Surely they would allow the others to unchain them so that they too can discover the truth? Imagine how many more people would wake up at once.
Have you noticed how I use ‘they’ as a general term for the puppeteers? I prefer vague terms to label them because there are many factions all over the globe, some aiming towards different agendas than others, all seeking to be at the top of the pyramid if they seize total control. And because there are many factions, if, for example, the Chinese faction realizes that the battle is being won in their country with many other countries doing the same, then all of the other factions (in countries just starting to resist control) would have time enough to hide away somewhere or pass their agenda on to others until such time that a faction successfully takes control over the masses yet again, with all other factions joining up with it as to branch out over the world again. In other words, once a leader goes down, the others would lie low and pretend to have never been involved in the agenda until they can rejoin their master when we allow our freedom to be taken away by them once more. They know better than to stay around when we take back the power, because most of us would want to execute them for crimes against humanity.
This brings me back to the point of this article. We need to act now, as in right now, and quickly too, because ‘they’ could already be going into hiding or making plans for some other group or bloodline to carry on the agenda if the opportunity comes again; the lower layers of puppeteers would rejoin humanity, acting as if they haven’t done anything wrong, when they would still gravitate towards those positions of power when the chance is given (at least until a balance is achieved, and they accept this balance.) ‘They’ know that there’s nothing else they can do to win the battle against our freedom anymore, except to run away as far as possible from us before there are too many of us awake. The majority of the human race has to wake up now, stand up against this agenda, and corner ‘them’ before they can get away. Those who are awake must eliminate the things casting the shadows on the wall, so that everyone will immediately realize that what they thought to be reality was only an illusion.