Monday, 30 April 2018

Harvest Time

 Harvest Time.

By Kanjin Tor

Fear is the tool that all Authoritarian Governments use to subjugate the wider population.  What form that fear might take is utterly irrelevant, all that matters is that the ‘Fear is Real’, that the fear works and, that it is maintained in perpetuity.
Thus it is; when Authoritarians have at last exhausted the more subtle and subversive forms of control through the medium of News Media and printed press agencies, all that is left to them is to dive deeper into the quagmire of ‘chaos & terror’.  This then is the moment they make that final terrible leap into Totalitarianism, quickly followed by brutal repression.
This descent into Totalitarianism is inevitable and entirely predictable.  That people routinely refuse to do that particular computation is down to fear and, this fear too can be easily forecast, for there is no prescience needed to observe this unfolding reality, only courage.
Yet even this, their last bitter resort of repression must fail the authoritarian, for no matter the terror they inflict, people always learn to control their fear, even if it is ‘eventually’.
This trait, this generalised ability to overcome our own fear is part and parcel of our humanity.  To overcome our dread of their dominion and resist is universal and yes, this too easily predictable and, it always begins with our internal narrative, the questions we as individuals pose to ourselves and later in secret to others, and it is always the same question - ‘What if?’
This is why Authoritarians expend so much of their energy, time, and money on trying to control our inner narrative.  They know that if they can externalise our thought processes by focusing our minds on hating the other, then they will remain in control, and their dominion secure.  But; as we have already discussed, this ephemeral constant is something which they cannot repress forever, it is beyond them, and it is their greatest fear, they know it will and is happening, and it is what keeps them awake at night.
From the moment any Government sets its feet upon the path that leads towards Totalitarianism through any conservative ideology and beyond, the dominion of the Authoritarian is dying; the only variable that remains - is the time frame of their demise.
Once free from fear, and now thinking for themselves, people inevitably begin to realign their mental and spiritual centre towards fellowship, and it is this fellowship, our natural human tendency to love one another, that eventually spells an end to all dominion and privilege.
It takes time of course.
Normal human beings are not inclined towards violent resistance.  Indeed; this predisposition towards terror as a means of control is entirely the bailiwick of the Authoritarian.
This knowledge, this understanding that normal people shy away from violence is the key that allows the Authoritarian the time they need to seize control in the first place, and so from the very beginning they attempt to make the abnormal seem normal, the depraved seem commonplace, the perverse seem customary, and the criminal legal under the laws that they themselves write.
The descent into the depraved Totalitarianism of Germany 1932 - 1945 is predictable, indeed I have predicted it many, many times.
Totalitarianism offers the weak minded and the spiritually enfeebled a purpose, a cause, a credo, a divine foundation if you will; and it is this foundation that they use to prop up their failing psyche.  Now; such people may seem to the casual observer, to be strong both in physique and in the body politic, but in reality as we can see from above, it is a foundation stone set in quicksand that will inevitably topple.
In Hungary the people have succumbed to their base desires and, placed into power men and women of such depravity that I cannot herein be bothered to waste my valuable time explaining the true nature of their wickedness, but I will say this.
Here in The United Kingdom of Great Britain, dark forces whose desires for a Totalitarian Regime are on the march.  From The Daily Mail to The Sun to The BBC Newsrooms, the agenda of the far-right is being pushed. Extreme Alt-Right Voices are routinely being championed.  The Murdoch Empire and their Conservative counterparts are attempting daily, to make the abnormal seem normal, the depraved seem commonplace, the perverse seem customary, and the criminal legal, as they write for themselves Laws which serve only the Super Rich.
I have said many times, “We reap that which we sow”.  In Hungary, the people have placed into power a ‘far-right extremist Anti-Semite’ and, I fear that they might soon be reaping a bitter harvest.
In the UK, the forces which placed this wicked man into power in Hungary are trying to do the same here.  Conservative Doctrine has sunk so low, and has become so depraved that now it has nowhere to go but ever deeper into the quagmire of Chaos & Terror.
This may seem to your mind to be mere hyperbole but I assure you, it has already begun with our Disabled Citizenry.
The descent into barbarism has begun.  Tories have for eight years voiced opinions which to any unbiased observer would not appear any less fascistic than those voiced by Eichmann, Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler.
These Conservatives have stated that some books are not ‘English Enough’.  They have openly suggested that ‘some Jews are not the right kind of Jews’.  They have claimed ‘we have nothing to fear if we have nothing to hide’.  They have done away with the - ‘absolute right to trial by due process’ and the - ‘absolute right to representation’.  They have routinely made spurious and totally fabricated claims about the Leader of her Majesty’s loyal opposition.  They have practiced regular calumny against vast swathes of the general public, their fellow countrymen.  They have continually attacked our Unions, our workers rights and attempted to make our natural urge to unify seem perverse.  They have besmirched and levelled hate against Journalists not aligned to their dogma, even removing them from their positions when they have reported truth rather than their carefully constructed fiction. They have reduced funding for anything which might raise the common man up, and yes, even the Arts are suffering – at least the Arts not aligned to their vision of the world.  And lastly but by no means all in the litany of their criminality, the ‘Persecution of the weak and vulnerable’ is now practiced as commonplace.
Ladies & Gentlemen, a storm is coming and we have seen its like before.  Our parents fought to the death this demon, and whether or not you care to admit it, you all know its name.  It is time we collectively seized our courage and cast out these purveyors of hate, these ministers of misery, these criminals who deem all of us less than pigs on the farm.  They have terrorised over 120,000 of our fellow citizens into early graves and they continue with this Program of Persecution with unfettered glee - yet even now, millions of people around our nation refuse to look, instead focusing on this thing called Brexit or some other equally manufactured distraction as another disabled person is murdered by callous policy.
You may think yourself safe, protected by your wares and wealth from their evil, but you’re not.  Your cowardice will yet see you dead.  Untiy & fellowship is our only survival, everything else is horsepiss!
 “We reap that which we sow” and the harvest is nearly full grown...

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