Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Faster Than the Speed of Life

Are You Going Faster Than the Speed of Life

By Nanice Ellis

Has stress, overwhelm or anxiety got you down?  You may be moving faster than the speed of life!
Have you ever wondered why the faster you try to get things done, the more mishaps occur? Could it be that sometimes you actually “get ahead of yourself”? And you move too fast for your own good?
There is a natural rhythm to the Universe and when we are in sync with this rhythm, life unfolds seamlessly. But when we try to force it, and rush toward a destination or goal, we actually move faster than the speed of life. Getting out of sync with life and its natural rhythm often results in a myriad of challenges and issues. So, if your life is chaotic or you are stressed out, tired, fragmented, anxious, confused or things are breaking all around you, chances are, you are moving faster than the speed of life.
Being out of sync is like the chain falling off your bicycle – you are still pedaling but no matter how fast you pedal, you are not getting anywhere. Lots of effort but little result creates exhaustion and overwhelm.
Many years ago, I was a stressed-out single mom and business owner. I had about a million things to do each day, or at least it felt that way. I remember waking up each morning under an energetic blanket of overwhelm and anxiety. I didn’t want to get out of bed and face the day, but I had to – at least until I realized that I didn’t have to. That idea took me by surprise and contradicted everything that I had ever believed about myself and my life. I questioned this new concept but it secretly gave me strength, peace and resolve.
I began to start each morning by surrendering my day to a higher power. In the recesses of my mind I would whisper, “Today, I don’t have to do anything.” Ahhh… I could breathe – the layers of the heavy blanket began to dissolve.
Sweet Surrender
We humans are incredibly resilient and tenacious, but at some point, we get so exhausted and so stressed-out that we have no choice but to eventually surrender. Things just aren’t working and we don’t have a clue on how to fix them, so as a last resort, we let go. Of course, letting go is exactly the right thing to do.
Here’s the thing, by letting go of everything, before my feet even touched the ground, I suddenly had the energy and desire to take inspired action but without the urgency, stress or strain that previously engulfed me. By telling myself, “I don’t have to do anything today,” I became at choice with my days – with my life. I realized that despite how things might seem, I always had the choice to do – or not do. My life was the way it was because it was my choice – and at any moment I could make a different one.
From this perspective, I was no longer in a rush – I was no longer stressed. At some point, I felt the tectonic plates of my life slip into place – anxiety began to melt and I realized that the overwhelm which once swallowed me up could not exist if I was conscious and present in this moment.
When we surrender the stress and release the rush, we immediately re-align with the Universe. No matter how off-center we have been, alignment can happen in an instant, simply by letting go.
The first sign that we are aligned and in sync is that we feel better. We feel calm, peaceful and we are in the moment. No rush. No urgency. Just here – now. The second thing we notice is that things get done easier and quicker, and sometimes they might even appear to get done on their own.
Synchronicity is simply being in sync with Life, and when you are in sync, everything good-and-fine lines up for you – you manifest what you desire with ease and grace.
So, I did just that – I slowed down, I chose my life and I became really, really present. Then the most amazing thing began to happen – not only did I feel better, my life began to get better. I was suddenly in sync with the rhythm of the Universe. Everything got done that needed to get done – kids got fed, money got made and even books got written, but there was no longer stress or grief. There was the sweet dance that became my life. The things that once took all my energy, because I was resistant and not present, now seemed to get done without effort.
Ironically, I discovered that the more I slowed down, the more I accomplished and the better the results!
At some point, I realized that my sweet dance was the sweet dance that the Universe had in store for me all along – so, as I had been trying to force things, make things happen and do everything myself, I was actually causing unnecessary pain and hardship. The mere act of slowing down and letting go, allowed the Universe to do her magic, which is infinitely more powerful than anything I could ever do in many lifetimes.
What does it take to get in sync with the natural speed of life?
To help you determine what shifts might make the most difference in your life, I offer the following:
You Are Not Alone
Sometimes we move faster than the speed of life because we believe that we are all alone, and we must do everything ourselves. Despite how it may seem, you are not alone on this journey. You are an intricate part of the Universe – of life itself. When you believe that you are doing it all alone, anxiety and stress are the result. But it is those very emotions that tell you that you have unplugged from the rhythm of life, and it is time to let go so that you can plug back in.
Running From Yourself?
Often, we keep super busy because we are afraid of meeting ourselves in the quietude. We are afraid that if we are alone and still, we might confront our weaknesses and have to deal with the shadows we have been avoiding. So, we run from one thing to the next – switching roles, playing identities and hiding behind the illusion of busyness. Yes, it may be uncomfortable to “meet yourself” at first, but you cannot be in sync with life, if you don’t know who you really are. Whether it is your body or your mind that runs a mile a minute, in order to get in the flow of life, you have to stop, and be still – so that you can hear the quiet voice of your own true self.
Stress is Fear Disguised as Desire
The voice of stress says, “I have too much to do and not enough time to do it.” Stress is a liar – in fact, it is stress that shortens time and gives you more to do. When you think thoughts like, “I don’t have enough time” you are telling the Universe, don’t give me enough time. And when you think thoughts like, “I have too much to do,” you are telling the Universe, give me too much to do. Your thoughts program reality, so you must consciously program peaceful and harmonious thoughts.
Work Smarter – Not Harder
Somehow we have been brainwashed with ‘work ethics’ that tell us that in order to succeed we must work incredibly hard and sacrifice ourselves for the success of our desires. This is a myth – the only thing that you have to sacrifice in order to succeed is the belief that ‘you must work so very hard and sacrifice yourself.’  Yes, success requires an exchange of energy – things don’t materialize out of thin air (at least not yet), but as the saying goes, work smarter not harder. Working smarter does not just mean innovation and efficiency, it also means state of mind. If you are working from a state of overwhelm and stress, you are likely giving out more energy than you are getting back. If you are multi-tasking and not focused, you are also not getting an equal return for what you put in. However, when you are relaxed, focused and in a state of flow, the energy that you give out through your work is exponentially returned to you tenfold. Working smarter means engaging the power of the Universe on your behalf.
In the Flow
Being in the flow with the Universe doesn’t happen by forcing things or trying to control things – it only happens by letting go and trusting that flow, wherever it takes us.
Does this mean that we really let go of control? Well, in some ways, yes, but it also means that we take our power back as creators, which is well beyond the petty control of details. When it comes down to it, the only control that we really have is the control of our minds. You can make a huge difference in your life by beginning each morning by pre-paving your day. By envisioning your perfect day, you are telling the Universe what to create for you. The Universe will respond with giving you inspired action which will support your desires. Without desire, there is no inspire.
Ask the Universe for Help
Like a good parent, the Universe will allow you to do whatever you want to do on your own, and not interfere, but as soon as you ask for help, the power and energy of the Universe conspires on your behalf. When we try to do anything ourselves, we experience more effort and less results, but when we invoke the magic of the Universe, we experience less effort and more results. The key is asking! There is an infinitely great Source that loves you unconditionally and eternally, and this Source is always conspiring for your highest good, even when it appears otherwise.
Use Love
Around this same time of surrender, one day I was making my boys peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, when I realized that my focus was elsewhere. I immediately recalled my energy and I put my entire attention on the task at hand, and as I did, I could feel my love enliven the sandwich that my children would soon be eating. In that moment I got it – I needed to put my love in everything, and so now I do, and, of course, it comes back to me in abundance.
Drop Multi-Tasking
Despite how it might seem, we are not equipped to multi-task. You can really only do one thing at a time. Multi-tasking causes stress, and stress makes us less productive. As you focus on one thing at a time, be present doing it. Don’t be daydreaming or thinking about the next thing that you have to do. Be here now, and be present to the experience that you are having, as if it is the first and only time you will be doing what you are doing.
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