Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Transit of Venus

The Return of the Divine Feminine
by Ishtar Babilu Dingir
I’m sure regular readers of this blog will not have missed the high magical symbolism of the major events of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, so conveniently timed for the return of the Divine Feminine, Venus, as she makes her double pentagram in the heavens and comes in close enough to the Earth for a kiss. We are celebrating that transit tonight (11.00 pm ~ to 4.00 am in the UK) in the Venus Temple which some friends have lovingly created for this occasion, and I hope you will join us in Spirit.
Last night, children lined the labyrinth of the Tor with lit candles, providing a huge and meandering spiral of golden lights going up to the beacon on the summit which was lit by the Glastonbury Candle.  The full moon was behind the Tor, about to go into eclipse. There were many who stood for hours with their candle, in honour of a Queen of this Earthly realm.
But some were consciously mirroring the Fibonacci spiral of  the Golden Mean,  so well known to the  Queen of the Heavens whose fertility relationship with the Earth is based on phi principles. While to a few others, it was the giant vulva of Venus.
That the monarchy, at this very tumultous time on the Earth, performed such a magical ritual will not be lost on those who understand, just as they would have recognised the significance of the marriage of Prince William and Catherine being held on Beltane last year, for which they rolled back the carpet, in Westminster Abbey,  to show Plato’s alchemical plan of the Universe.
The royals have long used astrologers and alchemists to help them rule and maintain peace and order and stability,  going back to at least King Alfred … and probably further back than that. That’s not a put down of the royals, by the way.  I have no opinion, one way or the other about all that, and I’m certainly not a Republican.  Because if it wasn’t the present German  incumbents in power, it would be others, because …well, let’s put it this way… the swan has to paddle like mad, under the water, to maintain a graceful and serene presence.
For myself, I don’t pray for revolution.. I pray for peace, love, harmony and order, so that I can do my work which is about helping people to perform an inner, alchemical revolution, not an outer, political one.  It is Venus that brings Peace, Love, Harmony, Order and Beauty, and for this I am most grateful. I don’t care if some monarch is richer than me. I have enough. Most of us in this realm, have enough. There are far fewer people that starve to death in Brigit’s Isles today than at any time in history.
So I am grateful to the Queen for standing in the rain for hours on end as her barge ploughed through the waters of the Goddess Themis, led by Neptune, Brittania and the Green Man snarling above the Crown, and plenty of gold on display.
As she perfomed the outer ritual, we (and others) will be performing the work on the inner planes as the Queen of Heaven crosses the Sun in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Thanks yet again Ishtar