Sunday, 14 June 2015

Of Gods and Monsters

Of Gods and Monsters...

By Kanjin Tor

Courage is the lynchpin of all human society. It quite literally is the cornerstone which holds up everything we as humans do. It is the foundation of all social order, of community, of justice, and yes even of love.
Without courage it is impossible to maintain for long any of the above, for when a society loses its courage the fabric of their civilization begins to crumble. Without courage there can be no progress, no development, no fellowship, for what else can hold men together? The truth is that without Courage there cannot be any cohesion between men.
Without courage we are nothing but individuals drowning in a pitiless sea, dying alone, awaiting the moment of our demise with trepidation, and beseeching the heartless Gods with pitiable voices as we beg them for a mercy which will never come.
A Nation without Courage is a disgusting thing, a cruel thing, an entity without remorse, or pity. A Nation devoid of courage lacks any sense of its true self.
Humanity is the dominant force on Planet Earth only because they held together against all the night terrors of our early histories. Because we had courage we held together and resisted the dark. United in courage we overcame the obstacles which saw entire species disappear into the mists of time never to walk under the sky again.
Some academics claim that it is our big brains which made our survival possible, but this is not so. It was our hearts which enabled survival. Without a heart of oak we would have passed into history unnoticed by fate. We survived till now because of the hearts of our ancestors. History is built upon the stalwart hearts of a thousand thousand generations who struggled together, and survived together because of their courage.
The truth is Ladies and Gentlemen - 'intelligence' is important, but without a stalwart heart to underpin it the body fails.
And it is this Audacity which is universally lacking in our own society today. It is incidentally, the one thing above all other things that our masters fear the most. That we will rise with courage. That is why they always kill the bravest first, the whistle-blowers, the seekers, the men and women who fearlessly speak the truth against their criminal hegemony. Remember always that those in power are the most cowardly. I have seen it in their eyes... and I know their wretched hearts.
Courage is the Lynchpin that will see you survive. Nations cannot continue when the populace is so fearful that they refuse to rise up and extinguish their criminal overlords. And in truth, such a Nation deserves to die.
When a Nation is populated by mewling cunts who know they are governed by criminals, by murderers, by child rapists, by thieves, by the scum of the Earth, yet refuse to overthrow them, then that society is doomed.
History teaches us that Empires begin to collapse when greed overtakes intelligence, when hubris overtakes compassion, when overreach is backed by arrogance, when its military is controlled by ignorant puny intellects who imagine themselves untouchable.
When those in power thinking themselves Gods, imagine that they can do anything without retribution being visited upon them by the people that they have conquered and dominated, that is the moment the Gods turned their backs on us, for having fearfully accepted the rule of monsters we have spurned Courage, embraced Cowardice, and earned our fate....
This May I hope you all enjoy your moment of sham Democracy as you cast your mewling plea for Mercy from the monsters who govern us; because the darkness is coming and you have only yourselves to blame.

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