Thursday, 14 June 2012


It is time for all of us to open up to the world. To open our hearts and risk exposing our true selves to others. We have held back long enough from being who we really are. It is time to spread our wings and fly forth into the world no matter the risks and share ourselves with all those we meet on a deep and loving level. We have hidden away all the parts we fear are tainted or will not be accepted. First of all, who is to say if we are even correct about our assumption? Secondly there are no bad parts to us. We are who we are, all parts of us, and all of these parts make up who we are. This is what living an authentic life is all about. Finding the courage to offer all of yourself to the world, holding nothing back, not making judgments upon yourself. The world is a giant stage filled with millions of actors running around all wearing costumes and masks. Who are these people, really? Once again the dark ones programming led us all down that dark road into self-doubt and no self-worth! All the advertising on TV kept telling us we were not good enough as we were. We needed make up and hair coloring, anti-depressant drugs, self-help programs, diet pills. The barrage of messages we received about why we were not worthy as we were, was endless! Worse than that we believed it! This meme must end and we must rebuild our trust in ourselves.
    “Those Who Stand For Nothing, Fall For Anything”  Alexander Hamilton