Friday, 17 August 2012

Taking a Break

Next week I am taking a break from blogging as I am taking a trip to the ancestral homeland. So I’ll address this post to the few visitors who keep coming back. I’ll no doubt get straight back to blogging upon my return and in the meantime I’ll try to do a few posts. But it rather depends on the availability of the technology. I don’t know if any one will miss me when I’m gone because I don’t know if the visits I am getting from any location are from one person or from several in the same location. For the folk who do  seem to be returning quite often why don’t you join or contact me or post a comment. I would find that very encouraging. If there are any difficulties, my contact form is working fine.
Feedback is very important to a successful blog as it raises the opportunity for conversation and an exchange of views. My hope is that if I can get a few good folk on board then as conversation increases there would be more posts written by myself and less re-posts. It’s not easy getting two posts and two pictures done every day and takes a considerable time. I am partially disabled and so due to a lack of other activities can spend some time on my PC each day. By now anyone who has been looking in on my blog a number of times will, no doubt, see the general direction I am going in. So any relevant input would be most welcome! 
Isaac Cordal

It is my intention to downsize to one post a day eventually but when I started this blog four months or so ago I wanted a good amount of stuff on it in order to make it interesting enough for my visitors to return. It is also my intention to invite a few guest contributors but anyone can send me an article by e-mailing me.(contact form).
In this era of transition it is my intention to do whatever I can to help with the great changing. As I said in my introduction, I do not necessarily endorse everything that I re-post on my blog and I must admit to a certain amount of cynicism about some of the more far out aspects of new age thinking. However having said that, I do strongly believe that it is now make or break time for human civilization on earth. There is not a lot that mankind can do about Niburu or pole shifts but there are things that can be done about climate change and the careless and destructive exploitation of our natural resources. We are at a crisis point, anyone can see that. So I ask, is it too much for mankind who is in the midst of a disaster of his own making to realize the danger we are in and try to do something about it. The politics of the stone-age will have to be abandoned in favour of a more enlightened approach to world governance. War, poverty, inequality, greed, cruelty and exploitation, both human, animal and environmental must be consigned to our history books. The past is a different country, they do things differently there, the old ways of doing things must be forsaken.
With the advent of mass communication the 99% are making their viewpoint known and it is a tide that the elite, like King Canute, can’t turn back. On my blog I shall be promoting the various decentralized groups that are working on non-violent revolution, such as the Occupy movement and other transition organizations. I don’t know who visits this blog and so maybe some folks take a quick look and retire in horror, never wanting to give much thought to the undercurrents of change that are surfacing everywhere. Never to return. But for the people who do return to this site there is obviously an interest in the subject. Some may be new to the whole concept while others may well be treading the same path as myself. However if this blog is to become fully functional it needs to be interactive, so please, if you if you enjoy my blog or even dispute my milieu do join as a follower or contact me with your views.
Síochána, Jonny.