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Enoch - The Initiator

Enoch - The Initiator - Pre-Flood Messenger Of God


- "According to Masonic lore, Enoch was the inventor of writing, "that he taught men the art of building", and that, before the flood, he "feared that the real secrets would be lost - to prevent which he concealed the grand Secret, engraven on a white oriental porphyry stone, in the bowels of the earth..." - Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia
He was Pre-Flood Messenger of God. His name was Enoch, the Initiator. He was a wise man who has always fascinated Jewish thinkers. The great-grandfather of Noah, was one of the first people, who talked face to face with the Lord. He gathered all secret knowledge he had been given and wrote it down for future generations of mankind.
Enoch, who lived 365 years, one day disappeared because "altogether, Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away. (Genesis: 23-24)
Enoch ascended to heaven, from which he never returned. For the first time, we learn of Enoch reading the Book of Genesis, but we are left with many questions and very few answers.
The Book of Genesis lists the genealogies of various patriarchs and the age at which they died. Enoch is not on this list and his death is not mentioned in the Holy Bible.
One of the most informative and incredible ancient texts, the Slavonic version of "The Book of the Secrets of Enoch" gives us all answers we need!
Widely known and read the first three centuries after Christ, the texts were later discredited and remained in darkness until 1821 when Dr. Richard Laurence, a Hebrew professor at Oxford, prepared the first English translation of the forbidden mysteries of Enoch.
What did happen to Enoch and why were his traces lost? Something most remarkable happened to Enoch; he namely visited Jehovah's dwelling in heaven.
In "The Book of the Secrets of Enoch", there is a very detailed account of this visitation and description of the inside of a huge orbiting spaceship and how Yehovah's mothership was equipped and organized.
Each deck where diverse activities took place, had guards standing at the entrance and Enoch, visiting Yehovah's spaceship, had enough time to document everything he saw and share his knowledge with others, before he left the Earth forever.
According to holy priests and ancient sacred scripts, Enoch, who faithfully walked with God, was given secret knowledge and even Yahweh's own secrets and wisdom, were entrusted to him. One day, Yahweh declared that Enoch should be removed from earth to Heaven, without passing through the portals of the grave.
Secret knowledge that he possessed also inspired him to built an underground temple dedicated to Jehovah.
It consisted of nine brick vaults located one beneath the other, and communicating by apertures left in the arch of each vault.
He ordered to make a triangular tablet of gold, enriched with the most precious stones and jewels, and encrusted the plate upon a stone of agate.
On the golden plate, each of which was a cubit long (one of the first recorded units of length), he engraved, the true name of Deity and placed it on a cubical pedestal of white marble.
He placed the triangular tablet of gold in the deepest underground vault. The inside of the temple was additionally protected by a door of stone and a ring of iron.
The arrangement of the nine vaults symbolized the nine spheres of the ancient Mysteries and "the nine sacred strata of the earth through which the initiate must pass to reach the flaming Spirit dwelling in its central core…" Manly P. Hall, "The Secret Teachings of All Ages.
Being in a possession of the foreknowledge of the coming Deluge and fearing that the all concealed secret knowledge will be lost one day, Enoch erected two pillars - "Antediluvian Pillars", one of marble, capable to withstand fire, and the other of brass, resistant to water.
On the pillar of brass, he engraved the "seven sciences" of mankind, known as "archives of Masonry"; the one of marble he inscribed the characters in hieroglyphics, stating that "…a short distance away a priceless treasure would be found in a subterranean vault. Enoch then retired to Mount Moriah, traditionally equated with the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where he was "translated' to heaven." .
Enoch, the Initiator, became the archetype of enlightened men who walked the earth. He was initiated into the secret knowledge and since prehistoric times, many have envied him! He was given the secret wisdom.
He was a chosen one!