Thursday, 30 March 2017

Rethink Reality

Rethink Reality & Choose a New Paradigm

By RJ Spina

There exists an immense amount of suffering in this world. Immense. It would take many lifetimes to list each and every individual moment of pain, turmoil and fear the beings on this planet experience. Even our transient moments of dissatisfaction with ourselves, our family, partners, career and environment can feel incredibly burdensome. On the surface these latter examples may seem inconsequential in comparison to others tragedies but they gnaw at our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being nonetheless. All experiences are valid and none weigh more or less than another. So what can we do, what solution can we propose that will fix the individual and worlds problems?
Let’s think deeply about this because there must be a solution, right?... Nope.
We have all witnessed or participated in discussions about how to fix the worlds problems. Some say we must fight tyranny with ferocity and vengeance, an eye for an eye, as it were. Others will proclaim that violence only begets violence and at best, it’s a temporary and costly stop gap. Some will offer yet another and different set of solutions. Intelligent, rational, educated, passionate people typically can’t agree. What does that say? Stop for a moment and really ponder that.
Is it possible that the reason we cannot find attainable/agreeable solution(s) to the individual and worlds perceived problems is because the perceived ‘problems’ don’t actually exist? Stay calm as you let that possibility sink in. It is important we do not allow ourselves to be manipulated emotionally by our ingrained, low frequency, reactionary programming. Emotions and thoughts are just tumble weeds that blow through the holographic field. They are not you.
Remember, we are speaking about the possibility that ‘Problems’ are nonexistent, not suffering. Suffering exists, as does joy, but suffering is not the same as ‘problems’. They are not even intrinsically connected via cause and effect.
Let’s discuss a fundamental and then proceed down the rabbit hole…
Being is Cosmic Energy. It is present in the whole Multiverse. The moment you separate (beingness) and search for meaning duality comes in to existence and all meaning becomes individualized (ego). Individualized, limited perceptions form constructs necessary for identity and meaning. The conception/inception/implementation of ‘problem/solution’ lies within a construct, a product of duality.
More specifically, for a ‘problem’ to exist there must be a paradigm or construct that exists and we operate ‘within.’ As soon as we are operating within a construct we are immediately and terminally doomed to an endless amount of perceived problems and subsequent solutions.
This is because beingness has become individualized (ego) and no longer contains the ALL.
The uniqueness of each and every being that creates and/or agrees to participate within any construct will perceive uniquely… hence, we have what we have… an innumerable plethora of perceived problems and the subsequent infinite solutions which no two people seemingly can agree upon. Some will choose to perceive (within this construct) that it is their right to rule, oppress, terrorize and even kill. Some will choose to perceive (within this construct) it is their duty to fight ferociously and valiantly against such tyranny. Some will choose to perceive (within this construct) that non-violence is their path and to not give this insanity any energy whatsoever and so on, and so on, and so on…
Within all constructs, problems/solutions will be inherent and by definition a construct can never contain the All. Absolute Truth (Beingness) is lost and as the saying goes, All is folly.
Let’s keep going and expand on this a bit…
Right and wrong, good and bad are all a matter of individualized/collective perspective based upon/within a specific construct… and is therefore flawed. As an example, some beings don’t know all there is to learn regarding physically harming other beings (this even includes eating animals but more on that later). So we try to prevent beings from having the experience of harming others that they need in order to experience, learn and evolve. These beings need to have the experience of harming others (along with the perception of the beings experiencing the harm) until they learn what they need to learn from this specific experience.
By denying this opportunity are we providing a solution to a problem? Yes, you may be thinking because we are sparing the innocent from harm. That is flawed ‘construct’ ideology as well. The point of existence is that choice exists; for us individually and collectively to experience everything there is to experience in order to learn and evolve… including being harmed. Its a crash course that teaches compassion.
Let’s examine another fundamental that underscores this.
All is choice. We choose all experiences which includes being harmed. Does it make sense we only choose ‘good’ experiences? How would we learn all there is to learn if we just did that? How would anyone be able to experience sympathy and empathy for anyone unless we viscerally understood what suffering is? We may know that harming anyone or anything is wrong but we did learn that… somewhere at some point.
From a higher (energetic) perspective there is no right and wrong or good and bad, only BEHAVIOR in which exists the opportunity to learn and evolve.
The problem with choosing to be ‘harmed’ is that in the incarnate vehicle (body), we typically do not have access to our HigherSelf, our birth plan, our Guides and Angels nor our Creator, directly. So our conscious mind is unaware of what we agreed to experience before incarnating and therefore it would seem that we are victims, or that things happen to us. They don’t… ever. And that truth might be the hardest part to come to terms with.
This ‘unaware’ mentality manifests (besides the points laid out above) by our agreeing to have our eternal memories wiped clean as we enter this world as well as the programming we receive within this construct that reinforces the belief that our existence ends with death.
And it must be this way in order for the construct (our dictated reality) to seem real.
But why would someone choose to incarnate in order to experience tremendous suffering? To learn what that experience is like; so someone else does not have to have that specific experience; so their individual experience can serve as an example to all of mankind as to what we don’t want any more; to transcend suffering into compassion and love.
If ALL is choice there can be no other way.
We are told the opposite of this of course for a reason. So we believe in, participate and adhere to a construct which is based on materialism, fear, separateness, hierarchy, death, prophecy and limitation. Arguing over the myriad of ‘problems’  and what the right ‘solutions’ might be is an epic and pointless waste of energy.
Maybe this construct was designed to keep everyone endlessly occupied, confused and forever fighting amongst each other… Is this construct starting to take shape now?
All is choice. Everything. The choice to be here, to suffer, to experience and create joy, to bear witness and participate in atrocities and miracles.
And this takes us back full circle. So what do we do in regards to solving the worlds perceived problems?
See past the deception and illusion that problems exist and therefore so do their unattainable solutions.
When all is viewed and understood beyond this construct there truly is no right and wrong, good and bad, positive and negative… just experiences we have in order to learn and evolve, individually and collectively. Everything begins and ends with LOVE. Everything in between, everything we imagine and busy ourselves with eventually takes us back to this Absolute Truth.
We choose what experiences we have. The gift and point of being here is to experience Free Will and create the existence we desire, individually and collectively.
Know there are no problems to fix, no solutions to offer. Suffering and joy do exist. They are the choices we make, moment to moment that dictate and create our reality. All roads eventually lead us to the realization of what we are.. unconditional love and compassion. It’s our choice to how we get there.
So… what do you choose to experience?

About the Author
RJ Spina – “I am a vegetarian/vegan, a meditator and an explorer of consciousness. I have always felt a deep connection to the non-physical world and as a child would tell my Mother the plans I made before being born into this life. My goals are simple: Continue to explore my consciousness, help raise the frequency and awareness of mankind and cultivate as much joy as possible. Reach out to me @ ascendthefrequencies.com

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