Wednesday, 6 June 2012


There are many things that current science doesn’t understand about the evolution of the earth or the evolution of society. Society evolves in cycles just like the earth does. We evolve from primitive, to modern, to advanced and then back into primitive people once again. The cycle continues with the advent of advanced technology which divides society into two groups, those who have it and those who don’t. While those who are not members of this elite club, they still reap the benefits but at the expense of their freedom. Even though the quality of life advances for everyone, the pain of second class citizenship erodes those deemed as such from the inside eventually resulting in violence against those who would see themselves as superior. As the advanced race seeks shelter within the earth or out in space, those who remain on the earth slowly become primitive and the cycle begins again. This has happened many times in our earth past. The advent of advanced technology always precipitates our evolution once again into a primitive society.
When advanced technology is discovered as it will be once again in our future, it will not be available for everyone to have but rather it will be restricted to the elite. As one can imagine this creates a huge division between the people. With the advent of advanced technology, a super class is created and everyone not included will be considered a second class citizen. This second class society will also fragment into those who work directly for the immortal class and those who do not!
Advanced beings do not have human sex! When ancient writings refer to beings such as the sons of heaven who had intercourse with human women or daughters of man, we are talking about human beings (not divine beings) who were given power over the masses by their association with advanced beings.
The Nephilim were those who were born from this association, this was the origin of kingship! The fathers and mothers of the Nephilim were human. They were the humans that directly interacted with these immortal advanced beings. This scripture (Genesis 6) is a unique and telling recreation of the singularity we seek with regard to our past, to creation and to God. If we look very closely to not only where we are going in the future but how we should truly live our lives, then advanced technology will never take us down the road of primitive immortality again but to the understanding that there is a higher technology that awaits those who have learned how to live as immortal beings through the experience of blind mortality. For these human beings, it is divine technology that awaits them.
The story of the Nephilim is the story of societal division and of revolt. This revolt drove these advanced societies underground where they live still to this very day. Even today these advanced societies which survived the human revolt against them in the time of Adam, continue to look for the answers to humanity through genetic studies.
Advanced beings are immortal to some extent but they are still vulnerable. They can be killed! Advanced beings, like human beings, don’t exactly know what happens to them when they die. They have their beliefs just like people on the earth do. Divine beings on the other hand not only know who God is… but do Gods work to help mankind evolve into those capable of living in an eternal community. On the other hand, advanced beings seek only to develop the technology that will enhance their own lives and they do it by any and all means within their ethical boundaries which ebb and flow with the tide and cycles of their societal evolution.
Advanced beings have telepathic technology and they can attempt to manipulate us in this manner, particularly human scientists who are working in the field of advanced technology. What we do is a choice, it doesn’t matter who is trying to manipulate us or the level of technology used to do it, we always have a choice.