Thursday, 14 June 2012


Reposted from: sophialove
A field of yellow catches my eye and I turn to enjoy the view.  This little patch of dirt, squished between cement sidewalk and highway, is awash with color on this rainy spring morning.  I am surprised.  I drive by here every day and have never noticed.  A closer look offers an answer, these are weeds.
Relentless and persistent, dandelions thrive anywhere.  Regardless of product used, money spent or effort given, the battle seems won by the weed.
A dear friend of mine loves them and looks forward to their emergence.  It does seem to be merely a preference instead of a fact that dandelions are an eyesore.  You’d be hard pressed to tell the difference from a distance between a field of daffodils and a field of dandelions.  One you plant, the other you pull.
We have in our midst many “weeds” that are about to be pulled.  They must be.  Like the plant, once they gain strength in an area they choke out all other life.  All resources support them.  Nothing else can thrive.  It is the way weeds work, in human and plant form.  They know nothing else but to infiltrate and dominate.
 “Weeds” are not less than the rest of us.  They are not supportive however and it is time to get rid of them.  We can no longer thrive with them in our midst.  The movie bearing that name illustrates what has been happening.
This is what we are doing as a race.  We are removing those that would take over and destroy the rest.  It is necessary in order to continue.  Hating the dandelion or getting angry at it is not productive.  A clean removal of the entire plant must be accomplished.  We have discovered the root and we are digging it out.  We want a field of different flowers now.  We want to plant them ourselves rather than being overrun.
We are wildflowers, every one.  We are looking now for fertile ground.  Whether we find it or not depends on how we get rid of the weeds.  The normal stuff isn’t working.  It is time for a new plan.
Twice I’ve removed persistent, giant, deeply rooted weeds.  The first time I hated that weed.  It had destroyed parts of my fence and numerous, expensive ornamentals that I had carefully planted.  I dumped a quart of gasoline on it – in the process killing not just the weed, but everything else.  It’s been years and still nothing grows there. The weed is gone, but at the expense of all life.
The second weed was more of a small, ugly, relentless bush.  We wrapped a chain around it and a truck pulled it out.  It took effort, a group of us, planning and precision.  It was taken out, roots and all, and has never returned.  Flowers grow beautifully in its place.
We are seeing the depths of the roots of our human “weeds”.  They need to be removed, not destroyed.  Respect for all of life demands that each action benefit the whole.  Once these weeds are gone, we are going to need fertile ground.
We are gardeners, not weed killers.  Once a dandelion is removed at the root, you only need to drop it on the nearby soil, exposing the root.  It can no longer grow and will naturally decompose, nourishing the ground beneath.
We are being called now to proceed with wisdom to activate the love that we are. It is this love that supports all of life.
We are seven billion and more powerful than the weeds. They have no choice but to yield to our decision.  All of life flourishes when love dictates each movement.  You have come to show the way.
These “weeds” in our midst understand only dominance; divide and conquer.  They require removal if really aggressive and re-education.  Proceed with love.  Hatred is a fruitless enterprise. Growth is paramount.  Collaboration for mutual benefit is what we are here to do.
You have come now to energize us all with your love and your light – to nourish this beautiful home called earth.  Love in every moment.  This is how we get to Paradise.
We are the ones we are waiting for.