Monday, 24 April 2017

Win the Information War

How Do the People of Truth Win the Current Information War

By Tim Bryant

If it’s not clear to people yet, it will be soon that society has entered into what can only be described as an all-out information war between established news outlets, often referred to as the mainstream media, and independent news outlets run by citizen journalists (which is often referred to as the alternative media.) The two sides have fundamentally different philosophies as to what kind of vision for the future is possible, and paint very different pictures about what is really going on in in the world, what the biggest problems are that need fixing, etc.
Despite our most wishful thinking, the two paradigms cannot coexist together — something must give.
It’s seems rather obvious to those with the eyes to see that most of the mainstream media is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the interests of the most powerful people and institutions in our society. Their agenda is predominantly driven by money and control, with the main premise being centered on getting the public to buy into their mental model of reality.
Mainstream media has no interest in changing the power structure within society because the current institutions that run the world are the same institutions that own the major media outlets and pay their bills. Since corruption runs rampant in the upper echelons of society, the function of mainstream media is mostly rooted in hiding their networks of perversion through the use of mass mind control and propaganda. Simple logic will tell anyone that exposing the public to truth is usually detrimental for the power of oligarchs, hence why they use media to hide the truth rather than reveal it. So, utilizing techniques like public relations, propaganda, and entertainment, the media keeps the public unaware of the evil going on behind the scenes and too distracted to bother looking.
On the other hand, most of the alternative media has remained largely independent of corporate interests, which has allowed it to blossom into a community that’s driven by the forces of love, freedom, and truth. While there is great diversity within the alternative media and not all outlets are rated equally, there still remains a vibrant community of excellent researchers, journalists and activists who are on a daily grind to get the truth out to the citizens of the world — and most are not getting paid to do so.
Instead, most involved in the alternative media realize that if they don’t take the time to find and understand real information, and spread it around, then our society will continue to be deceived by the so-called “powers that be”. The function of alternative media mostly revolves around getting people the raw data with some historical context and analysis to it, so that others can follow along, check the sources themselves, and make their own decisions based on the cases presented. This open source format — which allows for debate — comes in direct opposition to the mainstream media, which acts like an authority figure telling people what to think.
The Collision Between Mainstream and Alternative Media
The information war between the two is really the result of two things: a disgruntled public that has been lied to for centuries, and the dawn of the Internet which has created a platform for the free flow of information all over the globe. As a result, the buried truths of the past and obfuscated realities of the present are rising to the surface and being exposed by the alternative media. This is scaring the hell out to the establishment media, since it’s their job to keep the current power structure afloat. If the present trend continues at its current pace, then it’s only a matter of time before alternative media becomes the dominant force in mainstream consciousness.
While the battle between the two has steadily been in progress within underground circles for many years, the beef has carried over into the forefront of collective consciousness and is currently dominating the mainstream airwaves. Now more than ever, the conflict between the two is visible for all to see, as the massive “fake news” public relations operation to combat alternative media is well under way in the mainstream press, claiming that anything that goes against the establishment narrative is “fake news.”
Some of the claims being thrown out there are that these alternative news sources are all part of a Russian propaganda campaign; that the people propagating them consist of alt-right nut job conspiracy theorists; and my personal favorite that they are a bunch of 15 year old Internet trolls that sit in their basement in Macedonia and spread fake news for shits and giggles, as if exposing stories like PizzaGate is pleasurable.
On the contrary, truthful journalism is a highly dangerous field to be in, so anyone propagating the notion that all these people are Internet trolls doing this for fun has simply fallen victim to mainstream media propaganda. While trolls and click bait sites do exist, they are not unique to alternative media and can be found surrounding any topic on the Internet. In fact, most of the trolls and fake news sites that are lumped in with the alternative media to smear them are usually counter-intelligence operations used to infiltrate the ranks and discredit the movement.
What’s interesting to note about all the claims being used to slander the alternative media is that not a single one tries to make an argument based on any type of logic. The only rational explanation for this is that the mainstream media knows that it can’t win the information war by opening it up for debate and discussing the facts. Instead, they must resort to smear campaigns, psychological operations, and down-right Orwellian censorship of the Internet to distort the truth.
There is a reason Congress gave a green light to the government to produce and use propaganda on its people by abolishing the Smith Mundt Act. There is a reason that Congress is currently trying to push through the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act, which gives the government authority to create a Ministry of Truth for the purpose of filtering information on the Internet. Heck, even the Pope has become involved with the “fake news” campaign by comparing it to eating faeces (which is weird in and of itself!)
With the massive push-back by the establishment against alternative media, the question now becomes: How do the people of truth in the independent media win the information war when the whole deck is stacked against them?
Have a Clear Message
 Before there can be any type of actions taken on this new battlefront, the people of truth must develop a clear message above all else. The message here is simple; let the truth come out in whatever form it may be. With truth as the backbone to everything alternative media is about, the obvious sidekicks that accompany truth are love, justice, and open access to information all over the globe.
One of the key aspects to unraveling the truth for all to see is having clear, easy to follow talking points that are based on facts and cited by unbiased sources. While speculation is important, as it’s impossible to discover truth and plan for the future without entertaining a variety of thoughts, it’s essential to always state speculation as such, instead of obfuscating it as fact. However, it’s also important to remember that mainstream media also speculates, so consistently taking their word as fact without sound evidence should be recognized and called out by the general public. Citing “officials” or “people with intimate knowledge of the situation” simply doesn’t cut it anymore as legitimate sources in the Age of Information. This is rooted in appealing to authority as the basis of ones argument, which happens to be a logical fallacy.
The significance of having concise talking points is that it allows any who are unaware to quickly get up to speed and follow the line of research for themselves, rather than blindly believing someone at face value. The reality is that a majority of the population is still unawakened and has no idea that the world works very differently from how they’re told in school and what they watch on the news.
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