Sunday, 19 August 2012

Planetary Culture


A Planetary Culture would be characterized by the following attributes.

    Direct democracy
    Ecological sensitivity
    Evidence based policies
    Gender balance-respect
    Diplomacy and cooperation
    Government transparency
    Incorruptible monetary system
    Cross cultural unity and respect
    Egalitarian socio-cultural philosophy
    Egalitarian lawmaking
        By egalitarian lawmaking I mean the enactment of rules, laws, and codes that do not favor any particular group or individual to the detriment or disadvantage of the rest.
    Demilitarization, disarmament and non-violence
    Clean and harm minimizing technologies and products
    Identification with the Planet as a whole i.e. Planetary/Global Citizens
    Acceptance of others customs and beliefs with the following exceptions;
        Militarism, coercion or force as a solution,
        The subjugation of women and minorities
        Slavery of any kind,
        Discrimination based on sexual orientation,
        Child sexual abuse,
        Religious proselytizing

It should be glaringly clear to all, but the most self-absorbed and isolated among us, that the Current World System is a menace to life, liberty, sanity and universal prosperity. And by universal prosperity I don’t mean that everyone should have the same standards of living. Natural inequality is a fact of life, but legalized criminality, organized predation and systematic exploitation is the socio-economic strategy of the “one percent” and not a fact of life.
By virtue of its definition it is the destiny of a Planetary Culture to abolish the horrors and stupefying inequalities perpetrated by the owners of the Current World System (CWS). There is no bright future in store for the Earth and her inhabitants unless the CWS is dismantled and transformed. The ongoing breakdown of the CWS and the emergence of a Planetary Culture is precisely what the Legend of 2012 is all about. An old epoch(culture) is coming to a close and a new one(culture) is dawning.
The ancient Mesoamericans responsible for the much maligned and misunderstood Maya Meso-American Calendrical (MMAC) system made no predictions about what would happen at the end of the Maya Long Count cycle that ends on December 21st, 2012. They did not need to. Implicit in the closing of a cycle is the notion of transition.
Transition implies the extraordinary changes that concur with such times.